World of Warships – Missouri PSA

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Discussing announcement that the Missouri will be removed from the tech tree in a few . A tier 9 premium battleship will be replacing it as a free XP solution. It is pretty clear it will be the Musashi. I caution anyone to make a decision until we know what the Musashi will be bringing to the table from first hand accounts of CCs. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!


  1. Are they kidding us what musshai have? Missouri have history power and accuracy what are they doing to us? Never compare. Sad?

  2. Михаил Серафимов

    If I have the Yamato, which one is better to have?

    • Михаил Серафимов musashi may grant more money and exp but negative side will be the AA

    • and slower reload.
      its a significantly nerfed yamato (except gun caliber and the armor) at T9.
      u can get the yamato anyway so just get yamato and then choose if u want missouri or musashi.
      i think getting missouri is probably better as u got way more time to get musashi after that

  3. Roberts Georgs Fimbauers

    There is no way i can get Missouri without buying free xp 🙁

    • pretty sure about a year ago during santas convoy campaign

    • Shit, I missed out on that

    • Been saving for this boat since it was announced. Up to 658k fxp, guess i should play more often.

    • I earned about 600k of free xp, when I finally just gave up and bought the remainder using some gold. Then I learned my lesson and never used free xp, and now have like 400k built up again.

    • i had around 250k fxp when it was announced…got 500k more in 6 months and bought it.
      if u do as i recommended u can earn a LOT of fxp without too much effort, just use your xp and fxp boosts in the most effecient way by stacking them on high xp events and doing very well in the games while winning 😀

  4. Classic marketing trick: create artificial scarcity to ‘force’ sales via ‘fear of missing out’.

  5. By implication, this also means that the HMS Nelson at Tier VII, the other free XP ship, won’t be around forever either.

    • If they replace her with the G3 battlecruiser (actually a 32kt battleship with the same armament but her third turret more amidships), I can live with that.

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      jsm666 Due to better turret layout and slightly better guns, G3 would be a tier VIII though. 625.000 free XP then?

    • I never specified a price, but you are probably right. I shall have to go back and have another look at the small details for the G3 – the aft turret may have had better backward firing angles than the Nelsons; I suspect the forward angles may have been worse (remember in this game, own-ship damage from the firing concussion is not calculated; in real life it was a serious matter).

  6. You know it’s funny, when the Missouri came out, they said it would be permanent. Now they are removing it? I haven’t bought gold or ships since 0.6.3, so fuck them

    • permanent as in there will always be a option to buy it, that does mean that WG can remove it from the tech tree whenever they want but it also means they have to put it back in eventually

    • An excerpt from the asshole’s dictionary:
      “permanent” adj. until we decide otherwise

    • To much whine, they said that will announce in advance when will be removed
      It was a very good ship for a good price
      Dont be absurd

  7. why this sounds a whole lot like EA and the micro transactions.. Leave the ship alone in the Tech Tree WG.. Tho i already hav mine.. Its not fair for others..

    • well its a free game soi basivcly whatever they make is better then charging 100$ first to rip u off xD

    • Another ship will replace it, so its fine by me.

    • Well there is a bell curve, majority of players run a premium account and buy ships.. so if that is why its free for certain non premium users.. Just imagine if to play the game was a one time cost 50$ vs how much ppl pay to maintain a premium account just to play it xxx$. The amount of money they make is not small figures.

      So hence they should not be greedy and leave it the way the claimed they would when they released the ship in the first place, that they wont remove it or will there be a time limit to buy it.

  8. they should just keep both, there is room for 2 ships and its not fair to newer players that find the grind very hard.
    however xp and fxp boosts with a good xp event can really help. CW helped a lot too with the insane boosts and base xp on wins

  9. A great BB with radar trumps a toned down Yamato. With the new CV meta, poor AA will hurt.

  10. heh so first theyve added a ship that 99,9% of players wont be able to get, and then they remove it cause no1 plays it anyway and replace it with a prem shit XD

    fucking greedy russian warGAYming

  11. Do you have to grind up the USN BB line to get Missou with FreeXP or can you just get it if you have enough?

    • No need to grind up the line — the only requirement for getting the Missouri is 750,000 FXP. Doesn’t matter which ships you play to get the FXP.

  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Notser! Thanks for all you do!

  13. It’s a free xp ship, why take it out? Add more certainly, but not sure I see the need to remove it personally.

    • Lots of people used clan gold, other sources gold, papa-papa signals and farmed the ship. So on RU servers there are sometimes 4-5 Missouris in a single game. Everyone knows it’s good and WG community managers said the price tag for this beauty was too low. So probably Musashi will cost more 🙂 and obviously will be not as good as the current premium 9 tier is.

    • Artiom Beknazaryan clan gold is a RU only thing I think? It is a good ship but it takes a lot of work or money to get. I do agree the Mushashi looks poor in comparison though. Perhaps they will eventually do one for each nation? That would be pretty cool as long as they are competitive ships.

    • I heard rumors Musashi will cost around 900K exp. well ill gladly get my Missouri for 750K, but not going to invest in Masashi heh.

    • Artiom Beknazaryan papa papa flags cost money too… I know I bought them when I was grinding the MO.

    • Narcoleptic yeah they do. But in the end it’s cheaper than direct exp convertation.

  14. Missouri = buffed Iowa > Musashi = nerfed Yamato (if what the rumoured nerfs are true)

  15. Notser you are better than flamu
    Cheers, a European

  16. This sucks i have a yamato why would i want musashi… i was comfortable knowing i could someday get the mighty mo and not yet grind American BBs. I only just started playing 3 months ago so i have alot of lines to grind and amercain BBs where in the back since i only have 1 t10(yamato) and its a BB i am grinding to get t10 destroyers and cruisers now. Now i may have to rush to get the mo because if nothing else its the most infamous BB in the U.S.(where i live). I think its shity for them to remove such an iconic ship. Noster is right there is plenty of room for both t9 BBs

    • Sorry for the ranting but I’m p***** that they’re removing such an iconic ship It’s borderline disrespectful to U.S. players that have a love for the ships in the game and the Missouri is the most iconic of all the U.S. ships in my opinion.

  17. Its better for WG to have both, I have zero intrest in musashi, if i dont end up getting mighty Mo befor she is gone. WG wont get be getting my dabloons and all my free exp will go to moving down lines faster. The choice would bring more profit to WG if thats all they care about

  18. Plus this is just out right not fair to new players. The pressure of that grind in 2 months is cruel. New player should not be grinding 750000 free XP. They should be using that to find their idenity of what they like to play in the game seeing that there are so many lines to grind now. Its overwhelming…

    • Hats off to all the players that have been playing for a long time and I have multiple tier tens and need something to do. But I love this game too And I hate being rushed and forced to do such a grind because i do want this amazing ship but There are so many other ships to grind. It was nice knowing Missouri wasnt going anywhere.

  19. It’s too good and cheap. In our RU region Wargaming complained they put a low price tag on such a good ship and many gamers bought it. Musashi 100% will be crap and probably will cost more.

  20. I got Missouri before 7-8 monts and Nelson right after was released, now im gonna get and Musashi since im cheap bastard and dont give any money to WG! Thats my only chance to get premium ships for earning money and training captains 😀

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