World of Warships – Mighty Mo Money

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It makes more money than Trump and it’s sexier than an explosion in Barry Whites’ pants. It’s also about to disappear forever, so now’s the time to get the USS Missouri if you possibly can.

If you don’t want to listen to the historical stuff and ship review, the action starts at 20:23

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. yay our gnome overlord has uploaded

  2. Judging from the thumbnail:

  3. Eyyyyyy History Stuff time to drop everything and take some notes kek

  4. Oh my God, Jingles, please bring back these kind of videos with historical background of ships, aircrafts or tanks. They are pleasing to listen to and very informative, and this coming from the biggest Wikipedia user of this side of the hemisphere.

    Amazing job as always, keep it up!

    • I concur…

    • One quick additive to Jingles’ description: One of the reasons why the NA community calls the Missouri the Trump-Wagon is that the USS Missouri was among the first sites where Donald Trump started his Presidential run. At that time, the similitude “Getting on the Band-Wagon” was the image of Trump on the USS Missouri, representing Trump’s popularity with the US Military and general Defense community – and eventually became “Getting on the Trump Wagon”. A lot of US Military and Defense employees visibly put Trump paraphenalia on their cars, in their yards and even on company grounds, and dared liberals to pull their shenanigans . A running theme was that the Insurance companies were raising their rates because of how much vandalism the liberals were doing destroying and stealing anything with a Trump sign on it. We had a banner outside one of our plants continually vandalized, replaced, spray-painted, then just plain stolen, and replaced again, before security finally installed another flir to cover the blindspot, and caught the libtard. Interesting times. I really wish Jingles talked more about the technological innovations on ships like the Missouri, and their legacy from systems integration to the internet; most of the labs and people who developed everything from the transistor to ARPANET made their names in the US Weapons and systems development programs in WW2 and Korea or were US Military veterans themselves, and are now know as Giants in the history of Engineering; from Shockley and Hopper to Vint Cerf and Seymour Cray.

    • Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

      +100 on this. This sort of video is why I subscribed to Jingles in the first place. While I understand his distancing from Wargaming due to their behavior, these sorts of videos are just so damn good that I really miss them.

    • Upvoating for MOAR HISTORY!

    • interesting that you are rooting for a coward who draft dodged with a “bad foot” , has no morale, is a whore monger, scam and con artist, has shit on veterans multiple times , is unfaithful to his wife, ruined multiple businesses by being a total retard, cant talk and if he does sounds like a demented bumbling moron.,is obsessed with himself and nothing else, lacks any empathy, Any person with a spine and a brain in the military and who understands honor must abhore this bloody orang utan. Call me a libtard if you like, i dont even categorize myself as such, i just know a dookie that stinks when i smell it. The last president deserving my respect probably was fuckin Eisenhower.

  5. back to back 30min videos. Are we getting the old jingles back if so I like it

  6. Thank you for always entertaining us Jingles ^-^

  7. Why are they getting rid of Missouri i haven’t played the game yet but i want to play the game

    • It hase nothing to do with “overpowered” or “occupying the 750k free xp”… its all abouth MONEY!!!(for gold, needed to convert xp in to free xp)!!!

    • Yes it does have to do with “occupying the 750k free xp slot”….WG said it themselves.

    • Do you think that WG will say “We want you to speed money on converting xp in to free xp for our Yama clone with crap dispersion, no AA and less credit making… and we’ll remove the exellent Missouri after 1-2 months… so by buy gold now or regret forever!” ? The’re smarter then EA you know 😉 Read between the lines.

    • Don’t delay. Play today. It is a very well made game. Thoroughly thought through. Fair for all.

    • ‘regret forever’ So… where did you read that Missouri would be gone forever? Or did you just hear some rumors and decide to spread them further?

  8. Hey War Gaming, if you want more Americans to play World of Warships, don’t remove the Missouri. Study history and learn about the significance of the ship in US history. Hint, look up Japanese surrender and the end of WW II.

