World of Warships Midway Class Carrier – Carrier Jets!

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Tier 10 Midway Class Aircraft Carrier
WOWS Aircraft Carrier Gameplay – Midway Carrier Jets!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Good video. Wish you had zoomed in on jets in flight. Guy was a good sport,
    and so were you. Thanks. I got up to the Colorado which is nice.. Wouldn’t
    mind seeing the NC in action. +1 subscriber

  2. TheEpicminecraft70

    Baron how did you get all the ship fast

  3. Can you play the Fubuki pleas

  4. KingOfRotterdam16

    how are ppl already at TX tho?

  5. wyoming would be nice

  6. Salomon Ziegler

    Kawachi please!

  7. furutaka, some buthurt

  8. Patompong Phetchjarungporn

    Fuso. Please

  9. Just started playing the game how did you get all the ships that fast?

  10. Ranger US carrier

  11. Do you think the developers of Wargaming will include submarines in WOW?

  12. Benson DD

  13. What kind of music, and by whom?

  14. How about lets see the USS Mahan. Don’t think its ever been featured

  15. The ****ing beast of the sea …………. YAMATOOOOOOOO

  16. Chikuma pls :)

  17. Cleave and cuz that’s where I am right now 

  18. hello,

    just started playing Carriers and i am lost

    when you are ready to send torpedo and the circle comes out how do you turn
    the green thing to lead the torpedo to multiple directions ?

  19. Yamato next

  20. Bogue pls, bogue class CV

  21. Miroslav Juránek

    Tier 5 New York

  22. Please do the north Carolina

  23. +BaronVonGamez Fubuki destroyer

  24. I Recomend playing spintires, very cool looking game and your comentary
    would make the game much better. Plus there is multiplayer! But love what
    your doing now and keep up the good work!

  25. Baron, did you buy doubloons?

  26. the iowa class battleship

  27. Some low tier aircraft carrier.

  28. if wargaming adds helicopters, then the midway can send the hueys and the
    cobras like it did in nam

  29. +BaronVonGamez the Iowa

  30. +BaronVonGamez Do the Erie lol

  31. The Sampson class destroyer

  32. Stephen Mieszala

    Um…someone probably asked already, but I don’t want to go through 300
    comments…where did the enemy fighters come from?

  33. carriers need a fix there way to rewarding for how bad AA guns are and they
    just dump torps so close you cant do anything

  34. I vote for Isokaze IJN destroyer, please, Baron.

  35. South Carolina BB

  36. How did he all those ships?

  37. Tier 4 jap cv please

  38. ISOKAZE!
    tier 4 Japanese destroyer is a barrel of fun.

  39. My father served on the USS Midway before and during the Persian Gulf
    conflict as an avionics officer (E5). His experiences and service on that
    ship is what is inspiring me to strive towards becoming a captain in the
    U.S. Navy. I’m going to show my dad this video. Thanks, Baron, you’re

  40. What happened to the British ship

  41. Alexandre Poulin

    Erie for next ship pleese 

  42. Yeeees thank you

  43. ClangOfTanks Gaming

    Tier X American Montana Battleship!

  44. When I grow up I want to be zeman…

  45. Phoenix Cruiser as a nice challenge

  46. If you hit Z while selected on a group, it will get a close look at the

  47. I’d love to see any IJN CA or DD. And you should get the IJN Naval
    standard, it just looks better. Besides enabling replays it’s the one mod I
    had to get.

  48. #BaronVonGamez Why havent you played the Chaffee in Warthunder man? or in
    fact any of the American Light tanks.

  49. Zmann2222 is the man, lol

  50. Allamericanlibertarian

    My grandpa served on the Midway during the Vietnam war.

  51. baron, the new starcraft 2 dlc when it comes out, PLEASE


    Aye, Baron, as I’m sure others have pointed out, only the fighters on your
    ship were jets and they had nada to attack. Woulda been hella fast scouts
    in your second mano a mano match but they had no other role to play.

  53. Nice work Baron. Thanks for helping fill in the missing ships @ Keep it coming bud. Your work is awesome.

  54. The Grim Productions

    Nagato, yo!

  55. Cleveland

  56. fun

  57. The Warspite needs some love!!!

  58. You should do the Furataka next. Since the Fu*ktaco is the worst ship in
    the game I want to see how someone with real skill can get out of that ship
    as fast as possible.

