World of Warships – Meet Z-52, your demise

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I decided to play ALL my tier 10 DDs.
So naturally I came across Z-52 which for some reason I don’t play that often anymore.
It’s probably due to so many radars around, making going deep and playing smoke+hydro aggressive tactic almost suicidal.
Needless to say this is a powerful DD.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Oh yay im first.

  2. Best little bote for hans!

  3. Whats your twitch account name again?

  4. I stopped eating Tidepods to come watch this video.

  5. We need you to win #Iamcommander. I need to hear, “Take that Mothertrucker”.

  6. RIAN using shima this season, and works more than well so far.

  7. I have my paperin, Hans!

  8. why, oh why, do i never run into these type of spuds when i play…?

    think CC’s must be running some sort of algorithm thingy during match selection…;)

  9. Jourdan Fernandez

    Derpitz trained GK’s confirmed!

  10. Verstehst du deutsch?

  11. Flambass what ships have Radar???

  12. The HE spamming Kurrywurst player. 47.34% win rate, 7 543 battles and 627 PR. Has to be a bot, right?

    I’m not the best player in the game at all and I’m on 58.73% win rate, 5 486 battles and 1738 PR.

    • Kuhluh


    • Thel ‘Vadam yeah, that was pretty muh everyones eaction, but he kept wanting to do it…

    • Kuhluh

      …… im disgusted…..

    • Slightly above average I’d say. It’s hard to get a good win rate when grinding ships. Plus you have to factor in how many games you’ve had. Till you’ve had about 2.5k games and are playing T10 ships regular. It’s not really fair to say either way. When I play with div mates, my win rate is 65%-70%. Playing solo does have a detrimental effect on win rates.

    • MetallicaLife4

      52% wr in 2.5k games is alright tho im sure didnt had any better back then so ~

  13. I love the way German captains say Maschinenschub aktivieren

  14. go flambass keep uploading everyday so we can like and comments #iamcommander flambass

  15. what is papiren?

  16. I love my shima, but it’s shit.
    Flambi, where do you think stands Z-52 in the ratings?

  17. Instant like for the best Tier X DD!

  18. In the UK we don’t have ‘an ID’ as such. We do get asked for ID, and here that means a driver’s licence or a passport, and for a bank or similar they also want proof of address, usually a bill sent to your address on headed paper.
    During the 2000s the government proposed introducing a national ID, and it was hugely unpopular idea that got dropped by the next government.

  19. Whenever I blind shoot at smoked destroyers bad dispersion actually helps in my opinion as the shells cover greater distance, however for this to work, one would need a ALOT of shells per gun, Ze wild Kurfürst however, is not a meme-o-tard and does otherwise.

  20. Fire Hose of Peace

    @13:21 So… Do you REALLY pay people to play poorly against you?? Your reaction to that question seemed a bit too real to be a joke.

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