World of Warships: Minsk, the T7 Bully Destroyer

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Going through the Russian line has been a lot of fun and surprisingly the Minsk was a highlight of the line for me. Being able to bully other destroyers and even cruisers and battleships made this ship so much fun to play.


  1. Just about to unlock this, great timing… cheers bro…?

  2. You’re in this ship for a long time, since you have to grind out both tier 8’s from it. Have to be in the right frame of mind to play it, but the speed (speed flag and upgrade module) always makes it fun. I support the caps and then in the second half of the game I use the speed dart around and fill gaps in the line or capture bases. Would like to see how Ovechkin performs in it with his Expert Marksmen skill.

  3. Could you show yr Cpt and Module builds in future vids plz.

    • @Cardinal Biggles Here’s what I use for upgrades and commander skills on the Minsk. Upgrades: MAM1, EBM1 (or PM1 if you don’t want/have the special upgrade), ASM1, SGM2. Skills (in order acquired): PT, LS, SE, AFT. After that, take BFT or SI, DE, AR or EM, PM, in the order you prefer.

    • +An Iolair Ghorm Thanks dude.

  4. Isn’t the Ognevoi the alternative line Russian DD? The Kiev would be the next Russian bully ship at tier 8. It was at tier seven until WG bumped it. Should be the same type of play style as the Minsk at tier 8.

    • MGEnforcer yes ognevoi leads to the Grozy. I got shocked with the stock torps on the ognevoi that fast toro reload really surprised enemies.

  5. why do you love the same ships that i do lol, i also never liked the ognievoi as much and i just moved up to the udaloi which i like as well

  6. Hey @Mejash: I’m quite surprised by your “discovery” of this line. There have been some very recent buffs (especially turret traverse), but the play style has existed for a while, no? Maybe they really were weaker more than a year ago before I got into them? I, too, love this play style. I even re-purchased the Tashkent now that she can mount the same guns as the Khabarovsk. Moreover, the Tashkent with AFT can pack a 15.2km range, even better than the Khabarovsk with the unique upgrade.

    For me, the gunboat Soviet “destroyers” (term used lightly) aren’t intended to drive caps. Get on a flank where you can run free and harass opponents. Stay 10+km from anything that can shoot at you. Concealment Expert is a waste since these gunboats have a concealment range that is their gun range, their speed is their armor, and if I need to use smoke to get out of a jam, I’m too close to the opponents.

  7. Have u seen Dolphin Princess view on no Last Stand and have u tried it?

  8. It seems bit laggy and 720p only 48fps?? Did this only happen to me

  9. I love the Russian DD line but it’s been a long time since I last played them. I took the Kiev to rank 1 in season 2. It’s weird, I’m basically a BB only player, but the Russian DDs are so good at carrying matches… or at least were, not sure how they stack up in this meta. I didn’t mind the Ognevoi when I played it, but granted it was T6 back then. Good stuff! 🙂

  10. Got for the groz. It is a hidden gem of tier 10 dds.

  11. You got ~100k with guns and one torp hit (to the Neptune), to be precise ?

  12. I’ve kept Minsk. Super fun to go superfast. I’ll even shoot water just to stay spotted and draw fire. Learning to ambush in Russians improved my game in other DDs.

  13. I rebuyed it recently for grinding rusian alternate dd line, and have a ton of fun with it. Curently has highest wining rate from all dds for me.

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