World of Warships- Minotaur- Mr. Nice Guy (Right Spot, Right Time)

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Puddin here with a game in my . We go to B and C and end up delaying the push out C.

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  1. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Good game Puddin, Question do you guys have any close battle replays?

  2. There are many ways to play the Mino but they all include

  3. Nice match, captain skills and setup?

  4. Destroyer Inazuma

    Some say Omer Simpson runs the Minotaur with IFHE….

  5. GG, it’s surprising how many mid tier player’s have no clue what or how to give compliment point’s, also mid tier player’s that don’t realize the opposition team in co-op are bot’s, i even had a guy threaten to report me for mentioning in chat that i was surprised that half of our team were bots filling in for low player number’s so early in the afternoon, the guy must of thought i was belittling actual player’s , i had to explain they were actual A.I bot’s and not actual human player’s and how he could tell them apart by the two dot’s before the name, i still don’t think he believed me

  6. @Terry. These APOC clowns never get close, so no. You will always find them on the backlines – well thats where I sink Puddin and her boyfriend Sneaky all day, every day

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