World of Warships- Missouri Dispersion Bug?

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Hey guys! Today we examine and test for an interesting potential bug with one of the Missouri’s turrets.

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Thats the fastest my Montana has ever traveled.

  2. Maybe another thing you could test for is, is his captain trained for the NC and he is just using that NC captain on his Missouri. Don’t know how that would affect the outcome, but something to eliminate.

  3. In my opinion, according to Luigi’s video, Its the second or maybe the first turret doing it. I believe its the second one doing it.
    I believe this because you can see in the beginning of his video when he fires his first salvo one set of shell is far to the left while the front set are closer to the right. Of the double set that separates it looks like the left most of the right shells is the one rising higher, ergo the second turret

  4. It’s not just the Missouri. I had that happen a few times in my De 7 Provincien. It was only a few times and it hasn’t happened too often, but it did happen.

  5. Will this torture ever end?

  6. Tried for the lol And had the same bug on several salvos, all over 20km away, didnt see it closer.

  7. This game turned into a Bethesda game real quick.

  8. I don’t think this is Missouri specific. I’ve noticed this yesterday on other ships too – Shikishima, Yamato and Hayate. Shells from some turrets seem to suddenly travel different arcs.

  9. When I get a really bad rng shot it goes like 1km to the right or left of where I aim never 1km above where I aim maybe like 100 meters high or low and the drag is weird

  10. Let me guess. The Dispersion Bug is that Missouri’s are being dispersed all over my Random Battle games?? Cuz they are EVERYWHERE! LOL’s Great job as always SLM! 🙂

  11. I just went into a training room and tested this with my Missouri (which is the old version), and I wasn’t able to replicate this issue either.

  12. Wargambling pissed off the only QA person they has, LWM, so expect more bugs for the foreseeable future.

  13. I’ve seen this before I’m not too sure if it’s just the Missouri that’s stimulating this but this has happened to me where some shells just decided to go the next map even exeding the ships actuall range

  14. Thanks for linking my video. I made an update today on the matter where i included my build and what happened with the bug. Wargaming also published a statement saying that they have recognised the bug and wish to look into it further. There are replays also included in the video description as well and i have confirmed that they contain the bug. The video will explain the rest. One last thing i forgot to mention, i am on the asia server.

  15. It’s hard to tell what Wargambling does to these ships.
    They nerf ship characteristics without telling the player base and the only way anyone finds out is if they play one particular ship a lot and notice subtle differences in their ship characteristics.

  16. I can confirm that this bug also exists on Izumo and Iowa. Izumo it’s actually not that bad on and almost unnoticable to those just having a casual time and not thinking about it, but Iowa acts this way a lot, and it’s always the B turret for some reason, if that clarifies anything

  17. This isn’t a bug with just the Missouri but a bug in general.
    Particullary noticeable with something like the Friesland where shells can land both short and long on a stationary fdg at under 9 km range.

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