World of Warships Missouri Review

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The thing prints credits… I mean it’s basically a floating treasury department.

The Missouri has many similarities to its tier 9 sister battleship Iowa, but there are also many differences, so I’ve got the scoop with some help from the one and only Little White Mouse.

Radar, bow armor and sexy measures make this a must have. It will cost you though. To the tune of 750,000 XP. Its a life choice you need to decide on.

As always, pros and cons taken from Little White Mouse with some additions. You can find her super in depth and totally awesome review here:



  1. freind of mine served on the Missouri during Desert Storm up until decom.

  2. I have more than 750k exp – I’ll get it just to add it to my line.

  3. I think they were fair with this. Yeah, 750k is a tremendous amount, but
    it’s a *tier 9* premium that we don’t have to spend a dime to get. Not
    unless we choose to. Also prevents less experienced players from just going
    out and buying it. We can take all the time we need to boot. I also love
    the Measure 22 camo. I joined up in open beta so didn’t get to have it on
    my ships. Overall, I think they did a good job with this.

  4. 3:03 you spin me right round

  5. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Should be 500-600k.. oh well, time for the grind

  6. I don’t play US ships and the Iowas that I go up against don’t seem to be
    that great so I’ll just save my free xp for a different ship. But good to
    know that WG rewards players with premium without having to shell out cash

  7. i’m actually planning on getting it around christmas as a gift to myself

  8. I spent 350 the day KM BBs came out, Grosser Kurfürst immediately, I have
    all premium ships, not sure yet about this one.

  9. I have $140 that says we see a bunch of these on the virtual high seas this
    week! I bet there will be plenty for a while, like always. Anyone remember
    how many Moskva they saw on day 1 & 2????

  10. Wow, radar…. thats pretty useless really.

  11. I’m still working on my Free XP grind I’m a little over 300k free xp so
    getting there can’t wait to get this ship

  12. are those earning numbers with premium? Not that it matters I’ve never held
    more than 30k free xp in my life

  13. how much gold do you actually need to free up 750.000xp

  14. ahh happy days already have 16k gold only need to buy 14 k .mighty mo– ney
    maker here i come⛵️

  15. Another great vid mate o7

  16. if you were to buy this could you use it to skip to teir 10 i dont know if
    i would want to grind up to the montana and i would like a missouri but i
    figure if i were to buy this and play alot that may save me the trouble of
    grinding not saying exactly that i would but may.

  17. I don’t really need the credits. I already have 160 mil + and nothing to do
    with it.

  18. Wow I really don’t know how these 2 Pensacola’s from 6:34 to 7:54 managed
    to *not eat any citadel hit*! Gotta be some Voodoo magic these two were

  19. Time to break out my DDs and punish some bad players.

  20. I liked the Iowa class in CBT, or up to whenever the nerfed crap out it’s
    turning ability. I really don’t like them now, I’ve had my Iowa for over a
    year now. Part of that is because I don’t care about getting the Montana as

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