World of Warships: Mikhail Kutuzov | First impressions

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Ever wondered what would happen if you could take a gunboat and grow it to size?
Turns out that mad scientists in the WG labs did just that and named it !

How many subliminal sheep did you spot this time? Write it in the comments!


  1. seems like a very fast and manoeuvrable german cruiser

  2. Did think of getting this but with the stupid bundle it would have been
    about £40 so I picked up an Atago for £21 instead. Was tempted though but
    thought it only got 1 smoke charge so Superintendent would take it up to
    two not three?

  3. Nice video. cannot help but think that once it comes out and people have
    bought it, the powers that be will nerff it to please the whinners just
    like the kiev and the Russian dd’s. Once people see how well you are doing
    in it and how good it can be then the complaints of it being OP will come
    flooding in. Seems a shame as I liked using my Russian dd’s up until they
    toned them down. Can you post your capt perks and all the other things you
    use please?

  4. Having Atago and Mogami I was not planning to get it when it gets to NA,
    but you r video might make me rethink it.

    I did not expect the comment that it is a Cleveland at T8 with torpedoes
    and smoke. I was thinking earlier it might be a bigger version of Kiev
    (which I have). Interesting possibilities you show here.

    Thanks for posting!

  5. Hmm, the shell velocity seems to be a great deal better than on the
    Cleveland, I wonder how it compares to the Mogami with the 155s.

  6. Nice game! Maybe i will have it but price is to mutch for now,Atago is
    better for me and i have it i can reck MK with 2 salvos..ok every cruiser
    is *easy* target specially when they are seems interesting to
    play…main advantage are that 3 guns in one turret so can easily fire in
    every situation…But as i said same price as Tirpitz in Premium shop is
    just funny! It should be cheaper then Atago when and if he comes in Premium

  7. This ship reminds me of a cruiser version of the Kiev…. I REALLY liked my
    Kiev and it got me to rank 1. I think… I might end up getting this one at
    some point. Looks really fun :)

  8. how’s this vs atago

  9. Amaterasu no Mikado

    I had many goes at this ship during the recently concluded public testing
    for patch 0.5.2. I enjoyed this ship immensely and realized its potential
    for getting citadels on enemy cruisers. There was only 1 smoke and 2 AA
    high-alert consumable for this ship towards the end of public testing, but
    I see they did away with the AA consumable and replaced it with sonar
    instead. This ship may come in handy for completing the Arpeggio of Blue
    Steel challenges.

  10. Oh man …

  11. any opinion of this ship compared to Atago?
    would you prefer Mikhail Kutuzov or Atago to be in your team in Ranked

  12. Did anyone think that WG would really release a Russian premium without the
    Russian bias?!

  13. i kept hearing “shit” rather than ship :D

  14. I think I saw two of those sneaky sheeps; one on the island and the other
    on the scoreboard screen. Anyways, this ship (sheep?) looks very
    interesting, esp. with the smoke. Opens up some potentially interesting
    ways to play.

  15. a cruiser with smoke, WOW just WOW

  16. I Bought a Tirpitz, its a great ship this one still interests me though

  17. Warto wracać żeby odpalić Yamato? Czy dalej pustki na X tierach? Pozdro
    Voule od Kima ;)

  18. Interesting. I still think I would rather have an Atago.

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