World of Warships- Missouri Only Available In Bundles, This Is Ridiculous

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Well……….I fully think this is beyond greedy. Do not participate in this event, it is not worth it.

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  1. WG loves money and they think they need to trick their players to get the money.

  2. What a surprise. WG runs a Summer “Sale” (with its own communication nonsense) that involves buying stacks of doubloons to obtain a summer currency and then adds an event that uses those doubloons to whale for an economically nerfed community favorite ship.

  3. I would have happily paid the standard price of a T9 premium for this, but instead WG will get nothing from me. Good going.

    • Why though? It is a bad T9 ship (even worse than the Iowa) and does not have the credit earning potential of the old ship. So why spend more on it than a new, undiscounted triple A game lol

    • TheBaralinChannel

      @Monika tada For historical value. Some people just want to buy historical ships, I have a friend like that. In my case I got my Missouri for 750k free XP, but for others, this is their chance to get it without gambling. Doesn’t matter that it’s a bad Iowa, it’s the name that sells it.

    • I was contemplating outright buying it for the T9 price 19k doubloons but nope, not gambling

    • Same here.

  4. Glad I got her for 750k free xp that I grinded for… so for free… cause she’s easily my favorite ship in history. I was on her in her WW2 configuration when I was a kid. This sounds like wargaming trying to get every last dollar from what’s left of it’s whales while they still have them, because there are plenty of older guys with a ton of money who missed out on her who will pay up to get her. To those guys, save yourself the trouble, if you want her so bad just buy a scale model of her to keep on your desk and play the Iowa… don’t reward wargaming by going along with this.

    • I grinded Missouri back then as well. She was such a hyped and highly anticipated release back then, for her historical value, as well as the first tier 9 premium. For me, it was the radar on her that made my thumbs itch. (and oh, that small figure who show off his King Fu on the deck of Missouri; those who aren’t aware of it can check on Yuro’s old vid on Missouri. Sadly he isn’t there anymore)

      Being impatience, I converted regular XP toe get Free XP back then, then played her to my heart content.

      To me, she is my favourite Tier 9 BB in game. Somehow she suits my play style very well, and I do quite well with her.

      In my opinion, after the 10.7, Missouri credit earning, even with the permanent combat mission to compensate those who have her before 10.7, will not be as good anymore.

      I understand the company needs to make profit, but sometimes, with the same amount of money of buying tier 8/9 ships, I can easily get another full standalone game elsewhere, which sometimes made my heart bleed when I spent money in WOWs XD

    • @Chia Ling Chew if companies have a right to make profit then customers have a right to take their business elsewhere.

  5. I mean people still gonna throw their credit cards away to get this ship anyway, but it is a lesson to us all that if something that came from WG sounds too good to be true, it is always too good to be true.

    • There’s no problem WG creates that can’t be solved (from their perspective) by whales throwing their credit cards at the game. (Love that quote Sea Raptor!)

    • Too good to be true? It wasn’t even good to start with. The only thing that makes Missouri valuable is its credit-earning stats. Without it, it’s literally just a mediocre tier 9. This sale was bound for disappointment.

  6. Honey Springs Homestead

    Have had mine since the beginning, and it’s not really a good ship anymore. If someone wants to make 💰💰 just get a premium permanent camo for the ship, specifically for tier 10 ships.

    To Wargaming, greed like this is not good to the morale of the core community.

  7. ToughAncientSpark

    Wargaming had better be careful as whales were hunted almost to the point of extinction.

    • This whale has already rolled over and died!

    • Let me light up my oil lamp 🕯️🕯️

    • Damn, dude. That’s kind of dark and super on point. I’m cheap and I kind of prided myself on just playing the free stuff, exploring lines, and generally using the grind as a training ground. I didn’t respect players that just threw money in without putting the time in to learn the intricacies of the game, considering how much depth there is to ship stats, types and commanders; consumables, exterioirs, modules, and upgrades; armour layouts, battery and shell characteristics, national eccentricities, captain skills, economics; and don’t forget the fact that in almost 3 years, I still haven’t found any pen value data for AP shells (I know HE is 1/6 cal. for everyone but USN and RN, which pen 1/4 cal.), but I digress.
      When I realized that whales keep the servers running and I was being a pretentious elitist fucktruffle, I gained a lot of respect for them. Like, who the fuck am I to judge someone that enjoys playing wows just because they have money and choose to buy ships or credits to play whatever tier they want to?
      There are bad players and good players and nice players and mean players and we’re all going in together on two teams for the same reasons for 20 mins at a time.
      All that’s to say that I’m really thankful now for the whales and players that financially support the absolute cluster fuck that is WG that has miraculously somehow not yet managed to completely alienate their entire playerbase.

    • @TheDoctor Completely unrelated, but I got this property for sale… It’s a former aquarium like zoo kind of theme park place so it’s got all these aquatic “habitats” that can fit like marine mammals and fish guys and such. It got abandoned when everything died of depression, but yeah… Super cheap. Let’s make a deal 😉

  8. Keep an eye out for the WG staff on the forums that post they got the Mo in the first few containers

  9. Wg saves my money tho, now I can happily stick with Iowa, not a single penny they will get from me with these pathetic crates. Quite a smart move, they even remove the economy benefits of it, great ! more reason for me to not spent anything for it.

