World of Warships – Missouri Holds On

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on Warrior’s Path moves out to support the push for the western side, I run into a ton of torpedoes and forced to play passive. I still provide good long range shots on broadside targets for my team but I just can go all in after sustaining so much damage. The team does a good job taking out the enemy and not falling too much. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Missouri Replay


  1. The dispersion on this ship is amazing

  2. No one called it yet! FIRST!!FIRST!!FIRST!!

  3. hey Noster!…change the channel name to :
    Anddd concealment again.

  4. I want this ship D: Neither got the free EXP nor the Money to get it D: !

  5. SkalarwellenReiter

    It’s a quote from Churchill afaik.

  6. Is it really worth investing AA?
    I have stopped to do that months ago… It is way to situational than ever before…
    Whenever I’ve picked an AA ship before, it was either I haven’t seen any bloody CVs for games, or if there was 1, than it was busy on the other side of the map, or I was nuked by it regardless… It is useful in 1/30 games maybe… It’s not worth it for me.

  7. We still have stealth fire (Europe). It will be gone in 12 hours…

  8. I dont like missouri on my team, since they get good credit they dont care about playing good or bad

  9. Destroyer Inazuma

    12:21 “Sail away” me: Sail away, it’s time to leave / Rainy days are yours to keep / Fade
    away, the night is calling my name / You will stay, I’ll sail away…

  10. Could you please do some more US dd video pls
    I love ur us dd videos

  11. I like how on the Khabarovsk, when you equip heal, you basically get dreadnought every game… 😛

  12. good riddens to stealth fire

  13. Wow, you really turned that around! Another entertaining game! I only agree that stealth fire was “over rated” in that the scenarios in which is was used to advantage were rare. Make no mistake about it though, if it had be just you and him in open ocean, he would have dominated you. “Sailing away full speed” as you suggested, only works temporarily if the DD isn’t paying attention and doesn’t see the range increasing. If you disappear, he’s faster and only has to speed up toward your last known direction to instantly reacquire you. If it’s a good player watching the range, you’ll never break detection. In any case, it’s gone now but it’s always helpful to be realistic about how that mechanic worked.

  14. bye bye stealth fire potatoes (^_^)

  15. lol such a hidden gem is Galaxy Quest. always good for a chuckle. such sature

  16. Admit it, you took those torps at the start just to get more out of the Adrenaline Rush skill.

  17. I’m sorry I torped you that much Notser, but you did shoot me first. And we lost because of a combination bad snipers and you being my jinx.

  18. only 500k more free xp to get the missoouri!!

  19. John Angelo Tenorio

    Is Torpedo Reload Boost consumable also available for Shimakaze?

  20. Thank god. Great move that they killed stealth fire 🙂

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