    • Dominic Pizzey Just ignore the fact that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were major industrial cities aiding the Japanese war effort, and that the Americans dropped millions of leaflets warning every target city’s population of the impending doom, on multiple occasions, even after the dropping of Little Boy on Hiroshima. But yes. The Americans just totally were out for Japanese civilian blood.

      Every nation did some shitty things in WWII, but don’t pull stuff out of your butt in an effort to make someone look worse than they really were. Give credit where credit is due, and criticism where criticism is due. Hitler was responsible for the death of several million people. But he also had the Autobahn built. Churchill let an entire village die, but brought his people’s spirit back from the breaking point. The United States intentionally left survivors of Japanese ships to die, charged the Japanese with war crimes for escaping from US submarines, and drove a good man to suicide, but they also ended the Pacific War and saved millions upon millions of lives in the process, both for the Americans and the Japanese.

    • But Stalin gets away with 12mil kills. I can’t understand this.

    • Lt. Voss except people are still suffering from the irradiation of the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima…

      I hardly call that saving lives.

    • Singularity Raptor Stalin was a different kettle of fish, all the allies knew what he was like, but needed his army on their side for the sake of the war… Churchill was his biggest detractor, publicly so, yet we still sold tanks to them (amongst other things).

    • Ships get rotated in and out, they always did. So why now make more Drama out of this?

  9. Well, being from the State. I loved this Battleship. It maybe like all other Iowa class and maybe the third ship in the class. Yet she is a beauty all her own. Plus she didn’t blow herself up like her big sister…..yes I went there deal with it.

    Just like the State nickname she is named after. She shows you how to get shit done. Also do it with style.

  10. You forgot about the Missouri’s service in defence of Honolulu against the aliens in the 2010s /kappa

  11. Subnautica tomorrow please jingles

  12. Akchually Jingles, that was a Pensacola, not an Indianapolis. Jingles…? *shotgun sound*

  13. Intro of the Missouri filmed in the port of St. Petersburg. What the hell, Jingles?!…….Jingles?

  14. Open. The Country. Stop having it be closed. 怨姻往ン気りフし

  15. Mo money, mo problems.

  16. Ironic since Trump is a fake millionaire xD

    • Billionaire dumb ass. He is a multi-billionaire.

      Even the lowest leftist estimates say he is worth 2.9 BILLION dollars today with Forbes estimating 3.1 billion.

    • actually he is completely broke.
      Once you come to office, all of your fiscal property and corporate ownership is forfeit, so technically Donald Trump doesn’t own any money.

    • actually he is not broke.
      The Congress (the only group with the power to do this BTW) has exempted all Presidents from this since before the election that gave us Nixon. It was OK’d by the Supreme Court as being within their power and has been the rule since then.
      PS. Build that wall!

    • Jussi Raitoniemi the name checks out

  17. ok guys i know that the movie Battleship was awfull but youve got to admit that the final battle at the end was badass

  18. Please, please do not refer to a serious, historic ship as “The Trump Wagon”. The men who died in WWII do not deserve to be degenerated. I would never call the Hood the Vladimir Wagon!

  19. Haha few days after that game I had a game where I earned 2.3M credits in MightyMo
    To anyone asking “is it worth”?

    • Most I got was 1,915,016 credits… with over 1300 games in Missouri alone xD and still never seem to have enough fucking credits pmsl then again i made bad choices in swapping modules etc. etc. lol

    • Sirion that question doesn’t make sense. You don’t lose money by grinding xp, you GAIN money.

    • The Spanish Inquisition

      I wont be able to get it, just started getting into World of Warships 🙁

    • how the fuck you are not swimming in cash with 1300 missouri games, i dont own that ship and i have around 80 million as average joe player.

  20. “She is now a memorial, and her 2 forward 16′ inch guns watch over the memorial of the Arizona.”


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