World of Warships meets Arpeggio of Blue Steel

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What do you get when World of Warships meets the Arpeggio of Blue Steel anime series? Some rather funky looking Japanese warships and a pair of challenging missions! Details of how to access the ARP Kongo and ARP Myoko, and the missions are in the video.



Got a good WoT replay to show me for the channel? Upload it to and send me the link to: agingjedioake @ gmail .com (without spaces). Please put the tank involved in the subject line and don’t send me the actual replay file as my inbox fills up fast 🙂

Got a great Warships replay to share? Just email it, along with screenshots of the results (all three pages) to agingjedioake @gmail .com (without the spaces).


  1. I don’t mind them, am going for the Kongo only got 12 more planes too shoot
    down then onto doing damage, once i get the Kongo am going too focus on
    ranked which is going too be so much fun lol.

  2. I think it’s a good idea but lazily pulled off by WG, the missions are
    grindy and annoying (and are making people play like idiots like when WoT
    missions came in) and the reward ships are literally the ships already in
    game with a different skin and the wrong voice for the captain. it would
    have been nice for WG to actually put some effort in, design the ship as
    they look in the anime (they can keep the stats the same for balance
    obviously). so yeah, good idea, sloppy execution.

  3. I like the idea to introduce these ships, wouldn´t be surprised if they add
    more like this in the future, it´s fun to have these missions to accomplish
    and actually some time to do it, I think that if you don´t have the
    Yokosuka port selected you don´t see these ships, but am not sure

  4. Not a big anime fan, but you dont have to see them all the time so moot
    point. Some more historical camos would be a big plus too

  5. I don’t mind the ships but the 1st stage of the event has really damaged
    the game. So many people now rush in and die quickly trying to get their
    kills leaving the rest of the team to fend for themselves. The game is
    already in a poor state due to lack of teamwork and this latest event has
    made it even worse. A better system would have been to get eg. 100,000
    damage worth on destroyers and say 500,000 damage worth on cruisers as the
    first tier requirement. The 30 DD and CA kills is awful. WG can do better
    than this.

  6. i like the look of the new ships, hope we get some more tie ins even if
    they are hard to get

  7. The ARP ships are very welcome in my opinion, but the missions are perhaps
    a bit too demanding

  8. I only wish I could make them permanently invisible by profiting from their
    sale. If they were able to be sold I would be much more inclined to
    complete those missions, as I have 10 port slots currently sitting empty
    and ships are expensive.

  9. Well these ships got me playing more WoWs than normal.

  10. I want the ARP ships so I can sell my regular Kongo and Myoko. I kept them
    because they are good ships but if I can get the ARP version for free, I’ll
    cash them and use the captains in a tier X ship

  11. Bit of a shame they couldn’t give them faster turret rotation. Would’ve
    been nice to have a bit of a buff after all that effort.

  12. I do like these ship giveaway missions. I think it is cool to have a
    variety of interesting goals going on to keep the grind of leveling up
    ships and crews from bogging down.

  13. Nice and their colours don’t lower their camouflage values.

  14. I think these ships are kinda a bummer. After all the hard work to get
    them, they turn out to be premium and special only in name and paint. This
    makes them not worth the time and effort to get these ships pointless.
    Atleast to me.

  15. Not keen on the look of them 2 ships.

  16. interesting show and nice tie in, but seems it can be a bit hard to get

  17. wtf… so kongo is still OP as usual…

  18. They do add to the fun factor so why not?

  19. I like the thought of the rage of some macho captains getting sunk by a
    pink ship. ^^

  20. Last I remember, the anime wasn’t that good….but eh. I don’t mind this
    event at all. A free ship is a free ship. A F2P player like me can’t really
    complain :P

  21. Not a great fan of these ships. but as long as you don’t select the
    yokoport you don’t see them…

  22. The Myoko and Kongo are nice ships so i have nothing against getting 2 of
    them for free. Too bad you cant use them for captain training.

  23. how much gb is taking this game ?

