World of Warships – Minekaze Fights On

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on Trident initially moves to the western side of the map to try and torpedo a couple enemy ships. I relocate to the center in a attempt to stop the enemies progress, unfortunately the rest of my team relocates as well. The enemy team continues to push into our base, I do my best to fight off the hordes. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Minekaze Replay


  1. Well played and good video nots notser!

  2. Im debating if i should get superintendent or high alert on my minekaze
    capt. I rarely actuallly use up all my consumables in a match n it seems
    the quicker i can use DC the better. Also that damn 7km T range, im
    normally detected by planes if theres cvs or other dds so by the time i can
    fire a salvo im pretty much seen. I end up playing the Mkze alot more
    aggressively than i would like to.

  3. LeonaTimberCompany

    “The Classic Battleship Captain”…….There is a HUGE difference between a
    battleship captain who knows how to effectively use his range advantage and
    a captain who hides behind an island half the game.

  4. I just got my Minekaze… the learning curve is steep from the Isokaze. I
    enjoyed the Isokaze [managed to carry the team in a Tier VI battle], but
    the Minekaze simply cannot carry [IMO at least]. Its a bit too fragile,
    dumps too much speed in a turn, and the guns are like firing thumbtacks at
    an armoured plate, with a rubberband.

  5. Good to see you don’t cry like a baby when players recognise you.

  6. 6,2km surface detection, 7km torp range, about 800m to work with, no
    problems here, minekaze is very nimble and turns well

  7. Wait these arnt 8km anymore either? Or is that only the kami?

  8. One little question about your radar – I’m using Alternate Battle Interface
    but the only range circles I’m seeing are those from visibility, main
    cannon range and torpedo range. From what I can see on yours you also have
    range indicator for AA and secondary armaments. Is there an option for
    those or it’s because of an addon ?

  9. The 3 tubes and the fast reload and the low detectability is a huge
    strength, ofc not compared to before, but still. Having 2x tubes, almost no
    matter the number of torps, make it a bit more difficult to get a hit.

  10. Honestly I never thought the 10km torps on the Minekaze were good anyway

  11. Honestly the Minekaze is still good.

  12. even in closed beta I liked the 7k torps better. The 10k torps were just to
    damn slow.

  13. Notser, you should do the torp run on the New Mexico when you first spot
    it. It was alone, so a torp run would be possible. With the
    Minekaze pointing straight at the BB it will be a difficult target to hit.

  14. Jamzs May (Jamzs3)

    noster, i played 15 games in my pensacola, my team always lost. Guess who
    did most damage… Yep me ;-; Is the pensacola cursed?

  15. Brian Lock (神通)

    A minekaze can 1 vs 12 if played correctly, Nosty forget Minekaze 7km is no
    Shimakaze 8km.

  16. Brian Lock (神通)

    No Noster, this is no “mini”, does “e” and “i” looks similar at all, no,
    they aren’t same, so stop making “e” and “i” sound same, that just stupid.

  17. This is totally aside to the gameplay featured here. I got curious because
    I recognized that the words “kamikaze” and “minekaze” are quite obviously
    related to one another. I’m not a scholar of Japanese, but I did remember
    that the first means “divine / spirit wind” and lo and behold, the second
    means “summit wind”, as the lead ship in the class of destroyers. All of
    them follow the -kaze naming convention. “Marsh Wind”, “Offshore Wind”,
    “High Seas Wind”, “Arrow Wind”, “Island Wind” (Shimakaze)…. very cool.

  18. So i have been playing the Colorado. How the fuck are you meant to earn
    enough exp on it to get the N/cal? I cant do damage. I aim and lead
    perfectly but the dispersion makes me miss every shot. You say get close.
    BUT IT HAS NO HP OR SPEED to survive getting close! This is gonna make me
    quit the game, what am i doing wrong? I have never done more than 20K
    damage in over 30 games. And even when i do manage to close to 6 ish KM (by
    that point having lost 3/4 hp to HE spam, the shots at the waterline of
    enemy ships just dip into the water, sail harmlessly overhead or overpen
    for no damage. WTF. I founght an enemy north cal recently. I was bow on at
    4 KM, 4 of my shells bounce harmlessly off his broadside citadel area, and
    he pens me for 20K through the bow……. You might say RNG but this shit
    happens EVERY GAME. I do well in everything else including the previous New
    mexico and the IJN nagato, but this is bullshit.

