World of Warships // Michelangelo / “The First Judgement”

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This ship is why you never let the Admirals play with crayons.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Happy saturday, PHJ, to you and Sam 😊

  2. I think this may be the worse dockyard ship ever.

  3. Jedi! Not to be that guy, but you’re ignoring most of the ship’s benefits. You died with 2 smokes left while being focused by 5 ships. You’re dogfighting 1km outside of your secondary range and ignoring 50% of the ship’s DPS.

    Nice to see you, either way!

    • I just want to say in my defence, that anyone that ever told you I’m any good at this was lying through their teeth.

  4. @matthewwadwell6100

    You could say that _Schlieffen’s_ _Plan_ didn’t quite work out?

    (I’ll see myself out now….) 🤣

  5. I think it’s a surprisingly effective ship, but one that really can only be played one way. And the normal “dance around at middle to long range” game is not it. For the instance, your comments on the torps. Fiddling at long range, of course they’d be better. Diving into a brawl, the 23k damage, super speed torps are incredible. The secondaries are the main weapon system. The main guns are your support.

    I’ve found it an easy ship to get a quick 100k damage (basically going full YOLO). But a difficult ship to get 200k, because grabbing YOLO opportunities aren’t great for your long term health.

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