World of Warships- Missouri Missions, I Thought This Was A Joke

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Hey guys, today we have even more drama in this never ending series. Let me know what you think below!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. That’s some serious Cold War mindset there… never show weakness by admitting guilt, instead suppress criticism and lie in the most obvious way to the people.

  2. It’s absolutely not a technical issue. Yes they’ve done it before or something similar. Between this and how they’re handling the CC exodus, you and everyone else who plays need to know by now, that WG doesn’t care about anything other than your money.

    They’re not a company that needs defenders or pats on the back. They’ve shown that they see players nothing more than paypigs, and even free players help them by giving whales someone to shoot at.

  3. 20K Dudbs is 100USD, I would rather donate to charity than give WG the money

    • It’s actually $80

    • Donate it to Battleship Missouri, New Jersey or even Battleship Texas (Especially Texas and her issues). Museum ships tend to use this for the better.

    • looking at the asia or more specifically philippines store (in philippine peso from usd), the Marco Polo or any other tier 9 sells for 70usd more or less. So you spend 10usd more for Missouri. Mo’ could’ve been the same price as other tier 9’s or even lower but nope

  4. I like how willing you are to take WG’s word for the difficulty level of their campaign… I don’t know if it’s innocence or you’re just willing to keep giving WG chances.

  5. Honestly WG can just make the Missouri available to purchase again like with the limited others premium (Yuudachi, rerun collab ships for example) and you all know we can’t use coupon on those limited ships. But no, either they’re lazy that they don’t care or they just think that someone’ll love the Missouri so much that they’ll sell their house just for a ship that even perform not as good as a free Iowa.

    “You think we’ll let you get this historical ship?!! No, you’ll have to play a long crap event that last for about 2 weeks in order to BUY her with real money. And guess, since Missouri is too historical we can’t just put her into the armory like the others limited ships so you’ll have to contact our worst customer support to buy her!! If you don’t want to do those complicated procedure, you can feed us with your wallet and slowly lost your sanity by gambling on our bundles!! What? She’s worse than a free Iowa? We don’t care!! Just give me your money!!” – Prideful WG said

  6. Don’t leave us in suspense like that, did you end up winning that match which was playing in background or not? 🙂

  7. Honestly, your assessment of the blatant lie from WG about the Legendary Modules is the crystal example of why WG has dragged their balls over the faces of the playerbase; the playerbase just lets them. There should be no equivocation or tolerance for WG lying to us, and yet, the playerbase is willing to say, “well, at least they warned us that they were going to break their word and take the legendary modules and lock them behind re-grinding tech-trees we’ve already played”. I’m surprised that this Missouri debacle has been the issue that broke the fandom’s back; there should have been a way bigger blowout from the Santa Containers, the Puerto Rico, the Captain Rework, the Legendary Modules, Submarines, etc.
    I’m glad the community is finally showing some commitment to holding WG’s balls to the flames, but it never should have gotten this far.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Does everyone forget they made the announcement a year in advanced?

    • The legendary modules? Really?.. you can now literally FXP your legendary modules. So it definitely hasn’t become harder, and in that way you don’t even need to play the same lines again, even though I enjoy doing so quite much. I don’t think this is a better or worse, easier or harder way. Just a different one.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten ​ does the amount of time you are told in advanced changes the fact that both are bad changes financially motivated? One is hidding a beloved ship behind a gambling wall the other was hidding coveted modules behind a new grind wall (with very convenient monetizable shortcuts).

    • Symen Brug What it is is a lie, and a way to bleed FXP from the in-game economy. When someone says something, archaic though it might be, I expect that to be the case. Wargaming said, “these missions are permanent” and then they pulled them. Now, the legendary modules compete with the bureau ships rather than being a reward for presumably becoming proficient with the given T10 the module unlocks on. I personally prefer the ability to grind on a ship like Yamato or Montana for a module without competing for any other potential rewards, but my preferences are neither here nor there.

      The fundamental issue is that WG is a nest of vipers who couldn’t be trusted to tell their players the time of day, and the ‘permanent missions’ are one of a myriad collection of examples of their habitual inability to tell the truth.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten It’d be one thing if they said, “going forward, future Modules will be unlocked through the research bureau, but current holders of Legendary Modules missions will be able to complete them permanently”, you know, like they’d said the missions would be. But, the last generation of players with their ‘permanent mission’ *did not* get grandfathered in, their missions expired and if they didn’t get the module in the time between the announcement and the removal, they got to go to the Bureau as though they’d just gotten their Montana or Yamato.
      I’m eagerly awaiting the moment a year or two from now, when the “Legacy Missouri Owners” get their ‘advanced warning’ that their ‘permanent missions’ have been removed, though surely to be compensated with something of equal value. Which is why they couldn’t leave the old Missouri in game, slap the new Mo with “Missouri ‘45”, and avoid any ‘misunderstanding’ with the old Mo credit modifier, no doubt, because WG has a long tradition of maintaining its commitments to its beloved players. Technical difficulties probably, or maybe a communication gap between the people in charge of these decisions and the part of the brain responsible for decision making.

