World of Warships || Missouri reported for Aim(bot) :P

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Player: kleintimmmy

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  1. holy shit

  2. that is a damn good aimbot

  3. a haha nette Aufmachung Kumpel gut dass du es noch abgespielt bekommen hast
    ….. LG Btw I actually got reported 3 times lel

  4. Reported him for using that damn WASD hack.

  5. lol a detonation has nothing to do with aimbot, just pure luck.

  6. Josh Carter (jcf150)

    I’ve had a 2million credit 9 kill missouri game.. It is a fantastic ship.

  7. So aimbot huh? Nothing happened that would even make me think aimbot. But
    the salt was real.

  8. Alexander Schöneberg

    nice battle and awesome reaction to the aimbot accuse in chat :D

  9. but why wouldnt he take a real woring camo D:

  10. Good game. But the player was a dick whole game.

  11. Not even a great game and the guy is an asshole in the chat. Nothing to see

  12. OK well. Another average game on an average team vs more avaerage
    opponents. This guy uses a range upgrade yet poorly positions at the edge
    of the map at the start. So why are you upgrading range so you can shoot
    the ENTIRE map and then not sitting behind B to actually use it? Showing
    broadside for soo long vs their BBs and was lucky not to be targeted more
    and punished for it. Average target choice … I mean you see two
    broadsiding BBs one amagi one Gneisenau and you choose the one with no
    citadel to shoot? I realise the channel needs content … but some of the
    games you show are really nice with strong players and opportunities to
    watch and learn … and others are really not :)

  13. Nice game but players like him are so annoying in chat just assholes 90% of
    the time

  14. the fiji-kill in min 16:00 look strange.

  15. 1 citadelhit down??

  16. He didn t say that he reported him.

  17. Why use the range module on the Missouri?? That seems really stupid and
    wasteful… Could have had a quicker reload or a good bit better accuracy
    instead…. Extra range beyond 21km is a waste on pretty much any ship. I
    wouldn’t use range on any of the Germans like the Kurfürst, which has
    20.5km range, more than even that much is often pointless.

  18. Mo is fast and agile. Wish I could have!

  19. this guy aint no aimbot his style is similar to mine watches for braodside
    etc were is the cursor then? aimboters have that cursor were it shows u
    were to aim!! this guy dolin it himself lol

  20. Good shooting! Aimbot in his dead eye lol.

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