World of Warships – Mikhail Kutuzov Review – Mediocre Soviet Steel

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I will go over the ships stats, recommended modules, captains skills and also some gameplay footage. The Mikhail is a very average . It’s best described as a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none kind of . Hopefully by the end of the video you will know everything about the Mikhail Kutuzov, her and her and decide if she’s a good buy or not. So sit back, relax and enjoy 🙂

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  1. Finally this video has come! Although I cant really wait for it to fit my
    upgrades im glad that i did pick the ones that you did. Another great video

  2. Another nail in the coffin of the poor Atlanta, I feel this ship is really
    an upgraded Atlanta, same soft armour, good at knocking down planes which
    the pre nerf Atlanta was really good at, and can spam HE like billyo and as
    shown in the video can punish anyone showing sides with the decent Russian
    AP, overall I enjoy this ship as I rarely take the Atlanta out anymore as I
    feel like I’m a XP piñata in it.

  3. Take Mikhail vs Des Moine out for AA test.. weirdly enough Mikhail some
    reason shoots more T10 Planes out then a des moine..

  4. I can’t find anything to prove it, but Russian ships are males.

  5. Just pls stop pronouncing the names, I lose a few IQ points hearing you
    pronounce Mikhail Kutuzov… It’s pronounced MIK-HAIL KOO-TOO-ZOV. Not
    mikaila kootoo and then zov

  6. Can you do a Yamato review? I was wondering what modules and skills worked
    the best

  7. Can you do a Yamato review? I was wondering what modules and skills worked
    the best

  8. I’d like to see much more reviews :D

  9. I dunno, Chase. I really like my MK. I think you’re kind of expecting it to
    neatly fit into the existing roles that high tier cruisers play, when it
    really does its own thing. That’s kind of a first for WoWs and a positive

    I think the MK really shines as a lethal long range support ship for the
    big boys on the team. Even if WG changes the way AA works, I don’t see MK
    losing it’s general effectiveness, and with my 12 point Murmy BFT/AFT
    captain and the AA2 module, it’s entirely possible to play it like a
    mini-gun Hipper that can knock down planes. Since the CVs very quickly
    learned to leave MKs alone, you get to create a 7.2km immunity zone for
    your BBs which simply didn’t exist at tiers 8-10 unless your team had an
    endangered species (Balty, DM, or the occasional rare bird, an AA Atlanta)
    along for the ride. Add in the smoke, and you can seriously troll the enemy
    team, completely obscuring your BBs while you alternate between that absurd
    155 AP and the reasonably high fire chance HE to whittle them down and
    evading the return fire with a bit of lazy rudder. With premium
    consumables, MK starts getting ridiculous.

    It’s a fantastic ship. Sure, it’s not an Atago, Mog, or NOLA, but they have
    completely different roles. MK takes all the best traits of Cleveland and
    Atlanta with just a few of the drawbacks and packs them into one platform.
    It’s a support cruiser with no equal, and as long as you drive it with that
    expectation, it really does shine. MK is everything Atlanta should be but
    isn’t, so I think your lukewarm recommendation is directed at the wrong

    Here’s what I’d say: If you like traditional CA play, get Atago. If you
    like or want to like Atlanta, get MK.

  10. Liked the review, but disagree with conclusion. Kutuzov is a really fun
    ship, only Mogami with its amazing 150mms can compete with that. You
    compared her with Atago and you claimed you would do better dmg in Atago
    against those Cleves. I doubt it, Kutuzov has much bigger firepower than
    Atago. HE: 176880 vs 125400, AP: 265320 vs 178600 (total dmg / sec). And
    that is before taking into account commander skills and modules, which
    would favour Kutuzov with its small guns. Granted, Atago has (probably)
    better AP shell penetration, but Kutuzov with its far superior firerate can
    dish out much more consistent dmg. Only thing Atago does (much) better are
    torps. And also disagree about fighting BBs. You showed her doing
    tremendous job even against Yamato, and she does great job harassing enemy
    BBs. Thin armor isn’t great disadvantage compared to other T8 cruisers,
    they all go down quickly under BBs fire.
    Personally I like both Atago and Kutuzov. Atago was quite crappy with its
    huge citadel areas, but now with dmg repair skill its actually quite fun.
    Kutuzov is just a bit lesser Mogami, but with much better income.
    Only thing I seriously dont like about her is her price :(

  11. A Soviet AA cruiser? Can’t wait to play it and play support for my team
    against enemy CVs!

    Oh wait, CVs are virtually removed from the game?

  12. When driving my Pensacola, which I’m still getting the hang of, I’ve found
    that I can pound the hell out of these puppies.

