World of Warships Memes #3 (Torpedoes 101)

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World of Warships Memes

So we’ve been having a ton of fun in this game over the past months. If you haven’t watched the streams here are some of the highlights from Twitch!


  1. Kenneth Kirchstein

    good content as always bo

  2. danish boy- sorry i mean southern sweden.

  3. Du er godt nok aktiv Bo

  4. TheReal Lifehacks

    For some reason I think you want us to sub to you on twitch

  5. For every like this comment gets Braun gains 1 more pound

  6. Demonitized

  7. can’t believe you’ve sold out, Bo.

  8. Let me know if you want more World of Warships, we play it quite a lot and I could probably make another one at some point 🙂

  9. Vankstein Vanker

    The censorship really dissipated around 8 mins huh 😛

  10. Skide gode videoer! ISP og dig Bo er de bedste HOI4 youtubers

  11. how the hell did you get Man The Guns early?

  12. iSorrowproductions

    Isn’t this that streamer guy who bites his toenails?

  13. 14:17 *WE ARE SWIMMING IN THE 90’S*

  14. Ausbilder Schmidt

    Oh no Bo is a Captain 😀

  15. 10:00 – chinese destroyers cant hit other destroyers with torps

  16. Wonder what takes up all of brauns hard drive space.

  17. Danish navy 1940 colorized

  18. Extra points for last minute Danish Memes bo! I love you bo <3


    “IT’S TOO LATE!”

    *Captain jumps off bridge*

  20. That last one where hewlett was actually being competent was amazing, I can’t believe you guys lost that one. You should have won out of pure badassery.

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