World of Warships: Midway – Grouping Up Works

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A Midway match I played today. Despite matchmaking blessing me with a good match, I am still unable to capitalize on it properly.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US aircraft carrier Midway on the map Tears of the Desert.


  1. First!


  3. That team was Kartoffelsalat.

  4. Smolensk is OP because theyre good at too many things and its hard to cit them. A proper nerf would be to give them Mino’s armor.

    • Hakunamatata lee
      True, I have easier times drop mino than drop smol.
      In my experience she’s up there with friesland in terms of AA.

  5. The other team ended up with all three smols as they were in the same Div : )

  6. The proposed changes to CL and CA armor should infact ‘nerf’ the Smolensk a little by giving it the same armor as other CLs yes?

    • In a way yes. All supercruisers and Henri IV will overmatch it everywhere. Against battleships however she will just get overpenned even more. Destroyers and Venezia will also be more potent

  7. commander voice?

  8. 14:40 interesting! I can see what you mean now about the “ticks” of flak damage, seen as explosions without the flak bubble

    • I’m not so sure that’s a great example, but essentially, the flak explosion obviously isn’t “constant”, so you can fly through that area if the timing is right.

  9. 3radar Moscow + Stalingrad didnt do anything? Against smoke cruiser? WTH

  10. Very informative. I am going to try to use some of your techniques in my mediocre midway play.

  11. 5:07 torpedo the island!

  12. I dislike playing CV for this reason. Some games the enemy team simply moves together and it’s near impossible to get a strike in that isn’t a suicide run. Even if you come out with some damage it feels very unrewarding and frustrating.

  13. Are you running an AL captain?

  14. Hi mate, any chance you could do a video on the consequences of getting our doubloons back? I have heard there will be a reset of accounts but exactly what is going to happen? Do we lose our credits, xp on grinding ships etc and regarding the directives do we lose the ability to reach the cruiser as I’m half way through the 2nd directive if its reset and the first directive is finished we can’t progress or do we have a new 30 day timer and have to re do all the first directive again. Some clarification would help. Cheers if you can help

  15. I love the fact that you waited with your commentary until Atago finished her line 😀

  16. Well Aerroon the enemy cv was long dead and you were putting fighters …..
    Jingles approves xD

  17. 1:30 that is a cancer division, it would be cancer no matter what
    1:49 Kremlin, just kremlin AA
    2:20 yes, he is talking to you, you just dropped him
    3:20 it never uses the most damage ones, how long are you playing CVs?
    4:30 if you look at the minimap that yamato is close to a kremlin and a zao
    7:20 magic? Soviet bias? sooo magic? anyway a edge case?
    8:20 you kinda need to care about the height, you need some lead for a fast moving target
    8:50 I wouldn’t dumb dive bombers, just use what I have to do 1 drop on yamato from this angle, going over the island and slingshot towards zao
    10:00 just do a drop on the kremlin and leave
    10:44 you are lining down a drop towards a smoke with smolensk in it…. just like you could have done against kremlin a minut ago
    13:12 oh hey the cancer division is alive
    15:25 fighters don’t do much most of the time, I kinda stopped bothering with them for protection, they are better used up for spotting

  18. The thing is with CV that you hold all the cards. In a normal match when they disperse you can just pick them out one by one. If they bunch up sure you lose planes on attack runs but you don’t have to do attack runs. You can just spot all those bunched up targets at once for your team and even better they give up map control this way. They can’t really do anything against just perma spotting them, if someone leaves the group you can bully that or you can still do half squadron longer range torp attacks for some damage (especially with Haku). And also while your planes regenerate, their AA does not and in the HE meta by the middle of the match the enemy AA capacity could easily be halved. Unless of course three smoked up Smolensks enter the match with their god-tier Stalin guided SAM batteries. Only balanced can defeat the balanced.

  19. I’ts about 3 years watching your videos… And just now, i comment.
    Greeting from Paraguay! (Hearts of South América)

  20. That chat got salty quickly

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