World of Warships – Mighty German Sausages.

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World of Warships – Mighty German Sausages.

When Division play results in more internal competition than the other team.

World of Warships is a fun free to play warship game by Wargaming, Check them out!

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy the video! x

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Intro Music:
Desmeon – Hellcat [NCS Release]


  1. Hi firekitten

  2. Hi it is Daniel I love your videos

  3. So for dispatch do I still need to applie through steam?

  4. That title alone made me hungry, thank you, I wanted an excuse to eat.

  5. evilPenguin was here.

  6. ders a snake in me boot

    goddammit i just ate!

  7. This was a great video and i love and loaf your vids!!

  8. First to say like the video and subscribe!

    (Also first to say first?

  9. sgt.bishop cop killerx

    Do a face cam

  10. USMC the best of the best

    Me to same timing

  11. Love this game

  12. The Gaurdian Knight

    Love the bismark it was my favorite ww2 battleship then Tirpitz then the texas

  13. Im early finally

  14. now i want a hotdog THANKS ALOT!!!!!!

  15. Great upload. Just in time for my dinner too.
    The G is silent in Gneisenau, by the way 😛
    I hope you take the Großer Kurfürst out one day. It’s a great ship. 105k hp. 420mm guns in triple mounts on 4 turrets, along with secondaries that can reach out and touch someone as far as 13-15km. Anyone who gets within range will regret it.

  16. Firekittens on fire? how ironic

  17. mysterious dragon

    Mighty polish kiełbasa

  18. Ever sense I first heard your voice in DOJ, I just can not get over your accent. Lmao absolutely love it.

    • lol thanks. I have a weird slightly American Posh British accent. its weird. Mostly due to having many American friends I chat with a lot… im odd.

  19. America

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