World of warships – Mental breakdown 7

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  1. It always makes me HAPPY to see a Flambass video posted.

  2. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA, hold on my friend, hold on

  3. *munch* *munch* *munch* Always remember the snacks.

  4. 90% of the time you’re the hammer…but every once in a while it is nice to see you get nailed. Just for the “ok, it’s not only me this happens to”

  5. 5:24 flambass….flambaaaaas…..flambaaaaaaaas omg someone call an ambulance

  6. show moar broadside, noob 😀

  7. Happened to me too last night. Got tired of getting torped by all them Asashios, switched to Atlanta for a change of pace, detonated by an HE spamming Konig #FeelsBadMan

  8. it happens, But hans will strike back soon.

  9. Its only a game, why do you have to play?
    You start to wonder who is gonna be murdered when Flambass doesn’t even complain when he dies…

  10. Destroyer Inazuma

    I’m gonna take a potato chip… and EAT IT!

  11. Thanks for posting good and bad games.

  12. This is why the Minotaur is hard to play. You get spotted and people 21km away fighting a close quarters duel with another ship, stop and shoot you instead. It’s beyond a joke. Any RN cruiser spotted is instant death.

    • Try playing a mogami … glad I’m done with the floating “plz shoot me at any range/angle” billboard. Its ridiculous how much worse than the atago the mogami is yet in the same tier.

    • Aus Explorer
      Mogami is a good ship when you go for ifhe and full rudder mode. 3.4sec! I am using it for ranked battles and is one of my most favourite ships in the game.

  13. Yamato gave you a paddling…

  14. Why do you always fire (or in this case clear the island) before popping smoke? Across all of your videos you often seem to receive massive damage just to save those few seconds of slowing down and smoking before engaging. (This is a serious question, I don’t want to blame you for anything, just curious to know if it is worth it overall. (really hope this won’t lead to an awkward misunderstanding))

    • FritzZeGerman I like to call it randosyndrome brought on by a case of raginitis. Raginitis is a serious and common affliction amongst the gamer population which cause irrational thought and poor decision making. This is amplified by randosyndrome where by all players are considered inferior when surrounded by inferior players. That assumption coupled with poor decision making lead to this ending

    • Simple, when I think nobody is looking at me and that I will get covered in smoke super soon, don’t want to waste time. But I might need to reconsider that…

  15. this shows you how hard this game is.. even the best don’t stand a chance when they don’t follow the rules.

  16. Spoiler….. 6:02 is chocolate!


  18. Beautiful Yamato salvo. Stop raging. Start munching.

  19. 43k in one salvo ain’t bad. Today I was mid-turn in first 2 mins of game. NO enemy ships spotted but their planes just spotted me in Moskva as I started my turn. I took a full 65k salvo from a Montana I couldn’t see. Deleted instantly, then douchenozzle teammate told me I shouldn’t give broadside to a Montana. Gee ya think so? Ha ha.

  20. Meme Merchant Freddy

    ‘…execute Order 66….’ 5:22 *Jingles grabs his chest and head in pain*

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