World of Warships – Mikhail Kutuzov Last Stand

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Mikhail Kutuzov on Trap pushes the A point until a massive enemy formation moves into range. We are forced to retreat, but a good chunk of the team is destroyed in the process. I do everything in my power to dodge incoming rounds. Together with a friendly battleship, we work through one enemy ship after another. The game comes back from the brink of defeat, never give up! Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Soviet Cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov Replay


  1. Atago is BB for that MK! :)

  2. こんばんは^^ すごく参考になりましたよ。 ありがとうございます。

  3. Everyday I was getting excited to watch your video Notser, keep it up XD
    btw I think I saw a comment asking you to play Kutuzov in yesterday video

  4. Ah, the Kutuzov, the Cleveland of tier 8…am I right?

  5. Ah, the Kutuzov, my fav. ship in ranked. Because, like you allready said,
    you have to play it like a huge destroyer (my nr. 1 class). My nemisis
    however is that I play it to agressive, like I play a destroyer and that
    kills me most of the time. This ship is like a Mogami but instead of sake
    you need to drink vodka with this one ;). It has great guns and switching
    shells goes quick. I do however think it has not enough hp (Hey, I have to
    complain about something since I’m Dutch ;)). But this ship is a real money
    maker for me and the captain is easely trained for the future Russian line
    to come.

    Nice vid and a great comeback.

  6. ハンセンウェスリー

    so that ship is an oversized destroyer in a nut shell…. makes sense

  7. Finally!

  8. we expect you to be ambushed by those pesky island

    *atlanta glad i didnt buy it seems like a useless ship

  9. GameRepublic TV© ™

    this ship can fck Tirpitz down like nothing…!

  10. The Mikhail annoys me so much becoz of that smoke ability.
    Notser, you can use the same invisifire tactic as destroyers. The
    difference is that you need to plan well ahead, coz a cruiser doesn’t stop
    as fast as a destroyer. So you have to decelerate earlier before starting
    the smoke.

  11. I was thinking of buying this ship, but I wanted to see if it was worth.
    Over all looking at the performance of Premium Ships I don’t think WG is
    giving us a bigger bang for our bucks. I may have to buy it anyway due to
    the name…. I would be McHale_PT73 in game. lol

  12. A battle on the edge (once literally even..), with a great swingaround.
    Great gameplay between you and the BB.
    Seems the German cruiser and the enemy BB at the end were beached on the
    sand of that cap point, no ?!
    Anyway, well done, I enjoyed the battle ! Thx mate !

  13. This wasn’t Notser. He didn’t say “Hey this is Notser.” and he didn’t run
    into any islands. It’s just someone who sounds alot like him!

  14. Notser have you ever considered streaming on twitch? It would be amazing to
    interact with you on it!

  15. Brian Lock (神通)

    Against angled ship in other ship, used HE
    Against angled ship in Yamato, AP no problem

  16. Yup, more abject stupidity.
    ‘Average’ WoWS player:
    You own all the caps, have a large advantage. Do you:
    1. charge beyond the caps because need them killz, or
    2. Hold the caps and force the enemy to come to you?
    Of course you do 1, and lose, because fucktards breed more rapidly than
    It’s being stuck with those sorts of shit clowns over and over and over,
    and frequently hosed by MM (bottom tier when there are all of 2 bottom tier
    ships in roster and can’t fire further than can be spotted? Yeah, great
    game design and fun, please have my money…not).
    p.s. lol the tier 8 premium is already post-WWII while its opponents in USN
    and IJN were several years earlier. Can’t wait for the fiction they come up
    with for tiers 9-10.

  17. We’re super nice and love you because you’re nice and show kindness and
    focus on teamwork…not to mention the love you show for the lonely island
    folk XD

    About to get the Pensacola or the Myoko, I know you don’t like the
    Pensacola, lol, so is the Myoko a much better choice? These are only two
    lines (german cruiser nurnberg atm but that’s secondary to US and IJN lines
    for me since only have enough time to really be able to efficiently grind
    through anything) I’m really putting my focus on.

    Anyway, question (or maybe a request, or possibly a demand even, whichever
    one persuades you more :P) is could you do a video in next day or two of
    both these ships, Pensacola and Myoko, and just give tips/advice on how to
    play them to the best of their abilities.

    Just sucks because isn’t the tier 7 on just about every line the worst
    ships in those lines, lol.

    Anyway, thanks if you can/do, np if not, still love the vids keep em coming
    😀 /love

  18. Another great game.

  19. A game without Notser running in to an island! Say it isn’t so! Well, at
    least you hit the map border.

  20. I enjoy your content too. Always entertaining to watch. Thanks for your
    effort :)

  21. With detection 11.5km and 19,1km range on guns it probably can fire
    stealty. How mush does firing 152mm guns increase detectabillity ?

  22. hey notser, tell people to give u some free ships and then give them 2 me

  23. The Atlanta is a joke

  24. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    Hehe, You took me out as I was engaging targets. Crazy. Its pleasure
    playing with you on WoWs and Armored Warfare (OPSGRP_COBRA37)If you need a
    wingman in both games, look me up

  25. What a nailbiter :)

  26. ….now you got lots of fans , you mustn’t really shoot at them like tommy

  27. what is last land and what does it do

  28. Nice game Notser, way to help your team come back form the brink. Kutuzov
    looks very interesting and fun. Once CVs are brought back into T8+ gameplay
    that AA rating is going to be a real draw to this ship. I’m still buying an
    Atago first lol.

