World of Warships: Midway’s New Loadout

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Midway has a new loadout: 2-2-2. It has 12 TBs and DBs.

World footage the tier 10 US aircraft carrier Midway.


  1. 2-2-2 AP DBs

  2. pan asians have either radar or snoke …

  3. Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος


  4. Miss you man. Good to see your videos again

  5. CV already is OP in this broken game and they gave Nuke bombers to it . clever WG

  6. Its not unbalanced, in my opinion now it’s a ship worth grinding

  7. balans, komrade

  8. Good to see you again, Aerroon! I’ve missed your content.

  9. AP 4 times more precise than HE bombs? Makes total sense. Right? Right?!

  10. I mean… to be fair… you detonated that Bismarck… not that you needed to… the AP bombs would have ruined it anyway…

  11. The OP CVs are a fucking problem…. The AP divebombers are a fucking issue.. makes me only go Monty og Miss to shoot many cancer planes down.

  12. Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeron. Missed the gameplays 🙂 By the way, you should really, really, really, really ceck out the ranger. Is in a great spot right now

    • Michael Richard Pence

      I agree. Not only did they take the Strike load out and add a fighter, but I think they may have buffed fighters HP as well. I am finding myself being more able to defend against Saipan fighters and even fighting them off. Also if I verse a Hiryu, killing his fighters in the beginning which is even easier allows me to wreck his strike planes.

  13. Aerroon is back Poi!

  14. hsienyang in Mandarin Chinese is shěn yáng,hsienyang is the old pronounce from Manchu language

  15. you sound so tired of this game m8. like all the hope and potential for the game was lost in senses of pride and accomplishment

  16. “rebalanced midway” ))))))))))

  17. 2017 YEAR OF THE CV

  18. Lol the enemy Fletcher player is so bad, he’s complaining about op AP dive bombers doing 8k dmg to him, even though that was a 1 hit torpedo crossdrop xD stronk situational awareness, he has to be in the special people’s category.

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