World of Warships – Meme Machine

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I do love it when a plan comes together, especially when it’s a plan that relies on teamwork between totally random people and it’s all made up on the spot.

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  1. Thanks for all the content – nice way to end the working week here in Perth Western Australia

  2. When you said about 3 Napolis, I started thinking something along the lines of triple Lyons but that is probably scarier.

  3. Your videos keep me occupied and surviving the boring and lonesome days in the clinic. Cheers!

  4. the fun and rare idea of working together, helped by being in the same ship/tank/whatever. maybe those armies are into something with those uniforms, commonality brings cooperation?

  5. Ahhhh yes the Type-59 “wolf packs” those were strange and scary times. Also fun*

  6. That made me smile, thank you to the Napolis and HellOnGaming. Thank you to you too, Jingles, for bring this to our attention (and the comments.)

  7. Jeez!, its almost like there’s an advantage to working together, Who’d of thought?

  8. Hahaha, finally!
    Best. Game. Ever.

  9. I want to say the height of the type 59 plague was 2010 to 2012. It was pulled from sale in 2012. Those were fun times.

  10. I wonder if the English speaking peoples ever get to pronounce the Japanese “e” at the end of words correctly. It is not that hard and yet, we have Kitakazeeee, Kamikazeeee and so on. Jingles is special in this that he would still do the [i] sound even if you smacked him with something each time he does it. 😀

  11. Yes I was one of those Type 59 players, a fellow clan member and I would run amuck on the field, we would circle victims totally confusing them as to who to shoot at, best fun we ever had.

    • I did the same thing with mine, but in all fairness it had very little to do with type 59s, just that they were strong tanks, and having the advantage of being the same speed so the yolo players can’t die ahead of you, then people see type 9s doing well at the head of the pack and break out the credit card to win more games – WG in a nutshell.

  12. Man, what a pasta line-up, if you include the Venezia & Brindisi (plus Castilla at a mild stretch).

  13. I was there for the roving platoons of Type 59s, spontaneously formed, flooding down a flank and clearing the way … the memories … /shudders

  14. Somewhat reminded me of an old clip that you shared of Flambass and a couple of his mates, all playing the same ships, all sailing together and absolutely murdering the opposition

  15. Completely organic teamwork is a beautiful thing.

    Oye, bossmang!

  16. Very rare exception for randoms to help each other but hey, i’l take it. Was fun.

  17. Actual teamwork… what a novel concept

  18. I seem to recall a certain TOG II platoon having fun closing down the entire eastern part of Pearl River some 8 years ago… 😉

  19. Ah the Indy ploy, where you make it up as you go. Perfect for a game like this

  20. Speaking of the T-59s , I remember my WOT Clan sync dropping , and one match we had 8 T-59 on each side , it was awesome and stupid ^^

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