  10. WGs motto: “Every morning, an idiot wakes up and buys our shit”
    Unfortunately they are right with it…

    • I can’t believe that so many people continue to buy stuff in game with the money laundering allegations against Wargaming. I guess they don’t realize that if that goes badly the server will get shut down and all of their money they spent disappears with them.

    • @Nick it seems on decline they way they are acting

  11. Is it ridiculous: Yes.
    Will I participate: No.
    Life made simple.

    • What he says. Maybe just not buy the damn stuff. Also: why make a 12 minute video about this when a short written posting would be enough? Milking the anger of your viewers in this topic for youtube money is almost just as bad as Wargaming with their recent sales.

    • @Robert Mändl you’re saying Mountbatten is stoking the “anger” of viewers in an attempt to get money?

    • I’m saying ranting 12 minutes about this not new and rather simple problem is abusing the already existing rage for profit.

    • No, you must spend much money on it then, go on the netz to whine about it to get your victim points for outing yourself as an idiot.

    • Interesting.

  12. ” *During the event, IX Missouri will become available for purchase in exchange for Doubloons* ”. WG will soon turn us all into lawyers with all the fine writing and loopholes they create

    • At least they didn’t say you will be able to grind it. Because, by their logic, you can. Cause you can grind dubs by playing ranked!

    • They likely intended to make it available for doubloons directly but then someone in sales created a spreadsheet that told them that gambling would make them more money so they changed it at the last minute.

    • Don’t even have to take a course in Law, just play WG games

    • To be fair the statement is completely inaccurate and potentially liable for legal issues. To make it accurate it should read “During the event, IX Missouri will become available for exchange for random containers which can be purchased for doubloons” Saying that you can purchase the ship in exchange for doubloons is not what they are offering so is blatant false advertising. They might be able to get away with that in countries where there aren’t any or many consumer protections like America or maybe russia etc but they will struggle with this one in the UK or the EU etc

    • @Ted Cameron they’ll find a way to pass it in the UK/EU

  13. levender novacsek

    The Trick is to not play as much on this game as to care about it. Having a blast switching between Stellaris, Minecraft and WOWs and i enjoy them all so much.

  14. Hey I found it! The final nail in the coffin for my enjoyment of wows.

    I can’t be arsed anymore with this game. As much as I love how good it looks and the recreation of historical ships, I’m just done with this completely arbitrary murder of players who love the game. I was considering getting Repulse whenever that came out, but at this point I’m not even looking forwards to that. Bye Wows

    • 1/75 chance to get 🤣

    • WG has a good game, but they put it into a trash can, lit it on fire and threw it into a room full of gasoline. I’m happy I quit a long time ago, with subs coming, along with straight up scams like the distant voyages container, wait how was that a scam? oh right, it was just a “”””miscommunication error””””‘
      and dont get me started on CVs being able to fly several circles around BBs, but god forbid you fly within 10km of a carrier

    • @Snail Boi the game has so much potential (for a game made in a game engine from 1998 iirc) and they’ve thrown it all away, if they made the game last longer they’d get more money which is the sad thing

  15. And lastly I’m just waiting for someone else to realize that wargaming is pushing a bunch of people who want to play ship games away and make it competitive product

  16. Master Skilhollow

    And as a current owner of Missouri I’m supposed to believe WG when they assure me the “permanent” combat mission will make up for losing the boosted earning of the ship; right.
    I was fine with the idea of making her available as-is to buy, more players get to enjoy this famous ship and WG gets their precious money, win-win. But just making money is never enough for WG, they have to make *all* the money.

    • I wouldn’t be that surprised if there is an issue with the special combat mission. I think that is why everyone is being so cautious when talking about it. We all know there is going to be some sort of BS that Wargaming tries to pull, we just don’t know what it will be yet.

    • @Nick “after a heavy communication issue we have decided to retract the missouri special mission as we never meant to have it as a permanent mission” 🤣

  17. Is this ship now officially classed as a whaling ship instead of a battleship.

  18. 1.) I would NEVER pay for RNG. 2.) Without the economy on this ship, you’d have to pay me to take the ship. If they hadn’t have removed the economy, I’d have bought it (No RNG). Just another example where WG tells new players to STAY AWAY. Just another example of new players unable to ever catch up with existing players. Examples: Smolensk, Smalland, Thunderer, Economy Missouri, and the list goes on….. If you are a new player, go play a different game, WG doesn’t want you here.

  19. “How do we commemorate the end of the Second World War? GAMBLING!” WG, probaby

  20. It’s really nice to have a straightforward argument come in and just absolutely crush my fear of missing out. Had heard good things and I always just seem to be grinding credits to move up through mid tier… Honestly. There’s so many things a guy can desire, that having one knocked off the list is like a much needed exhale. Always love your content and perspective, MB. Cheers.

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