  59. how come Phly and Baron don’t talk to sherman anymore?

  60. Yamato tier 9

  61. nice and ditto props to zman: you both earned good sportsmanship honors

  62. Imagine a battle with tier 10s only OO

  63. Can’t wait for them to finally add the German ships, man I would loove to
    kick some ass with the Bismarck :D!

  64. I don’t play WoW, is there a Nimitz class aircraft carrier?

  65. MrTheGameNarrator

    The Wyomming for your freedom and justice

  66. Warspite next

  67. manuel kuriappan

    The New York!!!

  68. First.



  70. Matthew Bridgman

    cleveland cruiser or of benson destroyer

  71. woo Zman

  72. Zergling, baron, it’s zerglings

  73. Fubuki plox

  74. midway

  75. play the Phoenix

  76. P1nts1zeDwarf Parker

    Des Moines

  77. Jordan Whitehouse

    play the KONGO speed battleship =) Serve the EMPEROR!!

  78. +BaronVonGamez play the montana! :D

  79. Im am ready, nuuuuuuuuuuu!

  80. Baron I was just there a week ago in San Diego the Midway it was Badass


    • +Matteo Orlandi Calm the fuck down.
      Of all the flavors you chose, it had to be salty, and you spammed it..

  82. I love your videos and well I live in Colorado so I was wondering if you
    could take that ship out. 

  83. cracklings! A little too early for that. Speedlings maybe.

  84. Why do you not manual drop more? 🙁
    Would have killed that Iowa in the first drop had you…

  85. Hoodini

  86. on world of warships the Yamatos theme should be 2500 tons of awesome by
    Ramin Djawadi

  87. Slugged Diamond

    Go Zeman!

  88. Do the Erie for ‘murica!

  89. If you press the z key when on aircraft carriers you get to go to your
    normal ship view like what u would have for bs dd and cruisers 🙂 also if
    pressed on an air squad u get a nice close up 

  90. Des Moines or Iowa

  91. PancakePredator

    Do the tier four american cruiser phoenix. I havent seen any good gameplay
    of it.

  92. Jonas Lazauskas

    Give that man a cookie

  93. diogo magalhaes


  94. Austin Phillips

    +BaronVonGamez play the Pensacola for ‘Merica. 

  95. Do a destroyer

  96. play the cleveland :D

  97. What do the fighters do??

  98. Came here for F2H’s.

  99. That man was so honorable, very nice guy haha.

  100. Can we see the Teri v New York battleship

  101. Daylin Andersen


  102. Fubuki, do it for the Long Lance torpedo.

  103. Do the japanese tier 10 carrier

  104. Please play the North Carolina Barbecue next!

  105. dolphin tornado

    i got tier 6 in 1 day super easy

  106. Nutzer Nummer Eins

    Zao or Aoba pl0x :D

  107. i would like to see more gameplay of the cleveland

  108. Yamato just for shits.

  109. Menno Scheurwater


  110. How in the hell do u gave this many T10 ships already? 

  111. james appleford

    The MIdway`s here in California :D

  112. Tenryu, had some really cool fights with it.

  113. BouncedFlameGaming


  114. Baron play the baltimore

  115. Corne Doevendans

    How da fk do you have all ships already

  116. Tier 2 jap BB

  117. GrayAndAnime OwO

    guys, how about we wait a week or two before we start asking for tier 8+

  118. NPAx Deathstroke

    USS Enterprice(the lucky E)

  119. Tier X yamato battleship attempt #3

  120. Tire x Iowa with full upgrades on camo

  121. Hi Barron I love your videos

  122. My favorite battleship is the New Mexico, because you know, gotta

  123. Is this game (in its current state) compatible with mac?

  124. Warspite!! God save the Queen!!

  125. tenaryu XDDDDDDDDDDD

  126. The Calorado!!

  127. How about a comparison of the Kongo vs the New York? 

  128. Do the Eire FOR THE NOOBS!!!!!!!!!

  129. Hannibal Thanathos

    I would like to see the Yamato for the next video of world of warships

  130. You can visit the USS Midway in San Diego. I went on board.

  131. I voted Cleveland. Keep up the great work Baron!

  132. You can press shift to zoom in on the selected plane to see the jets better

  133. Everybody report Baron for sexual abuse. He clearly didn’t use any lube on
    the Iowa.

  134. I don’t see the point of the press account. I’d rather you just play
    normally and watch you progress through the ranks rather than this way of
    skipping ahead.

