World of warships – Missouri OMG

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  1. First ? love the vids keep it up

  2. WG heard you talking bad about MO so they added a little stealth patch to buff it just for you lol.

  3. Are you and her friends again now?

  4. Brilliant

  5. najs van!!!:D

  6. and this is why people need to finish off ships with low HP. After Flambass was down to 15k HP, they left him alone. Then he did 120k more damage.

  7. Awesome comeback !
    I met you yesterday with my GK twice, while you were driving Zao and both matches were lost…
    Its incredible the bad luck i got with teams these days, 3/4 matches are lost. Another thing i noticed is that i cant do shit to potato cruisers showing me broadside for 3 salvos, i only get overpens. 100k below t8 is impossible because of this.
    This Game started to attack my 56% wr. I need to stay away for a while, it really started to piss me off !

    Anyone else noticed something like that ? I feel nerfed by this Game 🙁

  8. You need to send this to jingles. Insane comeback.

  9. Whew, hentai surviving 3 DDs in B… insane.

  10. what a game !! Really !!!

  11. Whoa, I remember flambass saying “Missouri doesn’t work for me” in his Mushasi YT game.. Sure it doesn’t right,? Kappa

  12. This is another great game of yours, but Hentai step up big time when you were on 15k and practically out of game for a while.

  13. ti mora da si neki nas ocigledno 🙂 gg u svakom slucaju 🙂

  14. amazing !

  15. vozdra = Šatrovački :))

  16. please send this to Jingles, I want more people to watch this

    • but tell him to also focus on hentai, the division mates always get few credit in his commentary (sorry for any spelling mistakes)

  17. Im the Hindenburg LOL

  18. Gamerscom camo best camo

  19. I hear flambas thinks Musashi is actually better as Iowa KappaPride

  20. brill love this

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