World of Warships- Minnesota First Impressions

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys the first impressions review for the new TX American Battleship Minnesota. Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Oooh.. So thats where all the burgers went.

  2. “torpedo bulge deck” How very American lol

  3. If it’s as wide as it looked, it should have tons of secondaries and AA. It probably won’t, but it should.

    • @Elias Isaac Turret positionning is important for secondary builds.

      Ex.: kurfurst has 3 different heights and turrets are either inside or outside meaning you can get more turrets firing forward.

    • @dzello i thought we just discussed wg forwnt give a damn though

    • @Elias Isaac Nothing to do with WG. What I just explained has to do with the ACTUAL SHIP. The ship is PHYSICALLY BUILT in a way where secondary builds aren’t viable.

      WG can change stats but not the position of turrets. So stop blaming the company, this has nothing to do with it.

    • @dzello man us here small braining and u just wanna be right dont ya. Thought process here: thicc ass sides? Add more mf secondaries thats it homie idgaf about angles ya know why? Because there could be a boat with shit angles and alot of secondaries and wg just trolls us like that. I aint answerin more of your solo rants here. Its just dumb people wanting more fun not trying to be factually right.

    • @Elias Isaac But hey, keep blaming WG. Definitely their fault.

  4. Spreadsheet told WeeGee that everyone loves playing the Colorado…

  5. Whenever i hear “Minnesota”, all i can think of is the “This is my face after being outside in Minnesota” guy…

    • IF you are WG Swedish player , and you maly Minnesota is suck duble , because you Sweet memories are Minne Söta …

  6. “Every damn thing pens this ship” after two Thunderer salvos doing 0 damage and 1 fire, because the entire side is torpedo protection…

  7. Imagine if this thing was a shipgirl in Azur Lane

  8. I think the new USN BB have the role as the central map Battleship, like Flamus sometimes play his BBs. You have to be sure where you are going at beginning of the match so be in the centre is probably the best solution. This way you are save to participate in most of the battle. You have the range to reach everywhere so why not (I don’t say you have to be close to the middle of the map tho).

    But I could also be wrong with my way of thinking.

    • this sounds like a nightmare if your team has even one “I’m in a slow bb, I’m going to flank them” type players

    • You got it. Basically play like a yammy: a mostly-fixed artillery platform.

    • @mercantile And If this player happens to be on the Flank that steamrolls the enemy, good luck switching sides in time

    • Yes, yes, and yes again, I tell people all the time the slow US BB’s must stay more or less in the middle of the map. If they go to a flank one of two things happen, the flank their on wins on their flank but then the slow BB is out of position and useless for the rest of the game., or two the flank their on loses and their too slow to retreat and they get focused down.

  9. The guns on this thing are friggn sweet, they seem to always slap. The AA is god tier too, full AA equipment setup even without BFT/AFT delete midway squadrons. She needs to be in a group though, a lone thiccesota doesn’t do well but with 2 or 3 other boats it’s so punishing

  10. WG does know that April fool’s is in April right?

  11. All these ships just look like someone looked at colorado in the wide putin filter and said that works

  12. “You rarely leave the spawn” sounds to me like you tried but found out you could not get very far (23 knots) and it aint worth the effort anyway (reload is crap so no brawling).

  13. About the speed or lack of, WG could have added a Engine Boost.

  14. Players: Why did WG give this ship such a slow speed and slow reload?
    WG: Don’t you guys have work? Just auto cruise and shot a salvo then go to your work, finish your meetings, do some team buildings and after that go back to the game to shot your second salvo then adjust your navigation a bit. Rinse and repeat.

  15. “You have to have impeccable map awareness.” Welcome to the every day lives of cruisers.
    The speed and reload would annoy the crap out of me (Again, cruiser player), but that dispersion, even at 27km looks LOVELY. BB-Sniper players will probably love these ships.

  16. Old girth-zilla made me laugh out loud LOOL.

  17. It appears WG is now applying power creep to their ships before they’ve even gone live. “That’ll be 30k doubloons for your new HP farm sir…”

    Too many weaknesses on these new paper ships when compared to the rest of the BB meta – pass

  18. I wasn’t expecting this at all. A surprise to be sure but a welcome one

  19. Gustavo Bueno Vittorino

    That’s must be the most stereotyped ship in entire game. Those WG communist…

  20. This ship is for us guys that like are girls broad in the beam! Get some.

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