World of Warships – Meme worthy moments

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Today I will show you the ending 1 match which is extremely bizarre and a that followed up which had even more bizarre ending that ended with TOTALLY BIZARRE result xD

Sometimes I wonder who makes up these rules.

I hope you find it funny and entertaining, enjoy the video 😉

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  1. @Flambass Regarding the first incident:
    WG stated that overpenning shells “disappear”.
    Once a shell touches a ship it can not come in contact with any other object.
    So there must have been one or more shells which went past enemy Émile and hit your NO directly.

    • You are right, he hit NO directly. But he only did overpens to him which means minimal damage and still turned pink. That’s what he was angry about. I don’t think he meant that his shells overpenned the emile bertin and hit the NO after that.

    • 2 shells hit the ally, on the right side

    • You can see the shells on the right side go over the Emile & hit the NO

    • ​@Danilo Knab ah damn. That´s what i get for being a smartass >.< In that case Flambino is right and i missunderstood. Thanks for clarification!

  2. 14:23 You must have hit the Asashio on one of her turrets. Your damage did not increase after the shell hit. That’s unlucky.

  3. 😂😂😂 that’s a very weird way to end a game, specially for Flambass 👌 GG

  4. “Teamkill” penalty for ramming a team member who doesn’t die from it. WG at its best.

  5. looks like you got some friends at wargaming seeing your pink disappear xD

  6. Here is an idea WG: No guns, just perma radar, torps, and insane aa.

  7. All the best stuff packed in that 3 seconds of this 22:09 video! I am laughing my head off! Im like WHAT?! Flambass is WTFWHAT!?~

  8. I was asking my self whats so special about this game at the very end i understood lol

  9. “What is this game?” Nobody knows. That’s what makes it so much fun to play :-)!

  10. I had an incident where a DD on low health turned into me. Contact damage meant he died and I picked up a Team Kill penalty as a result. Yet I did nothing to instigate the damage. No fair!

    • I once turned pink because a Teammate decided to make a 180 After I launched torps and he just went herpty derpty I wanna eat those candies…

    • There was a time a one shot DD turned into me and instead of letting him ram me (I was at 2/3 health so it didn’t matter if he did) I just blew him out of the water bc at the time I wasn’t having it 💀 there was no way he would have slowed down or turned away in time anyway

  11. I actually lol’d at that endings hahahahaha

  12. No one going to comment on excellent team work by last surviving players ? rare to see such team work by remaining players. You had a good team in that game.

    • Yes, shut out to the Kidd who laid that smoke to save Flambass at the end. They knew he was the most obvious target due to his very low health and tried to save him.

    • Yup, the Kidd basically secured the win at the end otherwise who knows what the result would have been?

    • Well, thanks 😀

    • @Laszlo Kaestner When I saw he started shooting just before I could pass in front of him I was like “bruh”

    • while the Kidd does deserved an applauds, they are most likely will win that round that’s why Flambass was careless. The reason being 1. they still have 1 healthy BB,+ 2 DD. and at that time that Vlad was doomed to die real soon with 4 ships shooting/torping at him real close. 2. their remaining DD was also one-shotter with 684 HP. The only possible win for the other team is basically the Vlad traded for Flambass, and then Asashio Torp the Bismarck AND gunfight with the remaining 2 DDs and sank at least 1 of them to win. fat chance.3. no time left on the clock

  13. 20:30 3 seconds before disaster

  14. Jimmiar Reltherford

    It’s official. The game is trolling you, Flambass XDXDXD

  15. ….a t-shirt that says “FLAMBASS” in pink.

  16. I was trying to stop one of team mates getting rammed and one shell went astray I did 224 damage to him he died and I went pink!

  17. I love those moments when Flambass looks at the camera in confusion. So many expressions.

  18. Shoutout to those two friendly DDs at the end-communicating, scouting, topping, and one even smoked you up. Rare to see that level of competence these days.

  19. 20:33 You committed a honorary suicide by Bismarck hence your crimes were forgotten and your record was cleared. Voila!

  20. The first 35 seconds are the only “meme-worthy” moments in this whole thing

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