World of Warships – Minsk Preview Impressions

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on Hotspot moves out to engage the enemies near our base, I get into a fight with my counterpart in the line. We continue pushing forward and keep a good distance from enemies while trying to burn them down. The enemy takes out a good chunk of our friendlies on the eastern flank. I just try to enhance my strengths and avoid the weaknesses of the ship. The Minsk feels like a ship that deserves to be between the Gnevny and Kiev. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Soviet Destroyer Minsk Replay


  1. only the bismarck is HE, others SHE

  2. Good video, though I was surprised to find no comparison to the Leningrad – after all the Minsk is a member of the same class. As far as I can tell the only major differences between them are the slower rudder shift and typical Soviet short range torpedoes on the Minsk (4 km vs 8 km on the Leningrad).


  4. I try to control x my guns so they can’t tell when I’m firing my torpedos.

  5. So it’s a worse Leningrad? Wows is totally not p2w

  6. Beautiful girl and I’m gonna help him out… LOL

  7. 10:36 Now, I’ve already written a comment about this, but it’s more fitting under this video:
    If you lock your guns using x+ctrl or x+shift, and then switch to your torpedo view, you can rotate and launch the launchers without turning the main guns. In the case of the Scharnhorst, it wouldn’t have been that obvious that he launched torpedos unless you directly watch the launchers. In some DDs you may also want to turn your torpedo launcher to the other side while still having your guns on the one side.
    I hope it’s not annoying that I write this again, but it’s more appropiate with the scene with the Scharnhorst at 10:36.


  9. Notser, how about a video discussing strategies for Ranked on Epicenter?

  10. the shape of this ship looks an awful lot like the Leningrad

  11. Indunil Sameera Danthanarayana

    Thanks Notser… please do a video on the Aoba

  12. I like playing the current Kiev. One gun less *and* slower turret traverse feels like quite some nerf. The only strength of the current Kiev is being able to weave at high speed always keep the guns on target. Does it really need that nerf on t7?

  13. hey notser could you possibly do a video on the furutaka. I’m struggling with it and I’m probably not playing it correctly and not sure what I should be focusing on with my commander either. I’m not a bug cruiser player but trying to get better.

  14. Ha-ha, fire prevention 5:00. I spec´ed my Nagato 100% anti-fire, with modules and captain skills. An Aoba set 2 fires in first salvo and again two fires in the next one.

    Remember, the ship has only six shells per salvo.

    After he burned me down within minutes, i asked him in chat how… He answered that he doesn´t even use the +2% fire chance (Demo expert). He simply lit me up with each salvo and watched me burn. Six fires in four salvos.

    There´s something really fishy with fire prevention.

  15. Yesterday, I just noticed that the sims’ torps run out of range at exactly the time they reload

  16. “The tables have now *turned*, my friend…” as Notser channels his inner Evil Bond-villain! ?

  17. i hate single turret guns on the new soviet destroyers line (and all other nations), it’s just not so effective, after they come out maybe i will only play T8+ soviet destroyers

  18. Basically a Leningrad with bad torps

  19. Mrs Schors 🙂 I laugh… lol

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