    It’s not exactly entertaining with 3 a side as most people are no where
    near tier 10 as they have a life.

    • Indeed, he didn’t even know what order the planes went..

    • I agree with this. It’s basically puppy kicking right now and doesn’t even
      have the argument of him working his butt off for a tier 10 before anyone
      else. It’s not terribly helpful either as he can’t give even a good –
      preview- of a ship like this…

  135. I request some Cleveland gameplay. Dat dpm tho…


  137. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Captain Joseph Reed and the crew of USS Midway died with Honor…. Kamikazi

  138. Play the Yamato pls

  139. Joshua Günther

    Are the German aircraft CVs getting jets too?

  140. 1:59

    + Dini :)

  141. GalaWOTs Galavits

    Zaman is da man!!!!

  142. Iowa is da best

  143. Can you do Shimakaze?

  144. Essex pretty pls with a cherry on top

  145. Hey baron why didnt u press SHIFT to get to that other camera view and
    controled it with WASD

  146. Umikaze or Sampson
    So fun to play it

  147. Baron scrubbed out with the auto drop..

  148. I wish they could find a way to implement escort carriers. Far more escort
    carriers were made than full carriers because they were smaller and easier
    to make. My Grandfather served as a radio operator on the Commencement-Bay
    class USS Block Island and his escort carrier was at the Battle of Okinawa.
    Anyways, I wish they made it so I could use those same ships.

    • Ari Bhaskara Wiraputra

      +FrustratedTurtle I wonder if War Thunder will have something like an RTS
      set up game mode. It would be awesome if it has one.

    • +CWill014 The did, the Bogue class carrier is a class of escort carrier.

    • +FrustratedTurtle sadly that is true, they wouldn’t be that effective in
      this game. I just want a naval warfare game to have them for once :P. And
      if War Thunder would ever get going, by the time naval forces comes out
      I’ll probably be done with the game.

    • FrustratedTurtle

      +CWill014 Those things were pretty much meant to support amphibious
      operations. I think there’s no way to implement them to this navy-only
      game. Would be cool if someday in say War Thunder they would add ships and
      we could see huge amphibious combined arms-warfare, there they could be

  149. Baron my goal is to free XP to Yamato. Is that an honorable goal to have?

  150. Hello

  151. Thank you for all your hard work Baron and thank you for doing carriers but
    could you do it again because I’m kind of struggling with them thank you PS
    you’re awesome

  152. RJ!
    Play the IJN Tier 6 CV, RJ!

  153. What if they added in the QE2 aircraft carrier????

  154. Could there be like a plane that carriers have that could land in water and
    capture points?

  155. North Carolina 

  156. A basic Kongo would be nice, I’m having a hard time without any of the
    upgraded modules.

  157. Nope Nopede Nope

    things i h8 on yewtewb
    1:spelin erors
    4:wrong counting
    7:Asking for likes
    Like if u agree

  158. Zman is one lucky guy

  159. Baron, why the hell didn’t you use the manual torpedo aim? It allows you to
    fire them off closer and get more torpedoes to impact.

  160. marvin stevenson

    Nicholas please

  161. xXx_Sp0d3rm4n_xXx

    do the YAMATOOO and dont dishonour your family

  162. When ever you play carriers don’t forget that when you press L.shift it
    exits the rts view and goes to default ship view 

  163. Ive been on the Midway

  164. Baron you and Phly are my favorite youtubers so I want your advice should I
    grind American or Japanese Carriers

  165. Play the tier IX IJN Taiho please! ;)

  166. Tom Spiers (xGHoSTx)

    USS New Mexico!

  167. Play the hashidate or the erie just for fun

  168. New orleans please

  169. How do you turn the green line as you hold alt

  170. Gaming With Daniel The Scot

    The Yamato please :)

  171. Bring back mount and blade!

  172. Which Carrier is more effectiv Against battleships the hakuryu or the
    midway and in General which one is bether

  173. I play aswell my best is the tier 3 tenryu

  174. I would love to watch your progress on the ships you are grinding.

  175. FreestylerAlbert

    Shimikazeeee and tons of thopr!!! :)

  176. The uss Colorado 

  177. Essex

  178. Let’s see the North Carolina battleship

  179. Play the Kongo fully upgraded next episode

  180. Shokaku

  181. +BaronVonGamez maybe you next time use BISMARCK please 🙂 

  182. Ive visited the Midway in San Diego

  183. Dude there are so few high tier players cause the experience requirements
    are insane. 71k experience for a t6. When I saw that I just uninstalled. I
    played about 400 games in closed beta and enjoyed the pacing. After the new
    experience required to hell with that completely killed the game for me and
    many others. Still fun to watch you stream as this game is really cool to
    watch but to hell with that grind.