  8. It’s all about making you go the loot box route. There is literally no technical reason this cannot be easily coded. Everyone needs to simply refuse to buy any loot boxes for a while. Other than the name being Missouri it is hardly better than it’s tech tree sister Iowa. As sad as I am to say this the Missouri is a double hard pass in my book.

  9. I would rather become a Lord of Sealand than give $100 to Weegee for a ship

  10. WAIT, we didn’t get to see the end of the battle?!? Also, no there are no technical limitations stopping them from doing what you mention but there is of course a financial incentive to make it as hard and cumbersome as possible to buy the Missouri outside of loot boxes.

  11. Jingles in his last post has suggested people to complain on the pegi website about the age rating that wows is currently set at, in a bid to not have this loot box mess hit the younger more vulnerable people. This should also hit wows in the most vulnerable area and make them listen more then they are currently doing.

    • Great idea, done!

    • @Kenny Ah that’s unfortunate. For my country all lootbox type of purchases are greyed out and you can’t buy them. The thing is, if most countries do this the game companies will not make lootboxes anymore as it’s not worth doing. Gambling addiction is a really sad thing.

    • ちんちんごぶりん

      The problem with this is: how are they going to enforce this? ESRB has been around since Manhunt and people to this day are buying rated M games for their kids and faking their age on accounts. When it comes down to it, this game is already limited to its target demographic and the systems that in place in the game.

    • I sent a complaint to them! 😀

  12. Suggest everyone looks at Jingles YouTube video for today. The real issue is the game age rating and promotion of gambling to minors. The only way they will stop this reprehensible practice is to have the games rating changed. Jingles even gives you the links to complain and it only takes minutes. KEEP YOUR WALLETS CLOSED!

  13. I still can’t really agree with the statement that playing the game for fulfilling some (supposedly grind, I don’t believe it will be easy) mission to be able to *buy* the ship for a fuckton of real world money is in any way a *good* way to handle things. It is still a bait to make people take the “shortcut” of gambling to get it in lieu of grinding imho. So no, not good. Also, why is it so difficult to put it into the armory? I bet it is not. If you want something, you find a way, if you don’t, you find a reason.

  14. As Jingles put it, they’re making it AS DIFFICULT as they can hoping the masses will go “F-It I’ll Just Buy The LOOT BOX!”

    • Correction: LOOT BOXES!
      Because sure as hell you won’t get it first time.

    • I think WG is really quite stupid, some players who might have potentially spend way beyond those loot crates could’ve left because of PR disaster. If they just go sell the missouri for double the amount of doubloons, 38200 dubs maybe it’ll be alright.

  15. “technical limitation”
    translation: they dont want you to use the coupon, they dont even want you to buy it on armory. this is WG trying hard to keep people buying missouri on the loot boxes.

    • I expect it is a two part problem. They probably have no integration setup between their in-game store and a web based campaign and have no interest in spending dev time trying to figure that out, plus they can also avoid the dubs coupon and make more money off players. They know a lot of people want this ship and they want them to go through loot boxes rather then “just” buy it.

      My question, and I not at home to test this, is can we buy ships from the current WoWS ships website store using dubs or is it just cash? If we can with dubs then something is pretty fishy.

  16. “There’s no defending this. This can’t be this hard… Again, the ship itself isn’t worth it.”
    Some of ya’ll need to listen and let the man speak before typing out angry messages. Need to redirect that anger at the problem, not every little perceived differing opinion.

    • Do not be an idiot by not understanding the problem..

    • Maybe we should just send a message to WG by not buying the crates and not buying the ship or loot crates, no need to get mad over it. When WG finds out that loot crates don’t work in their spreadsheets, they’d stop doing it.

  17. Once again, this is a marketing move. Force so many hoops to jump through in order to get the less patient players into the loot boxes. Really wish you’d address it as such already.

  18. Jingles addressed the salt mines in his most recent video stating that WG will feel the hurt when their games rating is changed from TEEN (7+) to ADULT (18+) due to loot boxes and predatory mechanics. Please support your Gnome Overlord and join the cause by submitting a complaint to the ESRB (US) and PEGI (EU)!

  19. My prediction : One of those days one of the WG employees will just post on some forum : If you don’t like this game so much you can just go play other games. :))) We are getting close to that. I really, really think, at this point they must be constantly smiling and laughing about it, constant jokes at the office. One person asks another what they want from the machine, tea, so they bring coffee and then with a big smile say it was miscommunication :))) Funny how communism was invented specifically to prevent this type of assfuckery, and now the same people are using capitalism to shit on Europeans and Americans mostly.

  20. “”Sell the ship outright. You will make a mountain of cash”

    But Sea Lord, they don’t want a mountain of cash they want ALL THE CASH

    • Seriously why lol, WG could just do 1,000,000 Doubloons for the ship instead to get more money. Loot crates? Community doesn’t like it, just let it be.

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