World of Warships- Missiles?!?!?! & A Battle Pass Is Coming Soon

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Hello guys, today we discuss the resurgence of some old game files concerning Missiles, and go over the announcement of a Battle Pass coming to the game. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. WG and files – Missiles have been talked about for 2 to 3 years now – It was first talked about when the Hood or another British warship was being tested

    • @Sythel Great, let’s put munitions from the 70’s in a WW2 game.

    • @Crap Tacular we’ll get there at one point game is not restrained at WW2 and earlier … At least 4 ship were made post-ww2

      So putting missile ain’t that crazy especialy since the germans had v1 and v2 technologicaly (Not that it would be good for it if they can keep missiles in a shelf i’m all for it)

      Ps : hms egret was sunk by a anti-ship missile mid WW2 if i remember correctly

    • @Sythel An air-launched missile, from land-based aircraft flown by the Luftwaffe’s equivalent of 617 Sqn. So really, British ships should be able to yeet 11,000lb and 22,000lb bombs at enemy ships, too.

    • MDTransmissionSpecialties

      I mean some of the Iowa’s came with tomahawks..

    • @Scorpion Arthur thank you – I believe they tested it in real life and it failed but we do get it in game but I not the graphics showing it working

  2. I am ALL aboard with missiles if they’re only anti air missles, though we know that’ll never happen.

    • @g00bergob Heavon forbid we have to push into objectives as a team instead of leaving a DD to risk his own neck while everyone else hangs back in safety. Youre still able to do everything youre complaining about. you just have to use your brain and SUPPORT eachother like a true navel fleet
      instead of selfishly roaming around alone. and people snipe in the back of the map regardless of CVs so thats a moot point to bring up. instead of complaining about them learn to adapt and play smart. carriers are part of the game. have been since the game was released. if you dont like it, dont play.

    • @honnorgaurd you can’t support each other when 5 ships on top of each other still don’t stop a nakhimov squadron. Are teams supposed to push into the cap stacked on top of each other 2 km away to protect themselves from the cv only to all get dev struck by the shima who floods the cap with torps? If you weren’t a 40% WR cv main you’d probably know how hard it is to play against carriers.

    • You can say “support your team” and “play together” all you want but the fact is those options literally do not work. And they also are not fun.

    • @g00bergob yes they do work. you just dont know how to work with others

  3. It’ll be interesting to see how WG will make their battlepass scummy, I mean it’s a definite that they will it’s just exciting to see how they’ll do it

    • Is this similar to the Steel Giants campaign from a few years ago?

    • i have played several free to play games with battle passes and the worst one ive seen so far is from War Thunder. its an absolute joke.

    • @Nick Frank yep, I agree

    • @Gauris For veteran players, the change to economic bonuses was mostly good. You got good value from your existing flags and camo (that you were probably never going to use), and you can put just xp on techline grind and put commander xp and free xp on your premium that you play well with. And the current event gives a bunch of bonuses if you have a lot of ships. Overall the regular xp and free xp gain is better now, and there’s a small loss on commander xp at the current rates of drop for the bonuses.

      If you’re a new player, it’s not as good since you can’t stock up with the current event, not sure how it compares to pre rework.

      On the credits income, it’s worse if you’re an average player on techline t9-t10 if you had perma camo, but better with premium ships, which are how you should farm credits anyway.

    • Inflation. Leave current structure, but provide paid ‘enhanced’ structure. Now if more assets are ‘created’, now one has effectively created an incentive to pay for more as a default. Now there’s a permanent ‘dockyard’ monetized vehicle. It’s a good business move and good for the player community too… This is because it is a ‘pay to have’ structure rather than a ‘pay to win’. Poorly playing ‘whales’ are fair fodder for ‘better’ players less well heeled, right? Somebody’s gotta pay the bills. 🎉

  4. Damn, i can’t imagine how op the Kirov Battlecruiser will be.

  5. I clicked on this video expecting a guided missile ammunition type on a 70’s or 80’s Iowa refit as the American Superbattleship.

  6. Rocket and missile are a thing, but in the picture, seeing planes with that makes me remind of the dev blog where they would try to test the support carrier with the stun bombs.