  184. Andrew Herrboldt

    you should play the st Louis next

  185. omaha pls

  186. Play the Montana or Yamato if you haven’t yet.

  187. They should add the San Jacinto (not sure how to spell it) it was a cruiser
    converted to an aircraft carrier which my great grandfather served on
    during the attack on Pearl Harvor, also one of Bushes planes was on the
    ship at some time.

  188. Musketeer32Gaming

    Play the pride of the ijn; the Yamato.

  189. Get some of your pals together in a match and have a mach with only

  190. Here’s something to do in wows, bomb or shell a village!

  191. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    USS North Carolina. THE first US BB that can saul fast!

  192. looks cool but I am afraid to spend my savings of xp and credits on CV’s
    only to find out id rather not play navyfield 2 look alike…

  193. play the myoko

  194. I am so pissed by the fact that WG choose to put jets in the game when only
    the German’s and British had jets in WWII.

    I guess they are going to do the same thing as WoT and have ships form the
    50’s and 60’s in there in stead of real WWII planes and ships…..

  195. With the Tier 10, Cv play epecially with the Japanese carriers in a large 2
    a side CV game its like nuclear war. Both sides launch everything at the
    start and if a CV is left standing its probably through some CA aa
    screening or a lucky turn. Even
    from their watery grave the enemies planes still hunt you down.

  196. KITAKAMI !!!

  197. my favorite battleship of the closed beta was the nagato and it was the
    highest tier ship i managed to get plus i got it after the armour changes
    so i have only known it as a monster at tier 7 you gotta love those monster
    cannons :)

  198. Justin Williams

    Missouri is still my favorite ship. Got to sleep aboard her bunks as a kid
    because of the boy scout tour program they had back then. I remember the
    story they told us about why the 256,520hp of the Iowa class is listed at
    212,000. Apparently the navy liked to build in about a ~10% safe overload
    buffer zone for engine ratings. General Electric thus rated the Iowa with
    the buffer at 233,200. But the navy didn’t know so they added another ~10%
    reduction to that, bringing it to 212,000hp. I like the story because
    apparently when they did find out about the mistake, they had a laugh and
    ran with it.

    Though it does make me wonder why the Iowa is only 31kn in the game and not
    33. Perhaps the devs don’t know about their little joke?

  199. sealclubbing scum with this cheap account. Unsub inc

  200. play the nagato :)

  201. you should play more destroyers, like the Benson or Mahan or mutsuki

  202. How about some Fubuki (sp?)

  203. USS Cleveland 

  204. Do a video on the new scopes in Heroes and Generals

  205. baron what your highest tier non premium ship on your regular account?

  206. It’s the F8F Bearcats. Not the Hellcat

  207. Omaha or Phoenix 

  208. Jets in @worldofwarships ? Well if you got the TierX Midway there are! What
    ships next?

  209. Hakuryu or Yamato next please.

  210. Daniël Verloop

    If your new to this game, what is the destroyer ship to go for?

  211. Baron do you know when The KriegsMarine comes out? Btw.. nice video :)

    • +MrMetroMen Not baron here, but there will be quite a wait on the
      The Russians will be next, with the British being brought out near or just
      after them. So the Kriegsmarine is the 5th tech tree. And there’s still a
      2nd Japanese carrier line not introduced yet.

  212. Please play the Myoko next.

  213. Christopher Chergi

    You should show us how to play the Furutaka, T5 IJN Cruiser.

  214. PotatoMasher Productions


  215. Damn, a carrier that can top 20 knots in speed.

  216. kishor shrestha

    Jets in @worldofwarships ? Well if you got the TierX Midway there are! What
    ships next?

  217. Helena Sundström

    Make more videos and face cam

  218. It is so cool


    Montana :D

  220. hakuryu!!!

