World of Warships — Minotaur | Riders on the Storm

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  1. Nice ❤️

  2. My favorite Wows youtuber uploading a video of my favorite ship when I desperately needed something to watch.

  3. The music fits so freaking perfectly with the match, absolutely beautiful Robin.

  4. A high skill ship. I won’t be getting it

    • The Sailing Robin

      You can make her work, sure she has weak armor but the super heal allows you to correct a lot of mistakes.

  5. “Goliath AP overmatches Minotaur”
    Me in Georgia who jut hit a Minotaur bow and got 5 bounces: Wait a minute…

  6. That’s was a good match. Enjoyed this very much ❤

  7. I like watching pc games of wows, there’s alot more tactics involved.

    • You need to switch my man. I’ve been playing WoWs PC for over 5 years and have well over 400 ships. I’ve tried console and you’re right; the PC version is superior in so many ways!

    • doomguy .23 from mars

      Yes but there is also more things to deal with so it’s up to you slower gameplay or fast paced gameplay

    • I’ve gone the other way. I started on PC, then went to console after my laptop died. I enjoy the way Legends sets up their captains and that you don’t have to buy more port space or sell ships. I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion that there’s more tactics on PC.

  8. It’s good to see light cruisers getting some love. They aren’t really built for the current long range spam meta that has built itself up over the years, and is why I never see light cruisers now-a-days except for the occasional Smolensk and Minotaur. I quite literally can’t remember the last time I saw a Wocester last. That poor ship has been beaten the hardest out of the CLs hope it gets some love from wargaming as hybrids are only going to make it more irrelevant in the meta than it used to be.

  9. That’s the Dunkirk soundtrack, isn’t it? One of my favorite movie soundtracks of all time.

  10. “Minotaur always provides”, same goes for you Robin

  11. Pre 7:30 Nah, hes going to push dat without any resistance
    7:30 *Supermarine Soundtrack from Dunkrik starts*
    Me: Oh shit, here we go …

  12. I just realized that I’m starting to play my games like you, with self commentary that’s totally uncontrollable. Excellent video.

  13. Watching a Mino rain death on enemy ships in some video years ago is the whole reason I started playing WoWS…
    I’m just hot trash, and have this weird thing about wanting to have TONS of ships at T5… I’ve never made it past T7 in any tree…
    I need friends that play it so bad, that hit me up being like ‘HEY! Get in this game, Fool!’ but alas; none of my Discord Fam play it :/

  14. GOAT Division: Yuro on CV. Flambass on DD and Sailing Robin on whatever he wants lol

  15. Great game, nice carry, tense ending. Chat sure was a rollercoaster, so many angry tatos blaming other players for their being tatos lol.

  16. a whole british enemy flank at the start there! Goliath, Monarch, Minotaur, Cossack

  17. The music was crazy good and on point. Really takes it to the next level.

  18. “There we go…. haleluya….”

  19. Watching your game play amazes me every time

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