World of Warships- Missouri Containers Leak, Art Department Carries Again & Soviet CV Buffs

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Hey guys, today we have several DevBlogs and pieces of news to discuss, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Channel Intro
0:15 Video Intro
0:58 Ship Changes (Soviet CV Buffs)
10:05 Visual Upgrades
12:40 WG Apologizes to Turry
15:28 Missouri Bundles Leak
19:02 Closing


  1. W.r.t. bouncing height, my guess is they increased the bouncing height to make it harder for skip bombs to hit DDs upper structure if the bombs are not aimed right

  2. Sweet, now I can look at how pretty two brothers map is after the unsuccessful mid rush gets me killed.

  3. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    “WG can apologise”
    Me: aw thats nice wg
    Also me 3s later: wait a second, WG COULD HAVE APOLOGISED-

  4. My first experience with soviet CVs was today when I was hit for 15k by rockets, over all 10/10 would do again

  5. I am a simple man. I see Soviet CVs, my day is ruined.

    • I see CV and I delete the game.

    • @OverlordAntares i have not reinstalled the game for a while now and wg is not doing much to make me reinstall it

    • @OUTFIT Good man. I uninstalled it almost a year and a half ago, came back about three weeks ago, played for a few days, then rage deleted the game. I don’t miss it one bit.

    • @OverlordAntares i forgot when i deleted mine when was the carrier rework implemented? Just here to keep tabs of a game i used to love

    • My first exact thought was to go and uninstall the game, then I remembered im a dirty CV main and I can grind the line in 4h after its released, and it’s bound to be overpowered for a few weeks/months :))

  6. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Gibraltar is AP only

    I suffer from early onset Jingles-Syndrome

  7. Also as far as the repulse I am so looking forward to that boat period chunk of History coming to the game

  8. We at Wargaming have decided to address the community’s concern, by firing the whole art team and giving the devs and -BALANS XAXAXAXA-
    Balance team in charge of art, and hope this will fix the balancing problems
    Russian tier 10 Space Battleship Vodka will enter supertest, invulnerable to everything but American 5 inch shells and 12 510 mm guns
    Whoregaming Communism staff

    • If Space Battleship Vodka is being added maybe Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato) next patch lol also she better have wave motion gun or she’ll be shit compared to Vodka!

    • You missed off 25 km torps, 90 knots, 50s reload along with 20s reload on guns with 150k HP with biritsh heal which also has a CD off 30 seconds and she gets 10 of them, also radar, hydro, moving smoke, fighter and spotter plane with base 24km range…

    • This does not make any sense. The grievances the community have towards wargaming is their greed shaping the game negatively so your accusation should be capitalist staff.

  9. 11:23 “only 1080p” eeehm, yes I finally updated my stuff to that res ^^

  10. yeah, Idk. What do apologies really mean by now? Or, more precisely, what do apologies mean when the company in question has an internal culture that, apparently, places such behavior ( I mean the bonus code thing with tury) within the limits of what their employees consider appropriate? “Sorry” is only ever the second best option…

  11. In my eyes, both changes to Nakhimov are buffs. Increased dispersion on rockets means it will saturate a large area of the aiming circle. The reason HVAR is better than Tiny Tims is that the large number of rockets spread over the area and you can reliably get at least some hits on DDs or hit unsaturated areas of cruisers or BBs that you can pen. I suspect the same will apply to Nakhimov, which instead fired a large amount of Tiny Tims.
    As for the increased height of skips, it will help get upper belt or superstructure of BBs instead of landing on the thicker lower belt.

  12. I’m old enough to remember when WG started their “you won’t beleaf it” marketing for when they were adding trees to the maps.

  13. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    When you say art department, you should really mean to say, ‘programmers’


    Thank God new visuals finally.

  15. Soviet CVS have a permanent smoke generator and tug consumable for breakdowns lol.

  16. I feel like the art department doing consistently good is gonna be a meme at some point

  17. I love the new graphics,and that volcano!!!! The art dept. knocks it out of the park again!!!

  18. In case you didnt realize: You showed us that Yoshino-Game a second time =D
    Two Brothers looks freakin awesome. Lets hope it’ll get a higher chance to be played =)

  19. The Art department is the only reason I still play 😂

  20. When I heard that the French were getting a SuperCruiser ( Carnot), my initial hope was that we were getting a even bigger gun Henri IV. However, with the release of the initial spec, I was rather disappointed. 19km gun range is only average for SuperCruisers, 24s reload for the guns is long…., no French reload booster, no torpedos for dealing with BB’s and Balns ships. Now WarGambling decides to smack Carnot around with their trusty nerf-hammer. All I can say is the Carnot shaping up to be a hard pass.

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