World of Warships – Mission:Improbable

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to carry the uncarryable to a victory of any kind in the current operation of the week.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. That title is a work of genious! Gnome overlord, you once again presented your superior intellect to us simple mine workers!

  2. Yay an actual Featured Jingles episode!

  3. What is this, a video of Jingles playing!? Oh dear… This can only go one of two ways, and I don’t very much fancy my chances.

  4. Damn just got home from work and Blam! Jingles video’s! WOOT!!!

  5. 13:49 cimarron sunk the omaha, lulz

  6. “Your report has been received” Lol very relatable Jingles

  7. That Myoko player’s name was “two star”, which I suspect reflected his average operations rating given how poor he played.

    • MotorsportsMania21

      @TechLeafRanger You’re either being deliberately obtuse or stupid. Again: people who go off in one direction and die in the first 5 minutes of the match or throwing the game through some spectacularly stupid decision making toward the end are the same ones who screech about “fun” when they’re called out. DDs sailing toward the enemy fleet and dying in spite of being 300 points up with less than 2 minutes on the clock, BBs sitting in the back and never hitting anything all game only to rush forward and die once the rest of the team is dead because they weren’t there to tank damage, BBs spamming HE on broadside targets, CAs/CLs rushing into the cap or open water immediately and dying. These are the types of behaviors that *anyone* with even a modicum of intelligence would be able to figure out do not work. Players pulling bullshit like this are obviously idiots. This isn’t up for debate, the scenarios listed are not some advanced nonsense, they are basic concepts that you are supposed to pick up in the low tiers. There’s also the issue of wallet warriors who purchase a tier 8 ship immediately upon downloading the game and then get into a game where they screw up so badly their team is effectively fighting 11v13. These aren’t players that have an occasional derp moment, they are idiots with WRs in the mid 40s to high 30s whose very presence makes it *less* likely their team will win.

    • Being in clan indeed helps a lot you learn from others to. Also more fun to play in divisions etc. Also i checked that myoko his stats and he is mainly co-op player what is no surprise lol

    • @thederogativeworld Why should they have to limit themselves for you though? Why should they not get to enjoy the game fully just because they’re not as good as you? that line of thinking is creating a sense of elitism that doesn’t and shouldn’t belong in just regular average gaming. Sure if you’re in some sort of tournament, then that line of thinking is fine, but in random battles, where all that’s on the line is a worthless personal victory or loss, then why is it such a big deal? Why is it so horrible that people aren’t as good or aren’t getting better? Why is it so important to start telling them they need to be better? Especially when you consider you’re almost never going to see them again at all, unless you choose the modes fewer players frequent, and thus has a smaller pool to draw random teammates from? at the end of the day, unless they’re being an a-hole and telling you to shut up because they’re fine, why is it so important to you that they improve when you’re never going to see them again? If they ask for help, then give them help, but if they don’t, then why bother them about it? Unless they’re an a-hole about it? That is what I’m not getting here. you’re imposing your expectations on other people who don’t know you and aren’t going to see you again, because you lost a match in a game that doesn’t hold any value or worth beyond what you put on it. If you play with other people in a random game, you cannot sit there and expect them to all have the same skill level as you, or you’re just going to end up like you are right now: demanding from others that which you honestly have no right to demand from them. They’re not on your team, they’re not losing you money, they’re in one match and then gone, off to the random pool of players. So why is it such a big deal then, beyond you venting your frustrations because you lost?

    • @MotorsportsMania21 And I won’t deny that there are some idiots like that if they get up to higher tiers and are still pulling those stunts. But what gives you the right to berate them though? And again, if they’re having fun, why is that such a bad thing? Because you lost? Get over it, it’s a game. Unless you lost actual money or something, what is the big deal? You lost a match, your statistic that nobody else except yourself in the world cares about goes down half a percent, and you queue up for another match. And guess what, you get another group of randoms who most likely have no idea you even existed until the match started. Unless they’re someone who is having fun deliberately throwing a match, or someone who is obstinate and claims they’re doing fine when they’re obviously not, WHO CARES?! Besides you, obviously. you and others sitting here berating them isn’t going to solve a damn thing, all it does is make you look like an a-hole because you’re yelling at people who simply don’t give a crap and play the game how they want to. give out your advice, and move on, because all you’re doing here is stressing yourself out or a pointless game and random people who you’ll never meet and most likely never have to deal with again. And in the process, ruining not only your fun, but the fun of other people who don’t give a crap about win/loss. IT IS JUST A GAME.

  8. The best part was when the Cimarron killed the Indy with its secondaries.

  9. Got it, carry the team with a French BB!! Thanks Jingles.

  10. Speaking of unique captains, what about Jingles?

  11. **bounces 7/8 shells off Colorado’s stern**
    **proceeds to shoot its stern anyways**

    • Yeah, he should have shot the rear turrets to try to knock them out

    • The PirateMongoose

      He had a great shot for it. All 16 guns loaded, straight into the flat sides of both turrets, point-blank range. Only way it could have been better is if he’d been firing into the backs, but he still probably would have destroyed both.

    • Well disabling turrets doesn’t make it sink any quicker.. hold fire and do a drive-by

    • @Hodajii superstructure shots do. He could’ve put 3 salvos into the superstructure and sunk it way before he actually did.

    • He couldve shot the bulkhead foward of its turrets, shots there can do a surpringly large amount of damage

  12. Oh man I love the IDS_NULL_NAME Operation. It’s the best one of all!

  13. This title accurately describes most of my WoWs matches the last week

  14. 7:35 – Jingles reported that Gneisenau for noob 😀

  15. Jingleru! It’s nice to.see you actually playing the ships today. I guess I shouldn’t keep my hopes up tho… Also you might wanna put a space between the semi colon and improbable 🙂

  16. ah yes
    my favourite operation in world of warships
    operation IDS_NULL_NAME

  17. Yesterday he was dishing the French and the next day he plays for the French. Looks like karma has got you.

  18. John Owen F. Ilagan

    Yay! Good to see a Jingles WOWS playthrough after a very long while.

  19. I hope you didn’t sprain your shoulder patting yourself on the back. Lol

  20. Wow. Sure got the new French commander pretty quick. Guess that’s a benefit of being a CC. Not having to buy a bunch of loot crates like us pleebs.

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