    So i’m thinking they will maybe release more cv’s and another type of cv. You know enverything that the game need…

  7. As long as the Battlepass isn’t overpriced or a downgrade for free players… so be it.

    At most I’d hope it’s a new early-access method for Tier5-7 premiums to drum up hype around these less desirable ships, get them in more people’s hands, and justify development time on them. Seems like this is the case at first glance.

    But if it starts doing new Tier8’s and/or replacing Dockyards I can see myself dropping WoWs like I did WoT many years ago. Dockyards are pretty relaxed with some variable downtime. But I have no patience left for daily FOMO-grinding.

  8. Pretty sure they were trying to put missiles on the Smaland when it was in development.
    You can even see it’s armed with missiles in port, but they are mysteriously dismounted in actual battle.

  9. Not too keen on the battle pass idea, sounds like they’re trying to find a way to sell coal and steel

  10. If this battle pass is free, and there is just some stuff that you have to buy I’m fine with that. If they are locking daily combat missions behind a paywall, then I am definitely NOT OK with that!

  11. The thing is, if you remove something from the game files, it could break something else (especially with code). They just don’t find it worth it to remove it when compared with the potential benefits, especially because it can create bugs. Why take the time to remove something inconsequential, when it could break something else? The cost-benefit analysis leads (normally) to just leaving it in, and not using it/locking it from the player

    That’s a reason why when one bug is fixed (especially with large programs/applications), another bug might appear as the new bug relied upon something from before the fix, that got changed or removed during or because of the fix.

  12. Steven Wiederholt

    One thing I like about The Events, is even if you don’t really want The Ship, you 1. Get Stuff, 2. gives you something to shoot for. I’m assuming Battlepass is kind of the same thing. (as always I..Could..Be..Wong.)

  13. I can’t wait if WG brings Modern Moskva in game: Two Alternative gaming modes or at least two different Harbor modes: Surface war mode (pre Harpoon) and Submarine mode (After Harpoon).

  14. Battle Pass on WoT isn’t too bad. It costs less than £20 UK Pounds to get access to the paid part of Battle Pass in WoT. If WoWS went for a similar price point, I think it would be OK. But the player should be still able to access rewards for free as are some of the missions in the game today.

    • For sure WG will keep a free loot grind going. 80% of the players only pop in to grind out the daily’s, and they can’t miss that server population.

  15. They should start a separate game for more advanced ships. Also, personally I’d like to see one for pre-Dreadnought Era ships.

    • I absolutely agree. Or, keep it one game, but split it between 3 ‘eras’. Predreads/ dreads, WW2 (carriers basically), Modern nonsense. Only very few ships would mix between the tiers (and it’d be upgraded hulls/ fits, IE: Texas).

    • A separate game for surface ships only, or a surface ship only game mode.. Co-op, ranked, surface, etc.

    • What, like ironclads?

    • @mihaitha The armored cruisers in game, along with the mikasa are pre-dreads. A dreadnought is the time bbs started looking like bbs. Staggered turrets on the centerline is the biggest indication whether a ship is post or pre-dreadnought (the ship HMS dreadnought itself is why we call pre-dreads that, as they came before her).

    • Fulgrim the Phoenician

      No….they should build a new game, not adding every new shit to the original one and hoping people will enjoy it.

  16. The stun bombs got shelfed not the support CVS . The smoke screen and jamming Radar abilities from the support CVS were recieving positive feedback by the testers but they went back to drawing board for more ideas and I bet we are going to see them in 2023. 😀

  17. For the battle pass, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just the “Campaign” system that WoWsL has currently. I mean they sound nearly identical , even from that small description.

  18. I’d rather see manual secondaries as in the ability to fire them similarly to torps. Might encourage BB’s to push again if they can actually flame duke it with a CL. Rather than just burn to death between reloads.

    • So bascially the controls from WoWS Blitz. You can control the secondary guns on there as if they were your main battery.

  19. They should have a Korean War Mode where T9, T10 and Super Ships can play if they want. Super ships were post WWII it appears so maybe they can be moved to this new mode. Just a thought. T9 and T10 could still play in the WWII mode also.

  20. I’d love to see more from the pre-dreadnought era. Love the Mikasa for this very reason.

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