  13. Well your right about one thing it is a massive support ship lol can’t do
    much by its self lol

  14. I disagree of your evaluation of the Big K sir.. Yes, she turns like a
    battleship. This is not a bad thing.. Players are forces with her wide turn
    to think ahead just like a BB driver does.. She is a gunners ship.. that
    consistant damage and tight shell groupings are a god send.. Yes I agree a
    support ship..She’s a team player.. She is a big target.. but she is also a
    tough target. I have put 7 out of 12 shots of AP from a Fuso into one of
    these babys at 9 k and just watched em shrug it off.. any other heavy
    cruiser would be dead after 3 cit hits.. not these babys.. I’ve seem em
    take 4 cit hits from 14″AP and Not Go Down. I have blown tier 10 cruisers
    apart witha Fuso with one salvo.. have not seen it happen with a Big K yet.
    Apparently most Big-K drivers as of yet forget they have that smoke
    dispenser… Were I a Big K driver I would division up with a couple DD
    driver (style points if its an all russian ship division) buddies and go
    hunting… With that even short duration smoke she can provide a tactical
    hide for her DD’s to strike out of and duck behind for a small amount of
    time. And if the division co-ordinates smoke release they can pretty much
    control a portion of the battle space and extends the engagement time for
    the DD’s to do their meat grinder the other team. Is not Big K job to stay
    with DD’s.. Is DD’s job to stay with Big K! Very Russian! Every one work
    together like good Russian division, and then go home drink vodka.. and
    practice making babies with wife.

    This is a team player, and a precision gunners ship. You can make her
    stealthier as you did, or tweak her survivabilty a bit more.
    I pretty much agree with module load out for what you wanted to do. I’d
    have gone for improvements to gunnery and survivability. Second tier
    captains skill with be that torp aqisition range awareness skill.. with her
    turn rate you wanna see the enemy torps sooner, just like a BB driver. I
    just don’t see it as that much of a gain when you do have the ability to
    make her gunnery so much deadlier. Try the ship with a BB captain instead..
    the ship has strengths but they’re subtle, enhance those strengths.

    a.k.a. TL_Warlord_Roff, a.k.a Deadeye Pete, NA servers.

  15. While I agree with you on most of your points, I find this ship very
    enjoyable to play.

  16. I don’t know, but recently there are just so many Mikhail’s that are
    probably pretty confident about the ship’s AP and ROF, rushing to pick up
    one on one fights with Zao and Des Moines. And there are even people going
    around saying Mikhail is the superior one and would win a Zao in duel.
    Where did they get all those thoughts really?

  17. It’s very interesting how two good players (you and Flamu) play this ship
    very differently and therefore, have very different opinions about it.
    Unfortunately, my opinion of it (just from what I’ve see as I don’t own it)
    aligns more with your review. I don’t see how Flamu is as good with it as
    he is, but I believe I’d have to be as good a player as he is to get a
    similar experience with the ship.

    I already have one difficult to master premium (the Atlanta), and while I
    do like it and have decent stats with it, your review tells me the Kutuzov
    is just a tier 8 Atlanta with better range and velocity. I don’t think
    that’s enough for me to drop another $50 on the game.

    Thanks for the review! I really appreciate how in-depth you go with the
    ship’s attributes along with the pros and cons of them.

  18. Yes, Soviet guns generally to have rather higher muzzle velocities. The
    in-tree Sverdlov, that will have access to upgrades, should be a great
    ship. If anyone has questions about upcoming soviet ships, feel free to
    ask. I’ve got plenty of information on them.

  19. If your finding the Kutuzov mediocre, you aren’t playing him properly. At
    there core, WoWS battles are essentially medium scale fleet actions. If you
    treat it like real life, and play to the actual historical role of the CL
    in fleet actions, I think you’ll find that he excels. Obviously, some
    allowances have to be made for the fact that this IS a game, but the proper
    roles for a CL (and a significant portion of CA’s as well) in a fleet
    action is to, in order of importance:

    1) Defend larger assets (BB, CV) from Aircraft and DD’s,

    2) Provide fire support for BB’s, either engaging enemy CL/CA that stray
    too close, or engage your BB’s current target for extra DPM,

    3) If no larger assets are present, provide the same functions for any CA
    or CL squadrons that may form up (can’t really count on it in this game,
    what with the way every CA/CL captain seems to think he’s supposed to be a
    lone wolf).

    If you follow this formula, it will have a number of results. Firstly, if
    you are an average or mediocre CL captain to start with (like me) it
    increases your survival rate significantly. Secondly, if enough CL/CA
    skippers on your team follow it, it will greatly boost the odds of winning,
    though this is by no means guaranteed, given the number of idiots on this

    While you may not get as great a reward as if you (successfully) lone
    wolfed it, you should also find that you survive more matches, and your
    repair bill is significantly lower. It may not be the fastest or most
    glamorous way to advance up the tiers (in regular ships, obviously) or
    level your captain, but for those of us who aren’t RNGods, it IS a lot more

    Check out my video Mikhail Kutuzov: So epic it can kill destroyers
    blindfolded, to see this in action (more or less. I did wander away from my
    chosen BB once or twice, but I stayed close enough to support him if
    needed.) As a note, I actually discovered after the match that I had forgot
    to buy any upgrade modules, so this is a pretty close to stock Kutuzov.

