World of Warships – Missouri + 0.5.14

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I discuss the teased Missouri and 0.5.14 since it will be out in North . The Missouri is a iconic battleship that will be the first tier 9 premium ship in the game. They have said it will be sold by using Free XP to unlock it. I consider what this means and what I think of the ship/method to earn. We briefly check out 0.5.14 and I will look forward to showing it off on stream. Hope you are interested and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII American Battleship Replay


  1. Someone needs to make a skin with the table where the IJN cried uncle to
    the USN.

  2. First stats show the cost being 800000 free xp.

  3. im fine with t8-9 premiums as long as they require an inordinate amount of
    free xp, so that the veterans whom have built up a stockpile can earn
    something good and appropriate for their skill level; it should cost a noob
    an arm and a leg and then some to have a tier 9 off the bat.
    t6 you only have to pay attention so much, even earlier, you dont have to
    pay attention to anything hardly, theres no such thing as concealment in
    those tiers, everyone sees everything, no ships have much of a toolkit etc
    etc. Get up to t7, ships start getting a major overhaul and have a lot of
    abilities under the belt, a lot to pay attention to and contrary to popular
    belief, i think theres too many noobs with high tier ships – people still
    dont look at their map and play together, people still dont know the
    strengths of their ships and have faith in their own abilities at t10. At
    top tier, you should be able to sail at any ONE ship and kill it, the time
    to kill is so fast at top tier you have to wear your try hard pants else
    prepare for crying over spilled milk over and over. id rather keep the uber
    noobs away from the t10 cesspool of pros and scrubs playing together.

    someone who can get 5-8 kills in a match vs people who get zero, add
    toolkit, add supportive team, super fair tier for tiers ohhhh

  4. Brilliant, spunked all my free XP getting up to the Leander only to quit
    the Royal Navy line. Should’ve held onto it.

  5. God damn it, Notser is good? Never saw this COMING :D

  6. LUL at this moment, I could get to tier 10 in like 3 different branches
    with what the Missouri will cost.

  7. Yeah. I can’t really get excited about an American ship right now. Sorry…

  8. not less then 300,000 free XP is my guess, but they could easily take it to
    500k to 1M free XP. We’ll just have to see.

  9. Nah its not iconic for all NA as you implied, just the USA, to everyone
    else its just another museum ship and you guys have a bajillion WW2 capital
    ships lying good.

    Canada wants the Haida.

  10. LeonaTimberCompany

    I hope they don’t bring clans to World of Warships. Got so tired of that
    crap in Tanks

  11. So it will be sold like any other ship exept people use gold to pay for the
    free xp……

  12. $25 is about 4100 doubloons = 100k free xp after conversion. 800k free xp
    would be about $200. That’s a bit steep, even if this is Steven Seagal’s

  13. TheGuardianofAzarath

    To be honest, I think T9 premium is a bad idea, T8 is high enough, if they
    are really serious about making the Missouri a prem ship, then they should
    have made THAT the reward ship for Rank 1, and not the Flint.

  14. Radar and sonar in game now is utter bullshit.

  15. hahaha i skip lines all the time.. the only one i didn’t was the first line
    i did and that was the American BBs

  16. Iowa is quite famous as well and looks very similar with her sister
    Missouri, so I won’t jump to spend a lot of money on the premium version of
    a ship that I got for free by grinding the US BB line.

  17. I honestly think that selling a t9 is really stupid. Selling t8s is bad
    enough, I mean getting in a game with a noob that bought the ship and who
    is just worse than useless just gives the game away. I CANNOT stand losing
    my high tier games because of one noob and losing credits

  18. Make the world of warship great again………….

  19. Rather than adding the Missouri premium, why not add the South Dakota as a
    premium tier 8 and cater to its slight differences over the NC

  20. So, 8ook free xp for a ship that is more or less already available for free
    ingame?Converting that amount of free xp would cost more than 100 €. Which
    is not really worth it for an Iowa clone.But hey, I am sure plenty of
    people will willingly pay money for something they could get for free…

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