World of Warships – Missouri One Million

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on Islands of Ice moves out to support the attack on A point. We get a escort and are met by a sizable group of enemy ships. I try to work down a enemy , but not much comes from it. I relocate to try and get more damage on the enemy, we excel at this decision. The enemy fights bravely but the team overtakes at A point. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Missouri Replay


  1. No spoilers he say ignoring the title of the video!!!!!
    Wonderful Notser. Just like my abilities in Island beaching!

  2. “Hey! This is Notser! And…”

  3. R.I.P Destroyer

  4. Why isn’t Dr. Evil in the thumbnail?
    btw 25k commander exp :o

  5. 750k xp to buy the Missouri is still too much in my opinion
    600k is more reasonable

  6. I used an Ocean Soul camo on Missouri for fun and had a 1.2 million credit

  7. Hey notser are BBs gonna get accurate in high tiers? cuz Im having a bitter
    sweet moments with my new mexico and its really frustrating sometimes even
    the enemy isnt moving and my shells go everywhere.

  8. ill give them 750k if they give me cruise missiles for the misery :))

  9. Hey Notser, what if WG change the income of the Misouri ? or this will
    never happen ?

  10. Fun fact, not considering the angle, the Iowa only has 2 mor MM of citadel
    belt armor than the Kawachii

  11. lee christmasgaming

    Notser, i don’t think its “realistic” that a fire on your deck is going to
    kill your ship. However I know that wargaming isn’t trying to make the game
    a simulator but it just dosen’t seem right.

  12. Appreciate you featuring the Missouri again, Notser. Thanks man!

  13. whats that flag you have on the ship next to the us flag?

  14. Goin A on islands of ice…. tsk tsk

  15. 1:05 “No spoilers!”

    *Looks at title of video*

    Ummmm….yeah. :P

  16. 14:53 Wall of secondaries follows behind American 16 inch broadside… Fuck

  17. Vanessa “Vanessaira” Palmer

    Didn’t radar the two DD’s as you retreated? Would have let your team finish
    them off.

  18. No way in hell will I ever be able to unlock her and don’t plan. To as I
    prefer to grind rather then play premium ships

  19. Of course…

  20. Could be an argument for getting the reload module on Missouri: allows for
    two shots before your radar runs out.

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