World of Warships Midway Doing Tons of Damage #WoWReplays

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Uploaded to by http://.com/Player/eu/o_8eios featuring the doing a crazy amount of damage. Not a lot of kills in this battle, but definitely gives the friendly team a chance.

is a free to play game! If you haven’t already signed up for an account please use the link below to play and support this channel at the same time.

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**Intro Music**
-Extreme Music – Combat Ready (Epic Hybrid Rock Action)
-Switch Trailer Music – Retrograde (Aggressive Electronic Rock)

System Specs:
Intel I7-6700K @ 4.1Ghz
512Gb SSD Dedicated to Games
2 x nVidia GTX 960 in SLI Configuration
BENQ RL2460H Gaming Monitor

Want to talk to me offline? Send me an email at Justin@. Give me at least 24 hours to respond as you can imagine I get a lot of email.


  1. Hey Jammin I saw a couple of more vids with that player and maybe we will
    see some in the future so it is slung writing for Greek letter (Theta).
    “Θ”. Check this link and listen how its pronounced and what it means . .
    Great vids keep up the good work :)

  2. it was a good play to take the enemy cv out immediately because then
    friendly DDs can scout out enemies also the friendly BBs are not at as much
    risk. my guess about why he kept the empty squadron around the enemy cv is
    because the enemy cv would of focuesed his AA on an empty squad instead of
    a full one

  3. I see what you are saying about a CV going after the other CV first. You’re
    right, that means your own fleet is not covered or helped by you. I also
    see the logic in taking out the rival CV and then having free reign over
    the skies. So for me…it is a solid tactic ONLY if you can be successful
    right away, like this player was in the video. If you can’t get the enemy
    CV right at the start, then you need to drop that tactic and get to
    supporting your fleet. That’s my take on it.

  4. Personally I only think CV sniping is a good idea when the enemy CV has
    fighters, specifically the defensive package, it’s necessary to get rid of
    those CVs especially if you choose the strike option. Higher up the teirs I
    understand that you almost always have at least one squad of fighters but I
    am grinding through my Ranger right now and I always play strike but the
    Ranger has no fighters in its strike set up so whenever my first wave is
    outbound if I see the enemy has defensive setup I will try to take them
    out. In that situation in the long run you will be of more use to your team
    not having CV fighters contest your drops. Otherwise if you do have a
    fighter squadron you should stick to BBs heavily early on. Just trying to
    snipe a CV for no strategic reason to get an easy kill is in my opinion
    selfish gameplay you’ll be doing no damage to the ships that are actually
    the bigger threat to your team. I’ve seen battles where a carrier took so
    long to snipe that the rest of their team just got erased, all because they
    chose selfish gameplay over team gameplay. So for all those that read this
    that sail CVs do what’s best for the team not for yourself.

  5. His name means uncle in english

  6. Marttt1nek Is Here

    Also, if you can snipe an enemy CV in one strike, it is always worth it.

  7. Marttt1nek Is Here

    If you are in a Midway, CV sniping is ok. If you are in a Haku, it’s not
    worth it.

  8. nice video

  9. that’s one way to deal with IJN CV

  10. 15:15 Potato moment of the century. :D

  11. +MarLap2000 yeah I don’t play CV’s but have friends that do and trading one
    squadron for a MUCH faster aircraft replenishment is why high tier players
    do it

  12. Tearpits???

  13. The player name is pronounced “ha THEE-os”, meaning “The Uncle” in Greek
    (or something idiomatic).

  14. I get the desire to take the enemy CV out of the fight early, but I’m with
    you when you say it just doesn’t seem like the right choice. It makes
    logical sense to do it, I just wish there was more reward for CV captains
    who sent planes out to support the fleet directly and right away. Spotting
    is important and putting pressure on BBs encourages teamwork from CAs to
    support them. Not to mention that the game is just really fun when planes
    are all over the place being swatted out of the sky and plummeting into the
    water. It also has to be really annoying for CV captains to have to expect
    that they are target number one right out of the gate. They’re relatively
    slow, expensive to repair, and usually ignored by friendlies when it comes
    to getting support. It’s just an unfortunate meta.

  15. Man, I had a heartbreaker Taiho game today and it has nothing on that
    ending. I would have legit just shut my computer off right there and left
    on a walk or something like a stiff drink at the pub. Wow. As far as the CV
    snipe yeah not a fan in this case it worked but if the Haku actually
    engaged his planes at the start then it never would have happened so he
    straight got lucky on that imo. In the end, with him able to do it it ended
    up being a little glass half empty type of thing. I never snipe anymore and
    the ones who try and snipe me usually are on the losing team at the end and
    I’m still alive.

  16. jihyuk kim (Ayakashi)

    337k DMG not meaning win…

  17. Any time you see a fighter group “stuttering” behind an attack wave, it
    means the carrier has assigned the stack on guard duty. If a carrier does
    that,a nd then happily drives RIGHT by an enemy attack wave with them, then
    he’s either a bot, or criminally inattentive. When you run into that type
    of player, it’s one of the few times that an Alpha carrier strike might be

    … and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the enemy carrier has apparently
    forgotten that he has Defensive Fire AA ability, and refused to use his
    Damage kit until exactly when the circling DB stack (which had no ordinance
    left) was shot down. So yes, I’m calling bot here. Not that Mr. Midway
    should have, like, let him live if that was the case or anything.

    Also Jammin, you said you want your friendly carrier to go after BB and
    cruisers first… god no, don’t EVER wish your CV goes after cruisers first
    if the game is higher than T5. BB if they are unescorted, DD… but not CA

  18. Really like your vids. Keep up the good work :)

  19. At this tier, I am all for CV’s sniping each other, and that is because I
    haven’t ran into a bad tier 10 CV captain yet, and the sooner that enemy CV
    is out of the picture the better. But if the first 2 waves don’t do the
    job, I do think they should go after the BBs, DDs, and CAs. But I do not
    play CVs, so I don’t know how they think. Please enlighten me if I am

  20. In the beginning he probably sacrificed that squadron because the midway
    has so many replacements that losing 7 planes is more efficient than
    waiting for them to fly all the way back and probably get killed anyways.
    He’d rather wait 90 seconds instead of more than 2 minutes for the squadron
    the fly back and then another 30 seconds for it to reload.

  21. That early DB staying there probably because of he tried to tank the AA
    with more squadrons but considering he didn’t do anything afterwards until
    it all depleted makes me think it is actually to kill the DB so it can
    reload faster.

    Well as a CV player I just kinda dislike his way of play, he did the right
    things as USN Strike CV by pressuring enemy CV by striking them right away
    but tbh he didn’t need extra TB that went to the other way, he could’ve
    bombed some unfortunate BB or even cruisers who didn’t bring DF but he
    brought the TB all over the enemy fleet, suffered some loses and ultimately
    only got 3 hits on the Atago. He also didn’t intercept the enemy strikes
    with his fighter, or at least patrolling his fighter on the friendly BB,
    perhaps could have saved the BB some more HP and let the eastern force last
    longer. Also the things that irks me the most is, he often lets people get
    away, game could’ve ended on their victory had he actually finished the
    Tirpitz, Khabarovsk, or the Yamato instead of letting them alive when you
    can just put another DB to finish them off.

    Sorry for the long rant

  22. The best way to get more damage if you kill the enemy CV. Japanes CV on T10
    dominate on the sky. If you kill the enemy CV you free and not loose all
    squadrone and you can scout all map on you fighter.

  23. Hello everyone.

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