  20. chase i would accept a gift of this ship :)

  21. ive fubukied two mk who decided to sit in smoke, it was fun :)

  22. the atago needs nerf, I hate how it is better all around than mogami

  23. Hi iChaseGaming..2 points of interest. 1/ Russian ships are called Him not
    her. 2/ i have seen 4 other tubers who have used this ship as a hunter
    killer more like a heavy DD. Now you do offer valid negative points but i
    would like you to view Flamu and Notsers reviews of this ship. Sorry if
    anything i have typed offends, that was not my intention. Btw, he does look
    gracefull yes? hehe

  24. Thanks Chase, was looking forward to this. Part of me was interested in
    getting it but I’m still holding out for a premium German cruiser.

  25. As an owner of this ship I agree it is more of a support ship, especially
    if you have it set for AA duties. But I disagree that is mediocre. It
    fulfills a role for supporting front line combat ships much like the
    Cleveland does. This ship was built originally to support the Soviet
    Stalingrad battlecruisers (that were never built) and aircraft carriers. If
    played in this role, it will excel in it. And I believe with Advance
    Gunnery skill its range is right at 19km (IIRC). That’s makes for a great
    sniper and harasser of CAs and BBs with HE fire.

  26. I have taken 10k salvo’s from MK’s in my Yamato which I find absolutely
    ridiculous, the MK’s HE is absolutely absurd in it’s damage and fire
    potential. Fighting MK’s in my Atago I seem to ALWAYS lose my steering gear
    from HE fire. I have had 2 instances now where I have lost my steering gear
    4+ times in a 1 on 1 engagement , the only thing saving me was the Atago’s
    concealment as I drive around in circles because using my repair is near
    pointless as his next salvo will just take out my rudder again.

    A tier 8 cruiser should not be able to do that kind of damage to a Yamato
    though, Zao’s can’t even match that ffs.

  27. Its basically just a tier 8 Cleveland (pre nerf) with torpedo’s and better
    AA…and i absolutely love it, most fun i’ve had in a ship for a long time

  28. what HUD mod do u use ?

  29. I have a question, how do you do the film like that. And can we delete a

  30. im loving this ship and its performing quite well for me.

  31. aaand simultaneuosly Flamu posts a commentary with him wrecking face in a
    Kutuzov xD
    I think you’re underrating the offensive smoke a bit, but I never felt like
    it was an absolutely outstanding ship either, just very solid (oh and the
    bane of any DD because of the amazing arcs)

  32. I have been wondering why the Mikhail gets BETTER AA DPS with its 12 100mm
    secondaries than the Zao does with its own 12 100mm guns – and it is a
    pretty huge difference!

    But when you look at what those guns can do to surface targets, the
    Mikhail’s secondaries have a RoF of just 15, where the Zao gets 20
    rounds/min stock with its 12 100mm guns!

  33. New Orleans master race!

  34. My Colorado’s newest bitch.

  35. Agree with your assessment. It is not a bad ship, but Atago and Mogami are
    Atago is a hunter-killer. MK is not a brawler but a support ship or sniper
    at range. More like a Nürnberg with more guns.

    As for the smoke, it is defensive, not offensive. Because it is not a DD it
    takes time to slow down, and as you said it is big. Therefore, you need to
    slow down *before* you deploy smoke, else you will be out of it before
    finishing deploying.

  36. This is what the cleaveland should be

  37. SO How does it compare to the Mogami?

  38. Atago is BB for that MK…Ok every ship when showing broadside is easy
    target Atago also, in fact MK can kill Atago in 1-2 salvos AP shell when
    broadside is on,but i like Atago more i have MK also yea range is nice but
    best results is in 10-14 km for that 152 mm guns,and armor is worst in
    class get citadels even from behind so you must play on edge….But main
    problem with MK is price almost 2 Atago for one MK 🙂 that is word
    for it…same price as Tirpitz here story of MK ends!

  39. The AA and anti DD capabilities of this ship cant be beat. Its a support
    ship not a front line fighter. I disagree with your review with it being

  40. I’m not sure I agree with this review when it comes to the MK being
    average, just because of the characteristics of the AP shells. The Mogami
    and Cleveland may be able to do the samething, but the MK just does it so
    much better. And perhaps you can test this for the next Monday rules…
    because the AP really makes this ship for me.

    But you’re absolutely right about that turn radius. It’s definitely the
    Achilles heel of this ship, and its very easy to get caught out when you’re
    close enough to where the enemy can’t miss.

  41. watch this vid and you’ll be
    like :oooooooooooooooo

  42. scaled down hipper? seems like one to me

  43. This is like a pre-patched Cleveland

  44. The MK with those 152’s and flat shell arc and 19km range with my 19 perk
    captain is amazing sank two iowas one with torps the other with a little
    help from my team mate its like a he spamming mogi but ap works just as
    well don’t oh well some ppl just don’t like what others like ;)

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