World of Warships: Missouri – First Match

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My in the Missouri after buying her. It was quite something.

World footage of the tier 9 US battleship Missouri.


  1. i love the sounds from the guns

  2. Congratz on the USS Misssouri mate.
    I’m around 630 out of the 750 🙂

  3. 99th yaaaaaay ………sarcasm intensifies

  4. 6.35 ” somewhat on purpose ” ye ye ahahahaha

  5. Put the enemy team out of their MISSOURI.

  6. at 10 when u said missouri has radar benson shouldnt shoot,
    the missouri had used radar 30 sec before benson waited until it was out so ,.. no missouri cant use radar xD

  7. Welcome to the club, man.

  8. No thunderstruck?

  9. With Steven Seagal you would of won (I have it in Missouri)… 😉

  10. You did well soldier!!! No sacrifice no honor!

  11. Ja kui oled siis on küll päris mõnus!??

  12. You have been a burden to your team for the good part of this battle. Starting from the 20 km snipes to not killing the enemy’s DD while you clearly had the opportunity.

  13. just build the missouri full AA a tier 7 carrier wont be able to touch u and even a tier 8 carrier is barely able to. And with the murica effect which it has it is just that acrurate like a lasergun.

  14. Casually earning a million credits 😀 nice!

  15. Good result for a fellow BEWBS…⚓️

  16. The DM played fine. The reason why he ran out of the island at the end is that the enemy BB was closing in. Stay behind the island or not, either way, he will die. He chose the way that enabled him to live a bit longer.

  17. Should run this as “how to lose a match you ought to win”.
    2 caps held. All you need do is deploy yourselves so as to defend the caps and not die as quickly as your enemies and you win comfortably.
    So your team doesn’t do either of those.
    Well done.
    You played a fine game; with the victory bonus you’d have beaten everyone on exp, obviously. Pity about some of the rest of your team.

  18. I finally stopped spending my free xp and am casually grinding my way there.

  19. Benson play very very good !!!!! By the way I use Steaven Seagal with 19 pts on my Missouri and it’s a beast !!

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