World of Warships – Minotaur – Royal Machine Gun

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*Imagines a conversation at WG HQ*
Dev 1: So this Minotaur seem a bit challenging to balance
Dev 2: Yeah, they have real problems with their survivability…
Dev 1: So maybe we give them a heal?
Dev 2: Not enough…
Dev 1: How bout a smoke too?
Dev 2: Still not enough…
Dev 1: What about making them defy the laws of physics
Dev 2: …sounds just about right


  1. BB are the warship version of heavy tanks, mostly camping. Cause reasons.

  2. Why can’t wargaming come with new gaming options that requires players to group up as a fleet ala Jutland.
    Or Convoy escort missions to increase gameplay variety.
    Or encourage game play where carries play a central role like for example doing a Toranto and Pearl Harbor like raid.
    Or Evacuation missions like Tallin and Operation Cerberus (Hunter and Hunted using Stealth).
    Or Close Quarter combat like the HMS Warspite did at Narvik.
    Hell try Night Time fighting by using Starburst Shells and Radar

    WW2 had so much examples where Naval planners were forces to think out of the box.
    Wargaming can create new game modes based on what happened during WW2

  3. As a BB main, I’m not the biggest fan of the Minotaur thanks it’s stupid ability to do 1000+ damage salvos every few seconds and there isn’t much I can do about it. Even the freaking Zao was more tolerable than the Minotaur. But yes, I find it very hard to enjoy myself in WoWS recently

  4. There were multiple moments where he should’ve been deleted by BB’s. Minotaur is great when playing against potato drivers.

  5. Bit of a request I chase any chance you could do know your warship about the bogatyr its mine and my clans seal clubbier if choice 3 of these little spammers with aft and demo expert are total death machines and great fun if them weekend teams are starting to drive you to distraction. Would love to know more about them and their history .

  6. Dude, this is your channel
    And the channel name is iChaseGaming, not iChaseWorldOfWarships or something

    You are always welcome to try new contents 🙂

  7. Why the heck did he pop his damage control at 16:24 while still openly engaged against a Montana (who can easily break his guns) and the Kutuzov (who WILL HE spam) is beyond me, considering he still has a super heal which can for 20sec heal 100% of fire damage over time.

  8. Oh look, a bot CV on the friendly team. doesn’t move his fighters till enemy planes are spotted, autotargets them as they fly into suicide, reverses straight into map edge immediately at beginning…

    Also. the whole “camping behind islands” gameplay is a bit stale. I 100% agree with you… HOWEVER, don’t forget this: in every survey taken to date, the most hated map is Open Ocean.

  9. which is exactly why I am hoping for warthunder to bring big ships. wargaming always fucks their shit up every time

  10. Ive stopped being hyped for WoWS cos of players that camp at the back in german bbs and complaining about dispersion, cruisers that solo charge 6 enemy ships, dds that dont cap and hide behind bbs and using smoke behind a fucking mountain. and ofc, cvs being afk

  11. World of Warships needs to have fleets and squadrons from the same Navy, not the tedious and unrealistic random mixes of warships that would never really have fought together.

  12. The problem with warships being so boring is the same reason why pretty much every PvP game gets boring. I’m gonna commit the satanic pact of saying I liked Bastion. It wasn’t perfect obviously, and the whole concept of points in that game mode just didn’t need to exist, but it was much more interesting than the simple “run into a circle and win or die trying” we still have, and that primarily comes down to the community. Bastion was a bit too similar to other battles, so rather than seeing what positive things the addition of grabbing and holding the forts was [as well as supporting allies who were going to get the forts], all of the negative things stood out more because all of those positive things were ideal, and never happened due to the standard of skill in players, which is just too low to even see. Because of the outstanding and vocal negativity, it was removed in favor of the traditional and systematized way to play. So if the game is boring, it’s because of the community. Bastion was fine. It was a game mode like any other that needed some tweaks and was still early in it’s life

    Something like the Transylvania though, was actually very fun and very engaging, because it was completely different. It was a completely new way to play the game, so everything that was positive about it stood out so much more than anything that was negative [some of the Zikasa spawns, the insane dependency on teamwork, and the amount of unused space]

    It really just comes down to the fact that people like consistency, and prefer a systematized way to play rather than having to change mindsets and tactics for potentially every battle, but with that fundamentally comes boringness. Maybe some people do like playing the same thing over and over, but it’s a psychological fact that participating in the same behavior too often will make you bored of something. Because of this, the way to keep people playing is variety. With variety comes a very in depth game, which takes more time to make, yes, but will be so much better than a game with no variety and 1 perfect game mode. WG at least kind of tries this by making maps random, since playing the same map, though maybe objectively better from a competitive point of view, is a strictly worse gameplay experience

  13. wtf kinda name is that

    This game just pisses me off cos of the match making. They always boast about how they have more players yet all of their games MM is retarded. I don’t play this game to fight ships much better than mine… like i got the Edinburgh about a month ago and I’ve only had 2 fucking tier 8 games…. are you kidding me???

  14. lets see this game has fun pvp and a fun progression… why not hope it gets a campain? or something simmular?

  15. oh no, poor T8 carrier didn’t have a chance against T10 cruiser 🙁 What a shame

  16. 13:00 Wooow… Bad Kutuzov! NEVER give Brits your broadside! Had you stayed somewhat neutral most of his shells would have bounced! And if like GOOD Kutuzov captain – you run IFHE, your HE shells WILL deal ~2k to over 5k per salvo against the Minotaur regardless of Angle! Though if the Minotaur DID give you broadside, IFHE shells would deal about 6k to 10k if you land every shell! And if you fired AP at the Minotaur’s broadside – it would EVAPORATE!

  17. That GK could have reversed as soon as the minotaur opened fire but nope, let’s just act as if he had no escape at all because we want to portray how bad the game is, right?

  18. I play BBs and non-stealth based cruiser, game is nice and exciting for me.

    Perhaps this ‘boredom’ and predictability you suffer is from damage farming in smoke/stealth based ships? Just saying. Just cause it is the most powerful and easiest tactic doesn’t make it the most fun.

  19. I’m with ya ichase, haven’t been too stoked on wows at the moment

  20. Seeing this makes me wonder why wargaming thought the minotaur was balanced…

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