  221. Hey great video no problem being a good sport. Never thought that I would
    be in one of your videos. But none the less its better being nice than
    spamming chat with the usual “MM broken” anyways, good luck hunting.If you
    ever want to hook up in-game just shot me up. -zman2222

  222. U.S.S.R Murmansk cruiser tier V

  223. Mousab Hassan (mussy)


  224. Nguyên Architaku

    Please play Japanese destroyer next, Baron. Shimakaze would be great.

  225. you ,phlyand slick Bee in Atlantas! Oh yeah!!!!

  226. thefailbrothers345

    Use the wakatake :D

  227. Nguyên Architaku

    For god sake WG! Essex-class also has jets!

  228. Could you do the Myogi? I’m still trying to get the hang of low-tier

  229. too bad the dive bombers aren’t A-1 Skyraiders

  230. South Carolina, there are lots of tier 3s running around so you should be

  231. Th michte battelcruiser Kongo.
    So the gold cup is pritie mutch US vs Canada then?

  232. NexGenInnovation

    Do the Colorado/Kongo

  233. Bartul Javorčić

    Play cleveland DPM crazy

  234. +BaronVonGamez Play the Tier IX Taiho Japanese Carrier.

  235. Jochem Sturkenboom

    Fubuki ftw

  236. Benjamin Atkins

    If you press shift I think, then you go into first person mode as the
    aircraft selected or carrier 🙂 just a heads up if you do any more
    plane/carrier episodes

  237. I hope the T10 British carrier gets Attacker jets, Meteors and Hawker
    Hunters :p

  238. Marshall Reikow

    Thanks man keep doing what your doing and don’t stop also please play the
    South Carolina 

  239. Awsome vid and awsome comentary

  240. and who told you about the jets? ME!!!

  241. Montanna

  242. The montana

  243. I’d like to see some play of the Murmansk.

    Looks like a Omaha, so was wondering if it plays like one too.

  244. some warspite would be nice

  245. Since high level ships would end up with matches like these (I loved the
    video regardless) I would like to request the Cleveland please as I am
    contemplating whether to grind for it or go for the Jap cruisers with

    • +H. Han American crusiers have AA abd crazy fast reloads with 8 inch
      cannons, Japanesse ships have torps and are have less AA

  246. I think those airborne torps are still too powerful compared to the real

  247. play the Sims

  248. the dark goblin

    Play as the Cleveland 

  249. Please play Yamato, for the glory of Emperor and the Empire!

  250. The ship that is in the Royal Navy which i don’t know its name

  251. Honor to zman. Death to American Viking.

  252. Yo Baron, play some Fubuki, some sneaky plays…

  253. Why don’t you want to take out the Phoenix?

  254. Roemer Van Den Outenaar

    The Wakatake tier 3 Japanse destroyer pls

  255. How about the Cleaveland or the Kuma.

  256. Pixelation Studios

    lol. bismarck wood be nice. but do the Japanese BEAST! Yamate the Yamato.

  257. Richard Sautner

    USS NewYork

  258. I want you to play Mogami it was a beast in Battle Stations Pacific so be

  259. Baron how do you lock target when attacking ships? Like a torp run? I’m new
    to Carriers please help!

  260. In the name of the queen, use HMS Warspite

  261. Marshall Reikow

    My Great Grand father served on the USS Midway

    • +kronks4 he didnt earn the tier 10 , he got given it for free

    • +Alex Burg Holy Crap it worked!!! :D. Thank you very much for the help man.

    • +kronks4 My great grandpa was in WW2. He got captured by canadian troops
      and was held in captivity. He was to tell everything he knew to the
      canadians. So he did. He was giving a peice of land and lived the rest of
      his life happy in canada.

    • +Hercules Yang Turn off post processing in the settings. That should fix it.

    • +kronks4 I love playing co-op than pvp due to the fact that I always get
      put in the Big Race map in pvp. Big Race is the only map I can’t play on my
      computer. Its always a black screen and all I can see is the HUD. Its going
      to be long before I get my Kongo 🙁 .

  262. How have you got all the ships so fast within the like first ttwo weeks of
    the open beta going live lol, i’ve only got a Colorado xD

  263. Domglen Salazar

    What happened to the Enterprise carrier?!

  264. Lol. Of course you go against the ship with the best AA capabilities in the
    game on a 1v1 match.

  265. Niche vid dude

  266. 3rd waaaaaa

  267. The Diversion Cat


  268. Jets in @worldofwarships ? Well if you got the TierX Midway there are! What
    ships next?

  269. I checked your channel and see that this has just been uploaded! :D

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