World of Warships: Midway Feels Comfortable

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Midway feels comfortable to use out of the CVs at T10. The planes maneuver decently well and all of them are rather effective against a variety of targets.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US Midway on the map Shatter.


  1. North Carolinian Mapping

    first lol

    im too early

  2. Pro tip: Drop 1-2 waves of planes in you’re squadron (Before making an attack run) to save planes from unnecessary losses.
    You will be in the fight longer and have more reserves for dot damage!

    Another good video 🙂

    • I do that, but I’ve found that it doesn’t matter as much. Unless you run into very heavy AA it’s unlikely you’re going to lose that many squadrons unless you fly into flak. The reason to really do it is so that the planes return before you jump back to the CV for the next wave.

    • ​@Aerroon If you are attacking a single target with no support than yes I agree, you can get multiple attacks off. But when I’m attacking a target that has friendly AA bubbles or an AA heavy ship; I will always drop 1-2 waves since they are most vulnerable when recalling. Probably only going to get 1 attack in anyways.

  3. Aerroon and Agent Smith have so much in common xD

  4. Do you use rtx on the game or a mod?

  5. That guy at the end really just said “noob cv” bruh

  6. Ahoy.. this guy has overcome his procrastination Kappa

  7. Such nasty bastards on your team! Stealing your damage!? I call them out in Greta-like fashion: How dare they!? They have stolen your damage!

  8. Wtf aerroon, i can’t believe a veteran like you didn’t pre drop loads to preserve planes.. or maybe as you said, you are procrastinating too much LUL

  9. I don’t really like CV’s or CV videos… But since it’s you Aerroon I will watch it…. Sigh… The things you make me do..

  10. That Kagero never turned off/on its AA. Kagero air concealment is same (or nearly) as its pathetic AA range.

    And tsk tsk, Aerroon. I’m of the mindset that CVs should handle DD duties early to help team get cap/position advantage. You got lucky that ignoring their DD didn’t result in your early exit.

  11. Hate CVs, only played them a few times back in the day. You, sir, can make me watch a CV video, however.

    Roon is said RRRrron? 🤔

    • Nah, it’s just Roon, but not the “oo” that you pronounce in “cool”, but more like a long “o” if you were the lengthen the “o” in “moron”.

  12. Favorite ship in the game

  13. My favorite is kaga

  14. Have you got the legendary module for Midway? The 10% damage increase to HEDB and 10% speed increase is so nice.

  15. Omegalul how did you let yourself in a t10 CV be carried by a ship two tiers lower than you? Gitgud!

    Anyway, good game overall

  16. The renaissance man

    Why SE on a cv?

  17. try unique upgrade on audacious

  18. I love when some potato said AA is too strong

  19. Carriers ruin the game.

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