World of Warships – Million Dollar Baby

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So what did I get up to over my Christmas break? Lots and lots and lots of this.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Cheers to another year of jingles!

  2. Gnome overlord, will you give your opinion of the new Star Wars movie next week?

  3. Jay jingles is back?

  4. is that a 2ne1 reference by any chance? 😀

  5. the other day i was in a game..and some guy was rageing about being sung and someone in chat said “why you hef to be mad..its just game” …i said..”ahh jingles fan spotted!”

  6. Does anyone now what the video’s intro music is called? I can’t find it anywhere…

  7. Yay! Time for my daily dose of Jingles!

  8. first you almost torp poor rita, and then you call her a dude…………tsk tsk

  9. Can we have those credit figures and AI in WOT Blitz as well please?

  10. Jingles, when you have the Missouri and some free time, make a short list of ships recommended for new and crap players, like me, who decides that distracting 2 full health battleships in a Kolberg (they were bots, but still) was a good idea.

    • miguel silva There are no recommended ships, it depends on your playstyle.
      When you’re crap at aiming get a stealthy destroyer (japanese) and torp or get a german BB and get close and personal. Better than camping in the back without hitting shit.
      I guess the german cruiser line is quite a pain to start with. The lower tier ships are very average and good players will force you to play to their terms. It’s easier to play ships that are obviously superior in a certain aspect, so you don’t have to adapt your playstyle that much as a noob.

    • Maybe swing by a YouTuber by the name of Flamu. He does really good commentaries on how to handle almost all the ships in the game. He is also a well known EU community contributor which plays on ALL WoWs servers.

    • Spec it the same you would an Iowa. You just have to decide to use superintendent or not.

  11. Enterprise Gaming

    Actually Jingles. I got a 5 star win by killing all the ships but only landing 1799 troops!! There does appear to be some margin for error there too!!

    • you kill all ships so….

    • He did seem to have misunderstood that the troop landing / kill all objective is the primary objective of the mission, and failing to do that means you fail full stop, while all the other objectives are the ones that give you stars. But hey, if we weren’t entertained by an old sailor being crap, we wouldn’t be here right now!

  12. Bloody Wargaming

    Makes a decent ship that costs a fortune, leaves it in the game…

    Half way through heaps of players are saving for it they remove it and replace it with some made in Japan, Storm Trooper Aim Titanic.


    WHAT THE F**K!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The price for Missouri is way too low, 750k Free XP is not the appropriate price for a T9 ship. The 920k that they will charge for Musashi is a lot closer to the actual value of a T9 Battleship.

      Don’t believe me? Here are some calculations, regarding how much Free XP one would need to get the Japanese T9 Battleship Izumo, upgraded into your port (they way you would receive Musashi as well):

      If you go from T1 and only Free XP the required Modules to advance in the Tech Tree (so no engine or range upgrades), then it would cost you 641050 Free XP to get a fully upgraded Izumo.

      Now we also need to include that Missouri did not cost any Credits, the 1 Credit you had to pay was more like a symbolic price. So we need to add the value of a fully upgraded Izumo in Credits, which is 21450000 Credits.

      Unfortunately one can not buy Credits directly, you can either buy them in a bundle with doubloons (which would leave us with spare doubloons which we don’t want) or you can get them for doubloons in the Client, the exchange ratio being 1.5k Credits per one doubloon. So in other words 14300 doubloons.

      How much Free XP can one get for 14300 doubloons? Exactly, 357500 Free XP. So let’s add that to our 641050 XP and tadaa, 998550 Free XP.

    • Sirene Racker fair enough but then again, add in time factor and the amount of time you play with each ship.

      750K ain’t no walk in the park to afford………. heaps of people complained about that not just me. The difference is tho, you don’t notice it when you are going through the regular ship line up, why? Because you are always getting something for you money. Where as while your saving for 750K it takes quite a while (unless you do jingles technique [which requires a good team and communication and twitch followers])and during that time you get nothing but play with the ships you already own. Hence why this makes it slightly boring…… in the ship line it isn’t because there is always the next ship not to far away.

      So now imagine saving and grinding for even more than 750K, While receiving nothing until the very end…….

      My point is not everything can be judged of calculations.

    • And if it’s so cheap, why doesn’t everyone have one?

    • Lews Therin Talamon

      Sirene Racker …except people have credits, and if you don’t you can sell it he previous ship. For this amount you can just, as Jingles said, free XP to the Yamato.

    • 1 little correction since the caliber of those guns. Made in Japan, Storm Trooper Aim Death Star. It will take some time to hit, but when it hits even Alderan will scream from the grave.

  13. end of the month(jan 26-29) they are having an event with +100% free xp in every or lose
    dats gonna be sweeeeeeeet

  14. Happy New Year Jingles!

  15. Hey Jingles, when is that airsoft video coming out

  16. Question for you Jingles, there was a article on NPR before Christmas talking about the lack of sleep sailors are getting in the US navy. I was wondering was that ever a problem for you in the Royal Navy?

  17. Cool so play the same game mode 1000 times to unlock one ship? Got it.
    I already have the Missouri but why would they remove it? Doesn’t make any sense…

    • Garren Graves i don’t know what magic is Jingles using, but i have been saving for missouri for half a year now, nearly there. Have used all flags and cammos, that boost free xp in the progress. I asked clanmates and some had been saving a year or more, how can you do it in 5 hours is misterious, i had almost done it in something like 500 hours…

    • Depends on how often you can play, and with which ships. He’s using a premium, and working with a stable division has to give you a 30% better chance of winning.

    • ricardas simple my friend doubloons to convert the xp of his premiums ships

    • As our Gnome Overlord said Musashi will cost 920k exp which is way too much for nerfed Yamato (as Jingles said just get Yamato) and Missouri cost 750k for which you will get good T9 battleship. You dont have to be rocket scientist to figure which of those 2 ships is better to get. My point is, if they didnt remove Missouri nobody would mind grinding another 170k of free exp just to get nerfed ship when they can spend them and still get good T9 battleship.

    • Creative_Torture slaps @Fatso_Jesus

  18. 13:30 ‘I’m running into the Leningrad, sorry dude’.
    Leningrad captain? Ritagamer 😀

  19. i am honestly sick and tired of wargamings shit i wanted the missouri and now i have no chance of getting it becuase i dont have any friends i can division with to do the scenario missions operations so i can not farm nor do i ahve money to by 30k dubloons to convert

  20. it says enemy ship, not enemy warships…

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