  24. i really dont mind the fancy colours be great if there was more variety
    though lol

  25. Not my cup of tea but they don’t bother me either. The requirements for
    them, however, are bit over the top…

  26. I got Kongo :)

  27. The ARP ships look AWESOME.

  28. Enjoy the videos. Not too keen on the girls voices

  29. arpeggio blue steel is awesome I just watched the series and loved it.
    although I won’t be getting the pink one, I really want the ARP Kongo

  30. They’re kewl looking but since it went live I get a lot of cruisers and
    DD’s snipped out from under me. I think it would have been better if they
    just set a damage requirement on any ship, then the planes and or fires,
    then another round of damage.
    At the moment when you get a ship low hp everyone including torp bombers go
    for the kill, I’ve seen full torp drops on DD’s with only a sliver of hp
    left just to try to get the kill.

  31. These ships seem fine to me. Guess we’ll have to see.

  32. Random comment!

    I like the look of the Kongo, but oh my the pink hurts xD

  33. Need super gravity cannon

  34. I’m grinding for the Kongo. I already have the prize ship for the giveaway.

  35. The Arpeggio play mode is more a visually enticing gambit on WG’s part, if
    you’re not an anime fan, you prolly wont be too keen on it. Basically the
    same ship specs with a bit more digital enhancement thrown into the mix.

  36. Too bad we won’t ever get the main vessel from the anime as it is a sub.

  37. Raimonds Trulevics

    I kinda like the APR Congo, looks like a futuristic car…… 🙂 Will take
    some grinding to get it though….

  38. I’m just curious if you can put camo paint on the new premium ships.

  39. I didn’t watch the show but i am earning the ships anyway. The fires do
    take a while though.

  40. I have to say, I like them, but I´m also a fan of the series so.
    They really got the colouring just right. =)
    Thumbs up for a great video.

  41. The ships are annoying

  42. I do not have a problem with the ships. I view them as a rare asset to the
    game as sort of a collector’s item than a new addition.

  43. I love the look of the ARP ships going to try and grind to get them and
    hope they bring in more

  44. have watched the series and got hocked a bit to easily, so i don’t mind the

  45. I don’t mind them really. WoWS doesn’t pretend to be a historical sim, so
    it’s fine.

  46. Erm…Royal Navy…where…when…?

  47. they look so good but im never going to get them

  48. I have only reached T4 so far, do not think I can get to T6 and do the
    Myoko challenge in time, which is a shame

  49. I think they are cool i don’t really mind

  50. Kongo looks good but the pink one is just too much. As long as they stay in
    the other port i dont mind they added them. Cheers

  51. Might be interesting enough to return to the game, just for fun.

  52. Normally I’m all about historical fidelity, but the way they’ve done this
    works for me, if you don’t like them, you’ll never see them.

  53. Can they also in blue? That shout be amazing?

  54. As far as animes go it’s not that bad, I neither like nor dislike them. I
    expect that fans will be delighted to have one of those, so let them have
    their fun.

  55. Shame they are not Prem or get some sort of Anime boost from the ARP series
    like corrosion warhead doing a little more damage or faster speed with
    rocket boost or extra armour defence screen. But I suppose that might have
    unbalanced the game. I like the anime with sudo WW2 ships taking on modern
    Naval vessel and each other.

  56. Too pink for me 🙂 maybe can make another series, like Star Trek and make
    the ship co make XP and money like a premium ship.

  57. Random comment on the video. I like the pink one the most.

  58. What interests me is whether these blue steel ships remain forever or only
    for a limited time?

  59. Best mission strategy: play the myoko a bunch until the missions are done

  60. i don’t like the Arpeggio of Blue Steel idea so much… it ruins the
    historical atmosphere of the game

  61. Who says no to “free” ships?

  62. They are not premium ships so? Why I should take them? Pfff… It sucks!

  63. The ARP ships look cool just because they are unusual. However, to get one
    requires a massive undertaking and, as you said, the benefits are

  64. nice warships

  65. Not my cup of tea, these ships…

  66. Is there a way to tone down the pink on the myoko? Want the symbols but not
    so fussed on the bright pink towers.

  67. I would not getting them, but unfortunately for me, I just do not have the
    free time to play right now.

  68. Anime was ok, the colour and sound scheme is ok

  69. The certainly look interesting, I’m going to have to go and watch the anime

  70. I don’t like the introduction of these ships. first reason it’s because
    there are only 2 models, and they are glowing pink/purple which hurts my
    eyes and second reason it’s because it makes happy only a small percent of
    players. I’d rather have other cool stuff and historicaly accurate rather
    than this anime mambo jambo.

