World of warships – Minotaur on 2 Brothers MID RUSH

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  1. To preface this, I didn’t actually read the video title.
    So when you said guess what I am going to do, so I paused the video and looked at the map. And I went, well lets see……. Two Brothers map mid spaw- oh no.

  2. Damn, do you ever make mistakes 😛
    On second thought it would be cool if you uploaded video when your speshul plan goes wrong and you die for a change…

  3. On the way to Jingles? 😀

  4. Honestly man you need to stop doing this lol. Literaly 10 mins ago 4 players on my team tried this at the same time. they all died 1 by 1 with out doing any damage. team goes mental at them and the DD that lead the charge says “Well it works for Flambass” lol.believe it or not we actually won the match. It ended up with a queen elizabeth left alive on our team in enemy cap while 3 on enemy team got into our cap. it was a nail bitter as the QE got in the cap st and just and I’m mean only just capped their base before they could cap ours.

  5. only you can do this Flambass … only your can pull it off ….. well played lol


  7. ( ‘ )^( , ) SPESHUUUUL!!!!!

  8. Insane game dude ^^

  9. I had a comment… but my brain kept saying spechulll…

  10. The very first game in my Koenig was on Two Brothers in Domination. Going into it, I knew I wasn’t going to be much use to the team by assisting on the flanks. I just didn’t have the range or speed to position correctly, nor was I confident that our destroyers were going to play for the objective (eugh… random battles…)
    Thus, without any real options, I decided to take the channel at half speed. This meant that by the time I arrived to start capping A, nobody was there to spot me or stop me. I stealth-capped A on Two Brothers in a stock Koenig.
    Reversing back out, a Cleveland crossed in front of me to try and get eyes on the destroyers in the cap circle. Four shots forwards, four hits, three citadels, dead Cleveland.

    So, I capped a point, survived the channel and got myself a useful kill. That game was already going to be profitable since nobody expected a bottom-tier battleship to try and break out into A from the channel. They were right, I wasn’t so stupid. Got myself parked just inside the circle to prevent anybody from decapping it and forcing them to come to me lest their team fall behind on points.

    The channel can be a profitable and useful place to go for if you can time it right. It also gives bottom tier ships that otherwise would have little impact on the game the opportunity to be useful.

  11. Atago need a reload buff

  12. LOOL
    So simple with this stupidly OP shit!!!!
    atago nearly 20 sec. gunreload,minotaur 4 HAHAHAHAAA!

  13. two easy atago who doesn’t know what they are doing, and a fletcher that chase two enemy DDs into your range. instant 4 kills. MM can’t be better

  14. Adrianno Chellentano

    seems to be very good ship, i should go for this one

  15. Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, “Rush Mid”?

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