  19. Nice try with the Minekaze, Notser. It is the epitome of “can do a lot, but
    rarely enough”.

  20. Love you vids notser just wondering if you can do a Des Moines game with
    cv. Thanks =-)

  21. @ 8:45 you say “superintendent” but I think you mean to say “situational

  22. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    with a maxed commander, you can really take down targets, even with skilled
    enemies. My Kaze R has a 68% win rate. but youre right, the more players
    get skilled, the harder it is to counter. Im trying the russian DD line
    along with the U.S. to see if i can learn better tactics from those ships.

  23. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    I chose the AFT skill for my Kamikazi R, and its fantastic! 😀 it makes the
    ship much more versatile, and nobody expect me to be able to hit them at an
    increased range. + much more nifty when hunting Cv,s to get that early
    fire.. :D

  24. Kamikaze R with CE in high tier battles is super fun…the bbs don’t expect
    the shorter torp reload.

  25. these Japanese torpedo boats get more powerful as the game goes on.
    1. less enemy DDs (especially the damn us ones)
    2. people usually relax their attentiveness

    also. the 7km torps are actually much better. they force people to be more
    skillful in their approach. I notice that u always fire ur torps outside
    the 7km range? I always run my mine as close to 6 km as possible before

  26. At 13:30 did anyone catch the New Mexico just light up the enemy Aoba?
    That’s just ridiculous.

  27. This New Mexico was a WASD hacker. XD

  28. Notser, do you ever plan on doing a quick compilation of fail plays in WoWs
    (like multiple 3 minute clips)?

  29. Playing this ship with the 10km torps it had back then and with tons of
    players that had no idea of how DDs and stealth attacks work was so much
    fun… :P

  30. A lot of good info Thanks so much. Keep them coming.

  31. notser, yesterday i was bemoaning in chat that the red team seems to always
    get the japaneese dds and the mean green gets u.s. and russian dds. the
    minekaze driver answers “just bekaze”. lol

  32. Yeah I have found I am doing worse in the Kamakaze than I did with the
    Minekaze. I agree it is mostly the players are just better, it is so much
    hard to just delete enemies now, far far more of them turn or change speed.
    Of course I am only 40k xp off my Fubuki cpt having 15pts and stealth. With
    that it might change things on my Kamakaze.

  33. A couple of days ago I got Solo Warrior and Battle Hero in one game for the
    first time. I was in the Farragut. I got 3 kills. 2 BB’s and 1 DD with over
    90,000 points of damage. Wish I had a graphics card so I can record my
    gameplay. Keep up the GW and I enjoy your vids.

  34. Do you play on the NA or EU server?

  35. this is one poorly driven minekaze

  36. Minekaze is such a strong ship … blisteringly fast, nimble, 68 knot
    torps, 5.4 detection with decent captain. How can you not love it, Notser?

    I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you!

  37. those 10km torps where not as good though. They where way to slow. The 7km
    torps are more than enough

  38. Notser, what is the best way to send you a replay? I think youre going to
    love the one I have for you.

  39. BT-7 Made from 5% Stalinium

    Notser plans to be Rambo, but Russian Bias

  40. Prabaditya Rahman

    notser, can u play CV? (any CV) please

  41. I currently use the New Mexico and the Minekaze’s are very hard to hit haha
    I hate em :P

  42. I just love the sneaky jingles refferences in notsers video, He really lost
    faith in the gnome overlord as soon as he saw a vid of him reporting
    someone who was focusing him… hehehe :P

  43. this ship was one of my first destroyers , people say that having 7km
    torpedoes is bad and a shit but thats wrong , got 700 kills with it and
    it’s an easy ship to use the only thing you have to do is to use your
    cancealment well

  44. It’s still a good destroyer for it’s tier, but it’s is like Jingles said “a
    one trick pony” and it used to have 10km torps but they where much slower
    and less effective. And yes, you have only 6 torpedoes but they reload
    pretty fast compared to the higher tier.

  45. cccooooooolllllllll

    You don’t have last stand on the minekaze?

  46. I sent you a replay of 7 kills in my Minekaze a couple of times. Top skill
    Capt gets the detectability down to 5.4 kms. I still think the ship is
    fantastic with 7km torps. But it’s def not shit if you have a lot of
    experience in it. GG Noster.

  47. “Og-nye-voy”

  48. minekaze?? more like mineshit

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