World of Warships – Missouri 12v12 Community Event

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About a month ago a bunch of community contributors got together to have fun with the game. In this particular game we chose to play as the . I move forward and try to flank the enemies who are trying to setup on the other flank. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Missouri Replay


  1. Notser I hope all is well with you, I can tell that something’s up.

  2. the first event that you survived

  3. Can’t wait for those citadels to get lowered.

  4. you finally servived

  5. Actually jingles, ohh wait.

  6. Omg I heard that baby crying and i thought it was my own baby. lol

  7. 06:15 Suprise EarlGrey; 06:48 iEarlGrey is first one to die…glorious

  8. do the kamikaze next

  9. @Noster

    can you boost the video volume next of thoses uploads?.

    i need to put my speaker to 50% instead of 20% for all community contributors events

    or ajust your communication software volume for other members of chat
    your voice is fine as usual is other voices that are hard to hear

  10. What is Flamuu called in this game?

  11. Love the community event vids. The commentary is just so hilarious.

  12. just like it. Like evry of your (awsome) videos 😉 keep going like this you are perfect

  13. Aerrooo ,ichase,notser and jingles in the same team.Nice one

  14. all famous captains together 1 will be added in the future

  15. 5:12 what second channel, where is it? I am also interested in books.

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