World of Warships = Minotaur 4k XP

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Clickbait title! Not because I’m fishing for clickbait, for once I just couldn’t think of anything better.

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  1. I wonder what’s going to happen in this match. Lucky there are no spoilers in the title.

  2. Watched this on Stats’ stream and knew it would be here. One hell of a performance

  3. Love the Mino! Was my first T10 ship. Graet Video choice Jingles! Always a pleasure.

  4. 08:00 … “the enemy team now have **THREE** of the **TWO** caps”… we love you, Jingles!

  5. Some points:
    1. Mino can stealth radar meaning it’s detection is lower than the radar range. That Shima had no chance 🙂
    2. I’m pretty sure Thunderer HE can citadel the Mino at that range – I’ve done it in my Conqueror and that has smaller caliber guns.

    Always fun to watch jingles!

  6. 2:20 the Shima did not get spotted and then radar’d, it was spotted _by_ radar because Best noticed the RPF nearest enemy was someone other than the visible Grosser Kurfurst.

    • Having said that, it is possible the Shima was spotted visually by the Z52 pretty much at the same time as the radar went off, as the Shima is 8.4km away and the Z was 2.9km in that same direction – a separation of about 5.5km between them. This is part of the awkwardness of DDs detecting less stealthy DDs. The separation is not very far outside your own spotting distance when you see the other DD, even if you are the stealthier of the two.

  7. 11:28 As someone who plays cruiser, and especially CLs like Mino, watching those Thunder shells coming in did make me instinctively want to duck. I also often pray to the “No Armour Is Best Armour” Gods for salvation…

  8. Jingles: British light cruiser decelerate very quicly
    British light cruisers: sad noises when devstruck after failing to stop in own smoke

  9. Incredible. Thank you to all three involved in seeing that this made it here. Wish I knew more than a few words of Chinese to congratulate this player on an incredible performance and well earned rewards!!

  10. Wow just wow!
    what a game
    thanks Jingles

  11. That was a great battle to watch. Superb play from the Mino

  12. I love this series, carrying my happiness in the worst of times.

  13. That white knuckle last few seconds was intense! Damn dude, well done!

  14. ToughAncientSpark

    When I first got my Minotaur, I immediately had to try the quick turn feature of being able to turn without losing any speed and was amazed.
    As far as I know, it’s the only ship in the game that can do that.

  15. The Orland at tier VIII has a base reload of 2.5 seconds which is insane .

  16. 12:15 His team has impeccable map control

  17. That was an awesome game to watch

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