World of Warships- Missouri Is Returning For Purchase

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Hey guys! Today some surprising news out of the Developer Bulletin, enjoy!

Developer Bulletin:

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  1. Sadly without the old credit multiplier though

  2. Wargaming: We’re bringing back missouri
    Me: What the f…..

  3. PSA: NEW Missouri DOES NOT have anything other than the normal T9 premium credits, unless you ALREADY have it.

  4. my impression – Fully flagged +credit Missu with good results will make less money, but average battle without flags will be more with the mission.
    Also doesnt this make excuse to give her the “better heal” after the re-introduction ?

    • It does, but I got a sneaking suspision that WG will counter it by saying: “But She has Radar too!” that “It will make it OP”.
      *Russian BB sailing in the background
      “Ignore them”

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @JohnAnonym russian BBs also have worse secondaries, less consistent guns and worse turret traverse

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings hmm? It takes Missouri 45 seconds to turn its turrets. The Sovetsky Soyuz takes 30 seconds, so it’s better….

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings ehh… Russian BB from T8 have excellent turret traverse and up close it’s rather dangerouse due to their armor. Not to mention that the close your are, the better the Russians guns become. Yes, the sec. is “meh”, but they are most usefull as AA. AA, might I add is a joke VS CV(Looking at you FDR and British CV’s)

    • @JohnAnonym Lenin at sub 10km, terrifying bow

  5. JB is a better bet, gets decent credits and XP.

    • Old Missouri still the best credit farmer. Even if you loose you gain credits.

    • How much did you pay for jb? Cause I paid 750k free xp, 5 years ago, for Mo.

    • I feel wg has nerfed JB’s credit earning potential?

    • @Lee Cross Not that I noticed, it’s still wrecks enemies with her rapid-fire guns, and very accurate at that, the only problem recently was that it’s ain’t as it used to be for blocking AP shells, JB player here…

    • @Doctor Mabuse Yes, my baguette still plays as well as it always has, if not better…My query is with it’s economy. I used to pocket 1mil plus on a regular basis for fairly average games. Now recently I’m only earning like 700k credits for 200k dmg games even with all the flags. Surely I can’t be the only one to have noticed this?
      Feels like wg are nerfing all the credit printers?

  6. Morning Sea Lord. The Missouri might be a credit printing machine. However, you sir… are a upload machine. Keep em coming captain.

  7. Soon WG will sell the Musashi also…

    • Yes just nerf her credit earning and return her

      P.s: joke

    • Waiting for that…

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      Musashi should’ve been t10 since all they did was make aa worse. Bs tier mechanic they did

    • @Marcus Jones Stinks and the accuracy by 0.3 sigma lol, but its still not enough to make the accuracy terrible. They also made her sit higher in the water to have her be even easier to citadel than yamato. She also has yamatos old turret traverse of 72 seconds. But none of those changes are enough to make her weak enough to be a tier 9, those 9 460mm are still some of the best guns in the game lol.

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      @AceYoPro Senpai plus you gotta remember she can fight t7s. Literally dunking on a Colorado, or Gnes with yammy guns.

  8. if you read the FULL announcement it basically says (and i’m paraphrashing here) “missouri is coming back and its gonna get nerfed cause we fucked up and we are going to find a way to blame it, on the playerbase”

  9. Glad I got her for the 750k free xp back in the day.

    • Same here I was 140ish k free EX when WG announced that they were removing her then I grinded for the next month on my Alabama till I had enough I’m glad I did

    • @King Mobius Same here. Back then we had far fewer flags to boost FreeXP so that was a lot of FreeXP. Wargaming has “discovered” inflation and THEY were the cause for this.

  10. They could just rename the original Missouri to New Jersey.

  11. I’m gonna get Iowa and slap Epoch camo on her and call her a better Missouri lol

  12. Despite of 5:00, people will blunder into making a purchase. Love the real life ship without doubt. Either give her improved heal like the Iowa gets or ensure the credit multiplier as is. Let all players have the same experience from the same product/ship. Quite basic imho. Thanks Sealord for illustrating the caveat to the playerbase.

  13. Nazhira Rifqi Diazfari

    slm : just release new misso
    new jersey and wisconsin : are we a joke to you

  14. Tx for the analyses. This manages expectations

  15. Just dont buy it, this thing doesnt have Credit Multiplier like OG Misso does. This just milking Playerbase more and more.

  16. ToughAncientSpark

    Wargaming is making Missouri available for doubloons so most players don’t realize how much they are paying in real cash.

  17. If I understand well, the new Missouri won’t have Casey Ryback as cook and Erika Eleniak as topless dancer. What stays is the fishsoup which Commander Krill spat into.

  18. ToughAncientSpark

    @1:34 Inflation my ass, pardon my French. All it was is Wargaming bumping up the rate of the cost of “Free” XP ships to see how deep they could reach into players pockets.

  19. It’s as I and many other people had said: “there goes all my interest in buying any Santa containers.”

    • B-but, theres still Belfast, gremyaschy and Kamikaze… 😀

    • @AceYoPro Senpai I mean it would be nice to get a Belfast, but Missouri for the credits was my end goal, so not really something I’mma drop hudereds for any more. Maybe like 2 of the 25 packs at most.

  20. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys, to address a common comment not just here, but one I’ve seen A LOT on videos/posts about this topic.

    “Why not add in New Jersey/Wisconsin instead of stripping Missouri of her economy?”

    The reason she is coming back is for the event celebrating the end of WWII. It is a major world event that happened on the deck of the Missouri. It would not make sense to add in New Jersey or Wisconsin for this obviously. I would very much like to see all of the sisters in game, but I would like them to be their own unique ship in game rather than just a copy/paste of the Iowas we have in game.

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