  29. Another great episode Noster……
    But you need to relax with the HE or AP switching thing…..
    It has to be sucking the fun out of it a little for you mate……….

  30. I’m leaning toward thinking this is another russian OP ship. Between the
    incidence of fire and the dispersion that is a bit of a monster.

  31. Nicely done man! Appreciate you going over each ships stats in every vid..
    My one stop shop for finding ship reviews!

  32. Notser you can sit in your smoke, is very funny! just slow down, check if
    you can get spot from allies and then launch smoke, or launch when running
    and slow down. If a potential enemy torpedo can go in your position may use
    hydroacoustic, is not that powerfull like german hydroacoustic but is
    ussefull (germans is 5km assured aquisition, oh glorious man! i am used it
    even in the Hindenburg, if you like hunt destroyers, the german
    hydroacoustic is fantastic to counter a smoke-siting destroyer and blast
    him). Fantastic game by the way, see ya!

  33. ‘and this is the…’ editing error?

  34. Holy come back, Batman!

    I really thought you were doomed that time. Some great play from you and
    that guy in the BB.

  35. I played it last night and went around the corner and got a Baltimore and
    de monies right on top of me I never had a chance lol the smoke really
    Dosent do the that ship any good.

  36. Im really disappointed at you Notser! You didnt run inte an island once the
    whole video?! Im thinking Bot? You did try the mapborder that one time but
    thats not really the same thing.

  37. Great that you the new Soviet cruiser I love it but very fragile. looking
    forward to the next one.

  38. Good job, all that hard work pays off!

  39. Notser – what a ship! Looks like a lot of fun!

  40. shoot more AP think of it like big BIG russian DD you can hurt BBs with
    those AP shells

  41. Notser your a great player but what should I run on my Kongo to make it

  42. your team sucked hard this match

  43. wait untill you get a game with 2 carriers . they will absolute hate you
    for whats happens with their planes within seconds …

  44. always entertaining.

  45. this ship’s aa is very powerful

  46. This cruiser is broken as hell. Range is ridiculous. No other Tier 8
    cruiser even comes near to that range. Fire chance is insane. Torpedo’s
    with decent speed and range. Rudder shift is a JOKE. It can out maneuver BB
    shots way too easily.

    And it bounces BB shots from 8KM’s…….. Played against a guy yesterday
    in this and he out right sunk 2 New Mexico’s solo.

  47. Cool ship, awesome that you got it as a gift. Perhaps the smoke cloud size
    needs to be adjusted to properly hide a cruiser-sized ship in, but you
    werent coming to full stop so its hard to tell. Also easier for blind fire
    in smoke to hit.

    It shares a tier and similar pricing to the Atago. Whats the verdict in
    that comparison?

  48. If only the Kutuzov wasn’t so expensive! It’s 250 units on my currency
    sistem (that’s a LOT) ! Damn …. i really really wanted the Kutuzov …..

  49. Notser, do you think the Kutuzov is worth the price?

  50. Yup this pretty much sums up how I play CAs! Get hit for most of hp 2 mins
    in, then sail around pecking things dead!

  51. Funny, based on the way it takes damage, it seems like the Atlanta with
    larger caliber much higher velocity guns… At least the Atlanta’s
    concealment, especially with Advanced Firing training – allows you to
    decide whether to engage or not better. Now once I have Concealment
    Expertise as well, it will be insanely good.

    Also, the guns seem to be better with AP shells than HE spamming, as it
    does have a low-ish Rate of Fire of 6.7 Rounds/min. Where the Cleveland get
    7.5, and the Mogami gets 6, but does a good deal more damage per shell
    while ALSO having 3 more guns!

    And while the AP penetration does seem significantly better than on the
    Cleveland, it is about equal to the Mogami.

    Not saying it isn’t potentially great ship, but I will say that the Atlanta

  52. Once you master that ship, DD’s should melt.. Happy hunting Notser

  53. Watching this video i started to think that caliber of main guns importance
    should be lowered allowing much more damage from AP to battleships and fire
    chance should be lowered even more to make fire master tactic not good for
    general use.

    Why ? In real life i think that even 203mm main guns from cruisers were
    still hurting battleships like british ships shooting on german battleships
    or american cruisers shooting at Kongo class battelships for example.
    Because to be honest – against full hp battleship ship like Mihail Kutuzow
    can just only pray for not being shoot even onces in citadel because if
    they will be – this is practically the end for cruiser in battle.

    I do not know … i am not saying this like holy true just for something to
    talk about. What others think ? I do not know … Just thinking laudly …
    Aha – i am battleship driver in wows by the way who ended testing cruisers.
    Just for me – battleships fit the best.

    Please all important to remember – this is GAME not real navy simulator.
    This should be based on real navy as much as it can be but in the same time
    this is a arcade game witch needs to be balanced and fun as main priority.

  54. Do you receive my mail to notserreplays? Sorry to ask here, but could you
    please confirm, that you get the 6500 dubloon from 4.1.16? (i asked on
    notserreplay mail)
    I have to send gifts from NA-account but i play on EU, so i can’t see if
    the gift sending has worded…

  55. Amaterasu no Mikado

    I just got this ship, too. It has superb AA, but the guns are OK, I guess.
    Have you fully upgraded your Izumo, and on your way to the Yami?

  56. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Yay 2nd Viewer 😀 Or did u watch your Video twice and liked it :DD <3

  57. i bought this ship last night. laid my daughter down for bed and passed out
    with her. didn’t even get to sail it out…..maybe today.

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