World of Warships – Mikasa Impressions

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on Islands moves out to support the effort around B point, a enemy shows up. I get within secondary gun range of the and it is on. A enemy shows up and I’m in the worst position ever. The enemies try to close out the game, I do my best to try and stay in it. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier II Battleship Mikasa Replay


  1. she wont meet any carrier anyway

  2. Notser, South Carolina is slower (about 16kn). And the 18kn-Katori feels
    even slower at T3.

  3. I had one crazy game in my Mikasa where I had hardly any main battery hits,
    but 144 secondary gun hits. It was frustrating and fun at the same time.

  4. 0:35 “did you just assume my gender?” XD

  5. Always great to see a big youtuber play his new favourite ship:)

  6. Awesome video i love the mikasa waited so long on the na server.

  7. I can’t believe you actually posted a Mikasa game. It was pretty hilarious
    seeing it on the stream.

  8. Mi Casa , Spanish for ” My House ” …………meaning , its better to stay
    home , rather than sail this ship .

  9. People take this ship way too seriously. Yeah it sucks but who cares. just
    have fun, charge, and rack up the secondary hits.

  10. Muh dispersion

  11. Amazing how you escaped that wall of torpedos from “Mr. Smith”

  12. “You are putting me in what ship?” -Yamato commander

  13. This is the ship I use when I feel like yoloing in coop. It’s the only ship
    I use in coop, lol

  14. Филип Пешић

    8:31 so there is no indication for detonation anymore? It should say
    “Critical damage” right, not “Incapacitation”. And was that a joke about
    subs orrr? :)

  15. Christopher Matarazzo

    yes notser I know that feeling.. when we are ahead I want a kill so I route
    for the enemy

  16. lucky that wasnt me in my Smith, such a fun little ship

  17. mikasa accidentally disperses onto enemy ships o.p. must nerf ; p

  18. Omg the “gunners are blind” I’m dying and that’s an insult to blind people
    there not that bad XD

  19. lol waymouth?…. what waymouth xD

  20. I’m so jealous of the NA server…

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