World of Warships – MIRACLE

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Sometimes you need a bloody miracle to happen to even stand a chance of winning. Sometimes your teams are THAT bad that is seems no matter what you do, you’ll lose the game.
Well SOMETIMES I don’t give a crap and I pull all that sh*t on my back and stomp through everything xD
Crazy carry of carries my dudes.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I like the new concept of premiered video.

    Headphone users be advised at the end btw

  2. Watched this live it was totally insain.

  3. The spirit of USS Johnston lives on.

  4. Flambass: oh it’s weird how they just dodged
    Flamu: instant stream sniping rant

    • @57thorns Or just a smart player actively trying to bait DD, I think that JB did get few kills and didn’t seem to screw up much.

    • @Mirasolov Klose Definitely. I’ve seen some smart-ass commentary on Youtube speaking of stupid BB captains not knowing that this specific light cruiser has 8.6 km range torpedoes or that the DD spotted around this island two minutes ago probably would be still there lying in ambush. And when the tables are turned, people start talking about stream sniping.

    • Its probably cause he switched between torps and guns, and the enemy has Priority target and saw it and knew they were getting torped.

    • It was more likely the “mod” a lot of people use that tells them when a torp salvo has been fired at them. (it’s not an approved mod… but it still exists for those willing to break ToS.) It’s amazing how unlocking the target before launching torps increases your torpedo success rate.

    • @Stangryn Not everyone cheats like some would have you believe. It would actually be very easy to figure out without any mods he was torping someone, he constantly switches between guns and torps and every time you do the priority target number on the enemy goes up and down. Good players can use that information to figure out when they are being torped. You can avoid this by not switching to guns unless you are actually shooting at something.

  5. Anh Dũng Nguyễn

    Best player 2019 Friedrich Der Grober :v

  6. secondayr JB ^^
    oh and btw that FdG lost the game for his team. He knew you are there so there is no, and i mean no, point to go where he did go xD
    wp Mr. Flambass

  7. That Freddy player at the end sailing in a straight line without changing speed AND with the lead and all three caps …

    DDs have torps now? Who would’ve thunk it?

  8. After that ending Flambass I hope you clean the keyboard ???? well played though

  9. Can you show how to Black during ranked?

  10. I love when he wins a close match, you can hear him yelling as he runs out to the kitchen, and you still hear him yelling in the background… all i need is just some PAPIEREN!

  11. Dude love the win reaction!

  12. Flambass: Damn it feels good
    Enemy team: fu flambass
    Another quality win

  13. I was in this match. I watched it go down. I sent compliments to him after the match. That was an epic carry.

  14. Superior maneuver, was very glad to watch that battle. So well done.

  15. many ppl struggling to get from 18 to 13…don’t laugh about it you superstar

  16. Damn…. wish I could comp you on here… that was amazing… thumbs up is the least I can do

  17. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll have to play some more ranked tonight after work. ????

    • Well, I played some more last night. When did everybody start playing only BB’s for Rank? What a miserable time! Game after game was 4 YOLO BB’s who die in the first 9 minutes and with nothing better to do, they start trolling chat. Ranked seems to bring the worst out of people…and all this in pursuit of a digital star. The rank you have achieved that shows under your IGN is no longer a sign of achievement…it is a badge of shame. I am not gonna play Ranked anymore this season until players learn manners, we play this for fun, and ultimately some team-play. Just because you are in a JB and YOLO suicided at the B cap doesn’t give you the right to be a d1ckh34d.

  18. Subs coming, grab your ankles and prepare for another ship class from the folks that brought you “THE CV REWORK”.

  19. Can’t believe how excited you got at the end. Great job but I now feel like shit. Oh well

  20. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you do that at the end…. (that is walk away from the mic booyah!) GG man that was awesome.

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