World of Warships: Minnesota – First Game – New T9 US Battleship

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Minnesota is thicc. This is my very first game in her. She feels mediocre, but better than I expected.

0:00 Game
13:48 End Screen
15:07 Port – Commander Skills & Upgrades

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US battleship Minnesota on the map North.


  1. AgedSwissCheese :

    I can’t wait for Florida to come out, I can command Florida, as a Florida man, in Florida.

    • cobrazax yeah 3×4 turrets, Slava gun ballistics and features in my previous comment.
      There are some vids of her made by several youtubers go check them out

    • @AgedSwissCheese : I heard it’s the only sailorless ship. All the crew were just a bunch of methed up alligators.

    • Björn Nordström

      The Florida will be amazing. Slow speed of course, but big guns with a great punch. And it has a large sun deck and the bar opens at noon. Always sunny!

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      She already is out. For $40. Though its underwhelming

    • @A. Can Aksu Florida does not have Slava ballistics, far from it. The HE is far far weaker than KGV and the citadel is easily reachable with a thin belt. Florida is not OP.

  2. I’m from Minnesota. Minnesotans currently are prepping for another winter so we are a very rugged people. Good to see the ship is as rugged as the people she’s named after

  3. I don’t see why she needs the downsides she gets. Iowa’s firepower is just better. But maybe Minnesota is better equipped to deal with CVs? I haven’t really tested that part.

    • @Alberto Repetto as to plane numbers. T10 or a T8 CV in T10 game running out of planes is common. T8 planes don’t last long especially with the new Russian ca/cl.
      T for T I don’t run out of planes Lex and British. IJN and German I run out all the time.
      Just because you have planes does not mean they are useful. If you have rocket but you need bombs your in a pickle.
      T6 is about the same as t6. I have not played t4 in a long time so i have no comment.
      I had all the CV in RTS but could never really play them because my computer fast enough to really play it effectively. Sipan I did enjoy thought.
      Only downside with the new CV is the lack of damage. Midway hits with 6 torps and it seems like no damage is done. I would triad regen time for decent alpha damage.
      I really like the redo because all CV are open to play. My only problem is the constant hate and cancer talk.

    • @Jerry Glaze i know its slow, but slow or fast still means unlimited

    • @Alberto Repetto this is one of the ONLY civil conversation in almost 2 years lol

    • CV’s are honestly criminally underused in this game, Minnesota needs more AP pen and better sigma because you can’t try and make up for those downsides by giving her better AA when you only fight a CV every 3 matches.

  4. You’re the last of the cc’s I follow…unfortunately…always prefer your vids…this is unfortunately same same…not your fault, just a bad ship

  5. North Carolinian Mapping

    *T H I C C*

  6. You had more fun in her than you thought you were going to have… sounds like an average Saturday night I guess.

  7. It’s a ship to rely on in a push. He’ll never (be able to) run away…

  8. What I don’t understand, beyond the blatant Soviet bias being denied by WGing. Is that for months the player base has expressed a lot of concern about this new US Battleship line. No one listened. They’re slow, slow reload, worse than the fast battleships and HE will just burn them down and there’s nothing you can do. Too slow to run away. The pen on the shells is bad. These are bad ships.

    There are a lot of ships in the game that have been badly power crept and need buffs. This line seems to arrive pre nerfed into the ground.

    I’m definitely not going to bother. The US fast battleships have been power crept and this line is worse!

    Compare what WGing did with the Soviet battleships and cruisers. Ridiculous.

  9. Is it just me or this ship is kinda THICC?

  10. Don’t see why anyone would want this ship over an Iowa.

  11. E X T R A T H I C C

  12. Amagi has troll turtleback at close brawl ranges. That’s why she no go boom (If my memory right)

    • you forgot Amagi underwater citadel, Kii have same turtleback albeit slightly thinner but her freeboard is higher which mean citadel is above waterline a bit.

    • @Nguyen Johnathan Yeah, you’re right. I’m pretty sure it’s the underwater citadel.

    • @Aerroon If I remember it correctly from wookies stream, Amagi is immune to Citadels from 8km and closer when she get shot with 406mm guns

  13. The WW2 North Carolina and South Dakota and the WW1 designed Colorado all had 16 inch 45 calibre guns and all had new shells for WW2 but the Colorado class fired a lighter shell due to having older guns.

    The Minnesota is basically a modernised 1920’s South Dakota but doesn’t have new guns that can handle the super heavy shell the Iowa and Montana have.

  14. This isn’t a Mini Soda at all….

  15. The newest US BB class- Thick.

  16. Look at the ship’s icon in the team list. That’s not a ship, it’s a mountain.

  17. This new thunderstorm “fog” mode is demented: I played on it twice yesterday and I couldn’t see a damn crap!
    If it’s removable by a mod in the mod station will be just an unfair advantage for those using it.

  18. Yes the floor is made out of floor

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