World of Warships – Minotaur 270K + 7 Kills

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by ant on Land of Fire moves out to capture A point for the team. The enemy team is around B and C point, a couple enemy battleships move toward A point. Ant opens up on the enemies moving toward A point, sending torpedoes along with the hot lead. They move toward B point to fight off the enemies who attempt to take out the team. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Minotaur Replay


  1. I sincerely don’t want to see the ammo expenses on this thing. it is a
    fucking minigun

  2. man i end up being at full health or mostly full health and i like to push
    and it is funny when they ignore you to try to 1 shot cruisers while you
    just chew them up.

  3. Δημήτρης Βακουφτσής

    Hey Notser the mogami is better with the 155mm or the 203mm???

  4. While not impossible, it would be much less likely that two Montanas would
    just derp into obvious torpedoes like that on the normal server. WASD games
    to bait/evade the torpedoes in both of those situations is the rule rather
    than the exception.

  5. Daan Suddaby (Pagan)

    Oh man, I feel bad playing an Atlanta (minigun) but this… Jeez.
    Nice match!

  6. Chris Sclater (TheUnsquishedGoomba)

    I feel like calling the Minotaur HMS Spraynpray.

  7. *The loaders on this ship have the shittest job ever.*

  8. Does this have the best reload time in the game? Or is the Gearing still
    the king?

  9. Kerspaprog Balceram

    what a savage, he has the original name ant

  10. the way you pronounce minotaur pisses me off

  11. The thing is: When i play on Normal WoW Server i totaly suck most of the
    time, but when i play on PTS i get stuff like Kraken etc O.o i have no idea

  12. Can you do an ATago vid?

  13. jeez those t10 bbs derped really badly, t10 bbs shouldn’t be acting like
    that when they’re spotted by something that has 10 km torps

  14. can’t wait to watch, looks like you finally got your Mogami back!

  15. were do I find dumb enemies like that.

  16. I normally don’t mind your pronunciation but this time I can’t take it
    anymore. IT’S MIN-UH-TAR. not mine-oh-tar.

  17. I never seen a game so much biased towards one class: Cruisers They have
    everything working for them. Broadside Cruiser at 9K meters ALL guns fired:
    2 overpens…

  18. Whats a Miner-taur? I heard if you aren’t an imperialist monkey you
    pronounce it Minotaur.

  19. This is so glorious I feel like making it a colony all by itself!

  20. I got 7 kills in my Belfast

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