  71. Fancy ships? That’s a good thing, I guess. Especially for those types who
    love to skin up in crazy anime stuff anyway.

  72. WG sucks at releasing ships/events similar to this. I’d suggest them (If i
    could or maybe u could) not to repeat such events in future where they ask
    us to ‘Kill 30 cruisers/destroyers’ rather they could make it ‘Damage XX
    amount caused to cruisers/destroyers’. Can avoid lot of frustrated games
    due to kill stealing. I wonder why they dint want lower tier players to get
    the ships. Or I even thought about an idea to create battle rooms
    specifically for people who want to get the event ships can only play in
    them and leave the others to play the normal random battles.

  73. Hehe, I always wanted a pink ship. 😉 An when I say pink, I mean
    PINK!!!!!!!! lol


  74. Adds a lil bit of spice to the game, and quests are always welcome from my
    side, i do like to have some objectives to complete

  75. squirrel2000 #squirrel

    Love the look of them 🙂 I’m going to try to get them

  76. I had heard that you only see the camo etc if you select that port, so as
    long as you show a normal port you don’t have to see them (which for
    history nuts like me, is a good thing, I haven’t seen one and I’m using the
    excellent looking New York port).

  77. I suppose the kids would love these colourful ships but more importantly,
    in a battle your ship would stand out like a sore thumb and I bet you would
    draw a whole lot of incoming shells!

  78. I love the look of the Kongo, but also have a soft spot for that mental
    model character from the anime series as well. Although I think they made
    the look of the Myoko a bit to pink. I’ve been actively doing the missions,
    but since they are two months long, I expect most people will have access
    to them eventually just by playing.

    And hey, Myoko is a fine ship, so anybody that turns his nose at a free
    myoko if they haven’t done the IJN cruiser line can do that, but I find it
    kindof silly, especially since you can just deselect the port if you don’t
    want to see them in game at all.

    For the record, the hardest part was finding and killing enough DD’s.
    People play whack-a-mole with those things, so people are prone to
    stealing. The 150 planes… 6 rounds in a T6 IJN carrier. A tip, try to
    lure the enemy into a close group, use the manual strafe/barrage run from
    the fighters. Boom, 15-20 air right there. Had 47 in one round, 49 in
    another. The Cruisers and Damage, just play like usual.

  79. UHHHHH Shippies :D

  80. I’ve seen the series and it was so-so. Now, if the ships are the same as
    the original ones then I see no point whatsoever in having them. With my
    average shot down planes/battle I’ll have to play 63 battles to down 150
    planes and that’s not going to happen. I’ll just keep on playing the way
    I’ve always done and if I get 1 000 000 credits and some signalflags or
    even one of the ships then that’s just fine.

  81. I like these ARP looks (it’s really the arpeggio scheme color) but man,
    these missions … wow
    I don’t think I can catch a kongo (CV are not played that much those days
    and in order ot get 150 airplane kill, you should see airplanes first …)
    and the myoko missions are pretty tough also.

    We’ll see.

  82. Its a minefield! lol, love puns.

  83. does it have premium camo?

  84. Well it is interesting about that skins and this is not the end of it there
    will be 3 more colors,,,green,yellow and blue..ofc in new missions!

  85. The ARP versions of Kongo and Myoko will at least save me the trouble of
    keeping the regular ships in the port. As for the paint scheme, yeah… …
    well, my cleveland already looks like a distorted Christmas tree, so I
    don’t see the big problems…

  86. 1 random comment :p, I think its a pretty bad idea too colorful, dont mind
    the new commanders or if the player only see the camo but if you end up
    with 10 purple ships in game that will look crap

  87. They look fonny. :-)

  88. You can disable the ARP ships from showing. They will just look like
    regular Kongo’s and Myogi’s. I dont know where but WarGaming announced this
    so that people who like historical accuracy and/or hate anime would not be

  89. Well, the ships aren’t bad and the Anime wasn’t bad either… :D

  90. its pretty nice ships to get

  91. Seresan Alin Bogdan

    Having the ARP ships will be fun…credit making,fun playing regular ships
    with anime captains…Yes please

  92. Well, as a fan of the show, I’m pretty excited about this 😛 I understand
    why some are bothered thought, but it’s cool seeing someone like WarGaming
    do something like this.

