World of Warships: Minnesota – Second Game

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This is my second game in the Minnesota. A pretty interesting match.

0:00 Game
15:19 End Screen
16:46 Port – Commander Skills & Upgrades
17:45 Amagi’s Citadel

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US battleship Minnesota on the map Loop.


  1. AgedSwissCheese :

    update: I am now a Florida man playing* Florida, in Florida. It was worth it.

    • @Myskei YoshiroHaru he’s doing it for the memes.

    • FloridaManStrikesAgain

      Good one

    • The inception is real.

    • I’m loving that ship.

    • Florida is better than any of the new US BBs in the new line split. She not only performs better but, looks way better doing so!
      However, I keep wondering: Why did WG not use Washington as the T8, New Jersey, Illinois or Kentucky as the T9 and Maine, Louisiana or New Hampshire as the T10? All shipping the secondaries of Massachusetts, Georgia or Ohio respectively.
      It really makes no sense to me!!! Why did they miss the obvious evolutionary transition and end up dropping the ball here??? Oh, WarGaming…… 🇺🇸

  2. The US wedding-cake BBs.. what they lack in speed, they make up for in rubbishy shooting.

    • That probably sums up their pitch meeting.

      “Ivan, I have brilliant idea, I balans ship good. I make it very bad at being fast, but very good at missing targets. Balans, as all things should be.”

  3. I can’t see myself grinding this line.
    The gameplay is simply boring, even if it had better AP pen.
    40sec.reload, you shoot and then? You can’t reposition yourself, it’s to slow. You can’t engage or disange fast. I don’t even like watching gameplay footage of this ship.
    If I see some1 firing a salvo I press instantly the skip 10 sec. button three times.

    Edit: ofc I meant three not “free”

  4. I believe with this line wows want to find the ultimate masochistic. Grinding T10 will unlock a candle and a whip.

  5. World of warships has bb, dd, ca, cv, and now bbw

  6. Professional Asshole

    my brain heard: US FAT BATTLESHIP

  7. Should of been hulking behemoths that could tank forever with strong secondaries while reloading

  8. *Just sees Prinz Eugen going way faster than you…*

  9. According those 40 or 38s reload ships, Conqueror should have 40s reload too because it has 12 guns of massive HE plus super heal. This line has not point, soviet bbs got 33s reload because they have goooood ballistic stats in general but those which have 40s?
    -Nothing, they have nothing you lose. Good day sir!

  10. Why do WOWS video makers always get inept enemies that let them get free damage and kills?

  11. Implications Unpleasant

    Honestly its probably this mediocre so that people will want to fxp to the vermont.

  12. these ships are turds, no two ways about it. wish WG would have listened to the players and given her the iowa shells and heal, and a 30 second reload. her slow speed and massive size is a big enough disadvantage to justify it.
    but they never listen.

  13. I’ve said this before. But they need to make this new line have the most health out of any ship of their tier. Main guns ought to have Super heavy shells or just be powerful. You could do Lazer cannons. But I like the idea that these ships are the slow behemoths they ought to be. So slow but devastating firepower. Then make the secondaries the best in the game. Since these are meant to be walking fortresses then they should feel like one. Not something a DD would want to get close to. Either really good Secondary range like 15+KM or the most accurate secondaries in-game on par with French BB’s.

  14. It hurts that this ship bears the name of my state.

  15. it looks so borring to play this ship – so this will be the first line I will not grind – hate this T4-T6 BBs which are so slow and now getting T8-T10 slow BB – no thanks –

  16. Minnesota: fires
    Me: ight imma get myself some coffee

  17. I still cannot get my head around the fact that you survive sitting in the middle biding your time. I would have taken deadly fire…unfair.

    • I mean when he shot the Yoshino and did no damage and then acts like that is rare while for me it’s 99 out of 100 salvo’s in all battleships. Shoot Musashi guns at tier 8 BB broadside at less than 10km a few thousand damage with 6+ shell hits!

  18. I dont understand how anybody can play this line: this line is the biggest middlefinger up the community’s xxx yet from wargaming

  19. There’s nothing inspiring about this line of BB’s. The only way to make these ships better is to have a broken captain I E Nimitz, and since I don’t have him there’s no point. It would just be a waste of resources and time. Thanks for the review, I still believe this ship is going to be aircraft bait and HE spam to death as well as a torpedo magnet.

  20. It sucks these ships suck, because I really like their looks. I don’t mind the speed, that’s the cost of a sedentary lifestyle, but the rest of the stats are garbage too. Especially the reload. I’d probably find a decent amount of joy in them if the reload was more reflective of older ships, and had a 34-35 second reload. That’s bad, 40 is pretty much unplayable.

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