World of Warships: Missouri – Ram Denied

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A clip where one tries to another battleship, but gets by some pesky islands. Eventually a battleship does ram another battleship though.

footage of the tier 9 US .


  1. Did you know that I can heart my own comments? It’s amazing.
    They’re the best comments after all.

  2. that was bad luck

  3. “tactical beaching”

  4. So rude, nerf island

  5. Hello aerroon glad to see a vide from you

  6. I laughed so hard on stream 😀

  7. Calculated

  8. Welcome back :}

  9. The WG EU server is still down sadly

  10. totally worth it…..

  11. What’s up with the lack of video’s lately?

  12. He didn’t get stuck.
    He pulled a Notser…

  13. WASD hax are OP

  14. hahahahaha ….. omg great video

  15. Aerroon returned😉

  16. The new update is very weird feels very wrong as a dd and the ap bombs causing over 50k damage per hit are stupid to my warspite.

  17. Just noticed your new banner on YouTube. Nicely done, fuses Monet and Van Gogh.

  18. YouTube says they want help translating this to Spanish…

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