  93. I’m going for the Blue Steel ships partially because I like the series. IMO
    it’s a much better developed story than Kancolle (which seems to be the
    warship girls anme most people seem to think of first ;.;)

  94. I’d never heard of Arpeggio before I started playing WoWS, and really don’t
    have any interest in the ships: I already have a Kongo and a Myoko. If I
    do, through normal play, win one, I might hang on to it for the novelty.
    There have been a number of angry threads on the US forums about the
    contest conditions, though. I agree that they are bad to the extent that
    they do prioritize certain activities in game like killing ships or setting
    fires. I know from both the Marblehead challenge and the Emden challenge,
    that my game play was affected by trying to meet the conditions. They
    should just have contest for winning battles and getting experience or
    damage. Right now it’s far to grindy. I am not really interested in setting
    twelve rats on fire.

  95. My one question is, can i sell these ships and what will they give me.
    If its enough for me i will try to grind them out throught the special
    event missions. Just so i can sell them :D

  96. im rather enjoying this challenge for the two ARP ships but I have to admit
    I know nothing of anime except that it is cartoons

  97. Don’t have a problem with the ships as like the different look to them plus
    gives me something to aim towards while playing

  98. Do those ships get camo bonus?

  99. I like the view of the ARPeggo Kongo – but the Myoko is too pink IMHO – but
    I don’t mind the idea of ships and i might have a go at the grind to get
    one of them.

  100. I think they are a bit out of place but I do like the fact that the
    missions are not very easy to accomplish. That means they will still be
    rare and not available to everyone.

  101. anything added to the game is a plus so i like them..trying to get them but
    not too much..just playing normally

  102. Arpeggio of Blue Steel ship do look cool I don’t have the nomale ships so
    it will let me see if I like the ships for free :)

  103. They look bloody awful!

  104. i like the ARP ships, they dont cost you anything

  105. Jonathan MacKenzie

    I have watched the series Jedi, it is not bad, It uses CGI as it’s main way
    to animate things. The idea is interesting on it’s own and I am grinding to
    Get the ARP Kongo so far, the ARP Myoko is much harder since I only have
    the Cleveland as my Tier 6 and during the Missions I am Grinding to get the
    Farragut to get the Destroyer kills.

  106. I almost got the Kongo, need to do 800k more damage. I don’t mind them they
    are cool. Something to aim for and shove in the port.

  107. Does this ship have an better gun range then regular myoko, and does it
    have better aa points?

  108. Doing the damage is not so hard as actually killing people

  109. i dont mind them looks like abit of fun

  110. Seems like an okay idea, i mean they are just the normal ships with a
    unique skin, once they dont sell them then why not! :)

  111. I think the anime ships are great but this is coming from a massive fan of
    the series and my opinion is probably bias but I would want more like this

  112. It doesn’t bother me either, and you can’t see the colors when you have it
    disabled (the ships appear to you as the regular techtree version), but i
    think that the skin resources could be better spent on historical skins
    that everyone can benefit from, instead of this highly polarising content.
    What DOES bother me is that the mission requirements to unlock them,
    despite lasting for 2 months, are currently killing CA and DD gameplay in
    mid/high tier battles, and the standard of general gameplay goes out of the
    window, because several players have their own personal agenda, and don’t
    play to win, but play to kill their dd’s/ca’s. Not that fun if you’re not
    one of those interested in ARP, or driving a CA/DD.

    On a sidenote: best wishes to you in 2016, keep doing what you’re doing,
    and keep providing me with a regular dose of infotainment.

  113. They look ridiculous.

  114. i do like those ships,reminds me of the pink Submarine in operation
    pettycoat if im right :)

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