World of Warships – Minekaze Solo Warrior On The Table

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on Strait moves to capture A point, we encounter a enemy and must retreat. The southern flank gets taken out fairly quickly. Our northern flank moves down to capture and hold B point. I try my best to take out enemies as they advance, we are retreating throughout. I must try to win the game in a 1 versus 5 scenario. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Destroyer Minekaze Replay


  1. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Can u do a Farragut vid? I can’t play her well as my Nicholas

  2. Really exciting game! Your commentary is great.

  3. I got a solo warrior in the first k game I played. No kill cap all for the

  4. Pls do a farragut vid

  5. Notser! Notser! Notser! Notser! Notser! nope. damnit. Excellently
    entertaining nonetheless.

  6. Notser, I sent you an email Sunday of my Isokaze solo warrior. Check it

  7. I got bored of the jap dd line once I got to tier 7, I can do more damage
    in my soviet cruiser than I can with torps. But good game, I rather be the
    cruiser sniping dd’s at 17km. :)

  8. The Minekaze has Radar? :p

  9. Yey Notser, more important is that on Thursday we will have finally a
    BRITISH CRUISERS line, hurray!!!

  10. NOTSER what about the British cruisers????

  11. RN Light Cruisers might come soon. just Watch jingles video

  12. Brian Lock (神通)

    Getting nerf hard when line split, sad, IJN DD line death.

  13. Brian Lock (神通)

    I will take longer gun range over extra hp, simply that’s a half salvo

  14. Notser wake up the British is COMING

  15. Shouldn`t you be streaming British cruisers today?

  16. GG Noster. So close

  17. You missed at least 2 torp cooldowns. Its obvious that you rely on high
    tier ships and captains for wins. Once you are at a deficit ship wise lose.

  18. It’s good to come home to that, Notser. Go get Flamu.

  19. Great fight Notser! Don’t beat yourself up about the smoke you know they
    would have spammed shells into it anyways.

  20. Love your content Notser! I can often recognize stream footage as you’ll be
    a fraction slower on the rudder or a little behind on the guns after
    they’re reloaded. Also, you’ll fire more, ‘all eggs in one basket’ torp
    strikes when it might make sense to send salvos at multiple close by ships,
    increasing your chances of damaging more than one. This would also maximize
    the chance of at lease one salvo remaining un-spotted until it’s too late..
    Would I have done any better while juggling the tasks of a stream…. um,

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